How To Fix AirPods Pro Not Charging-【6 Easy Fixes】

AirPods are the daily drivers of people. Can you imagine your single day without your AirPods and iPhone?

It’s tough!

But how does it feel when your place your Airpods in the case last night, and in the morning, you notice that the AirPods battery level is still low?

It’s a bad morning…

If your Apple AirPods Pro is not charging, read this guide to understand why and what you can do to fix it.

Here we’ll learn the various solutions to fix the not charging issue of Apple AirPods Pro.

Why Is My AirPods Pro Not Charging In Case?

Airpods Pro not charging

Despite magnificent design and build quality, sometimes one or both AirPods Pro won’t charge in the case.

It’s frustrating anyways, but the good news is AirPods are not charging in case issues can troubleshoot easily and at home.

I know it’s annoying because you’re going to watch your favorite movie or listen to your favorite playlist on Spotify.

You can fix the Airpods not charging in the case by following these methods:

1. One AirPod Pro is Not Charging

Left AirPods Low Battery

If your one AirPod Pro is not charging (right or left) in the case, there is some issue with your Airpod placement. Mostly, it happens due to improper placement of Airpods in the case.

Airpods Pro has a silver ring at the bottom, which goes inside the Airpods case. The silver ring is the charging connector that touches the charging pin (gold color) inside the case.

Airpods Charging Pin

Also, if you notice any dirt or debris inside the charging case, use ear cleaning buds or soft fabric to clean the dirt.

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2. Both Airpods Pro are Not Charging

If both Airpods Pro is not charging in the case, then, first of all, connect it to your iPhone and check the battery percentage of the Airpods case.

If your AirPods case is not charged, connect with a lightning cable to charge it fully. Once the case is fully charged, put your Airpods properly and wait for a few minutes.

Also, the dirty case will prevent charging. When we travel or keep Airpods in our jeans, it attracts dirt and debris. You can use soft debris and isopropyl alcohol to clean the Airpods and case.

How To Fix AirPods Pro Case Not Charging?

Airpods Pro Case not charing

Is the AirPods case not charging? Don’t worry! We’ll try to fix it here. It’s a common issue that many Airpods customers face.

Follow these steps to fix AirPods Pro Case not charging and no light when plugged in:

1. Inspect Your Lightning Cable

Faulty Lightning Cable

If your AirPods case won’t charge, then the first thing you have to do is- inspect your lightning cable. Your charging cable is the most vulnerable part. Due to frequent use, it gets damaged.

Inspect visually and notice if there is any sign of damage. When you find any damage, ensure it by inserting your iPhone. If your iPhone is charging, then your lightning cable is working.

Use a different USB cable if your iPhone won’t charge too. You can order a new lightning cable on Amazon.

2. Change Your Power Outlet

Airpod Charging with Macbook

Sometimes the power outlet is faulty, and we ignore that. If your AirPods case is not charging, insert the power adapter into another power outlet and verify if it’s charging or not.

3. Clean Lightning Connector

Airpod Charging Port Cleaning

Airpods Pro case uses a lightning connector to charge. Check if your lightning connector is dirty. If you notice any dirt, clean it with the help of a toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol.

4. Use Wireless Charger

Airpod Wireless Charging

If your AirPods case is not charging and no light appears when you connect the lightning cable, the lightning connector may be damaged. You can try a wireless charger to charge your Airpods pro case.

5. Update The Firmware

Airpods Firmware Update

Outdated firmware can also prevent or slow the charging process. Due to this, the AirPods case is not charging 100 percent. If your AirPods Pro is not charging, then update the firmware.

You can follow these steps to check and update Airpods firmware:

  1. Remove your Airpods from the case and close the lid.
  2. Now place the Airpods inside the case and keep the lid open.
  3. Bring it close to your iPhone.
  4. Once Airpods Pro is connected to iPhone, go to Settings.
  5. Go to General and scroll down.
  6. Tap on the Airpods Pro option to check the firmware version.
  7. Install if any firmware update is available.

6. Reset Your AirPods

Sometimes resetting the Airpods can fix the charging issue. If you tried all the above methods, but the problem is not solved, reset your Airpods.

Follow these steps to reset Airpods Pro:

  1. Go to iPhone’s Bluetooth settings.
  2. Tap on the “More Info” (i) icon beside the Airpods Pro.
  3. Now click on “Forget Device.”
  4. Tap again to confirm the action.
  5. Now open the AirPods case lid.
  6. Press and hold the setup button (backside of the case).
  7. Take the Airpods close to iPhone until it detects.
  8. Connect the Airpods Pro and follow the on-screen instructions.

That’s it! You have successfully reset your Airpods Pro.

Why is my left AirPod not charging?

Let Airpod won’t charge because of dirt and debris. Clean your left Airpod and place it properly in the case.

Why is my right AirPod not charging?

If your right Airpod is not charging, place it properly in the case. Also, reset the Airpods to fix the issue.

Why are AirPods not charging on MagSafe?

Airpods have a wireless charging feature. A lot of people use Airpods case covers to prevent from scratch. The plastic cover prevents MagSafe from charging. Remove if you’re using any case cover.

Why are AirPods not charging to 100 percent?

Usually, outdated firmware prevents the Airpods from charging fully. If your Airpods are not charging 100 percent, then update the firmware.


Airpods Pro is the best noise-canceling earbuds and works great with the Apple ecosystem. If your AirPods Pro or case doesn’t charge, follow the above solutions.

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