AirPods 3 Not Charging: How To Fix?

AirPods 3 is the latest release by Apple. It comes with great features like 30 hours of battery life and Adaptive EQ that tunes the music automatically to your ears.

Even after great build quality, some customers reported that AirPods 3 not charging issue. Although it’s rare but we’ll find out the solution to this.

We’ve explained the step-by-step process to fix the AirPods 3rd generation not charging.

Why Are My AirPods 3 Not Charging In Case?

Airpods 3 not charging

There are many reasons why your Airpods 3 not charging in the case. It’s possible that your AirPods 3 Case is not charging or less charge.

Apart from that, it’s also possible that dirt or debris on the charging pin is preventing the electricity flow.

Also, there is another possibility that your Airpods 3 case is dirty or you’ve not placed your Airpods properly into it.

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How To Fix AirPods 3 Not Charging?

If your AirPods 3 not charging, but the case is charging, then follow these steps to fix the issue:

1. Place AirPods Properly In Case

Most of the time, we don’t give attention when placing AirPods in the charging case. If your AirPods are not placed properly, then it won’t make the connection with the charging pin.

As a result, your Airpods won’t charge even when the AirPods case is fully charged. So, remove your Airpods and place them properly in the case.

2. Fully Charge Your Airpods 3 Case

Sometimes low battery potential can prevent the charging functionalities of earbuds. If your case is not fully charged, then it won’t pass the electricity to Airpods. Hence, Airpods 3 won’t charge.

So, remove your Airpods from the case and connect the charging case with a lightning connector. Wait for a few hours until your case is fully charge. Then place your Airpods properly in the case.

3. Clean The Charging Case

Dirt and debris are the insulator of electricity flow. If Airpods 3rd generation is not charging then clean your Airpods case. Use isopropyl alcohol and soft fabric to wipe out all the dirt from the case.

4. Clean Your Connector Pin

At the bottom of your Airpods, the connector pin is located. If you notice any dirt on the connector pin, clean it with soft fabric. Also, clean the case connector pin with the help of ear cleaning buds.

5. Reset AirPods 3

If you tried all the above steps but your Airpods 3 not charging, then it’s time to reset it. Most of the time, resetting the device will fix the issue.

You can follow these steps to reset Airpods 3:

  1. Place your AirPods in the charging case and close the lid.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds.
  3. Open the lid of your AirPods charging case.
  4. Go to your iPhone Bluetooth settings.
  5. Locate the AirPods and tap on the More Info (i) icon.
  6. Tap on Forget Device.
  7. Tap again to confirm the forget.
  8. Open the lid of the AirPods case and press and hold the Setup button for 15 seconds.
  9. Reconnect your AirPods.
  10. Follow on-screen instructions to set up the device.

Many times a factory reset can fix the charging issue of an Airpods. If your AirPods 3 still not charging in the case, then it’s time to contact Apple support and take it to your nearest Apple care center.

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If your AirPods 3 not charging in the case, then check the battery level of the case on your iPhone. If the battery level of the case is low, then fully charge your case and place the Airpods properly into it.

You should always clean your Airpods and case regularly to enjoy hassle-free music listening experience.

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