My Phone is Not Charging When Plugged In

In the modern world, a smartphone is an indispensable thing, so when a favorite gadget is charging slowly or refuses to get switched on at all, it becomes a whole problem, especially if it’s a new phone.

First of all, we think how to charge our gadget especially when we are in a hurry.

Why is my phone not charging? That’s the question we ask ourselves and start to check our phones for the possible problems. But before you do that you should thoroughly examine the accompanying equipment:

• Socket
If the wiring is old or there are some other problems with electricity, then this may well explain why the gadget is not charging.

• Charger
Check its integrity, it may be damaged.

• Incompatible charger
Even if the inputs are similar, this does not mean that the charging device is suitable for your model of smartphone.

If you are convinced that you do not have any of the above problems, you can proceed to examine the phone itself. We will consider the most common cases when the phone is not charging.

The Gadget Charges Only From the Computer
When the phone is charging only from the computer, it makes sense to check the charger. But if everything is ok with the charger but the smartphone does not see it or says that it’s charging but in fact it isn’t, the problem is with the phone.

In some cases, a gadget’s firmware or input change can be helpful, but it can only be done by a professional after he examines the device and fixes the problem.

The Charging Goes On, But the Smartphone Is Not Charging
It sometimes happens that the phone shows charging, but does not charge, and even after several hours of recharging the battery stays at zero. Here is why it can be happening:

• The charger does not charge
• The phone battery is faulty
• Too many applications and other services are open

If the issue is with the charger, try to replace the wire. Sometimes it’s the wire that gets out of order, so maybe the problem is there.

In case the problem lies in the battery, you have to buy a new one or even turn to a professional. The thing is many smartphone models have a built-in battery which means that you will not be able to replace it yourself.

Please note, that solving issues with charging iPhones and/or iPads is a bit different.