How To Fix AirPods Pro 2 Not Charging? – 3 Easy Fixes

Is your AirPods Pro 2 not charging in case? Or do you facing a charging issue with AirPods 2 case?

Don’t worry; it’s a minor fault that can be resolved easily. I’ll explain the step-by-step process to fix the charging issue.

AirPods Pro 2 has 6 hours of battery life with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). It’s a drastic improvement over 1st generation AirPods Pro.

However, AirPods Pro 2 still gives 30 hours of playtime overall with the MagSafe case.

I recently faced a charging issue with my left AirPods Pro 2. Here I’ll provide easy solutions that helped me to fix the issue.

Why is AirPods Pro 2 Not Charging?

AirPods Pro 2

Last night, when I connected my AirPods Pro 2 with my iPad to watch Narcos on Netflix, I saw that my left AirPod was only charged 60% while the right AirPod was 100%.

I opened my Safari and typed – ‘why is my left AirPods 2 not charging‘ and got no proper solution.

I thought my weekend was ruined! 😠

Then I found many older AirPods users reported a similar problem where one AirPods won’t charge.

I found the various reasons why AirPods won’t charge. The common reason is the inappropriate placement of AirPods in the charging case, dust and debris around the charging pins, and low battery on the AirPods case.

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How To Fix AirPods 2 Not Charging? – Left or Right

If you ever face a charging issue with your AirPods, first take them off the case and then place them back.

Because improper alignment disconnects the charging pins, your AirPods won’t charge even if your case is fully charged.

I removed both earbuds from the case and cleaned the metal contacts with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol.

After cleaning and drying, I placed both AirPods in the case, and they started charging.

Here is what you can do to fix the charging issue on AirPods Pro 2nd generation-

1. Clean the metal contacts

AirPods Pro Metal Contact

AirPods case supports wireless charging, but AirPods still charge through metal connectors.

You’ll see metal contacts when you take off the AirPods and look inside the case. Similarly, you’ll see the metal ring around the AirPods.

When you place your AirPods into the case, a magnetic force will attract, and metal contacts will make the connection.

If the case is dirty, your AirPods won’t connect properly with the battery, and you’ll face charging issues.

AirPods Pro Case Cleaning

Remove AirPods from the case and clean the metal contacts with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol.

The charging issue will be resolved in major cases after cleaning the AirPods charging case.

2. Fully charge your case

A low battery on the charging case will create problems in charging AirPods.

So, if you haven’t charged your case for a long, first charge it to 100% and then check whether AirPods are charging.

Sometimes we forget to charge the case and keep using AirPods. After a few cycles, the case battery drops below 20% and won’t charge the AirPods equally.

3. Plug and leave

If you have tried the above solutions, but your AirPods Pro 2 isn’t charging, then place AirPods in the case and connect the charger.

Leave your AirPods connected to the charger for 50 to 60 minutes. Your AirPods will start charging again.

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4. Contact Apple Care

If you have tried all the above solutions, but your AirPods Pro 2 is still not charging, it means your unit is defective. Just contact Apple Care for a replacement.


Apple manufacturing plant doesn’t supply faulty units in the market, but there is a scope of mistakes everywhere. Just follow the above-mentioned solutions to fix the error. Just take your AirPods to the Apple care center, and they’ll replace them without cost.

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  1. Thanks for that, man.

    I wonder how prevalent this is, since I’ve been seeing that same “one side charges to 70% while the other side charges to 100%” for awhile now. Usually (but not always) it’s the left pod that doesn’t charge fully.

    I always charge by plugging in, not via the magsafe connector. And I know the connection to the case is good because the case light comes on straight away (and orange).

    Will give all suggestions a shot. Thanks again!

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