Why Amazfit Smartwatch Not Charging? (5 Ways To Fix)

I’m an old user of Amazfit GTR, and I bought this smartwatch because I love the round dial, and the build quality of the Amazfit GTR model is excellent.

It has a 47mm round dial with a high-quality AMOLED display. So, overall I love the build quality, and it’s a great alternative to Apple Watch at a low budget.

It gives exceptional battery backup, and you can use it for more than 25 days on a single charge.

Amazfit GTR Backup

Despite exceptional build quality, I faced a charging issue last week.

I thought the life on my Amazfit GTR was ended, but then I did a Google search to see how many people are facing charging issues with their Amazfit GTR.

I was surprised to see many Amazfit Bip Lite, Amazfit GTS, Amazfit GTR 2, and its Pro model users facing similar issues.

Then I did further research on this and tried to fix Amazfit GTR’s not charging issues.

The final result was fruitful, and I was able to fix the charging issue of the Amazfit smartwatch.

In this article, I will share the steps I followed to fix my Amazfit charging issue at home.

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Why is my Amazfit Smartwatch Not Charging?

Amazfit GTR Not Charging Dock

If your Amazfit GTR, GTS, Bip Lite, or any other smartwatch model is not charging, don’t worry; it happens due to minor issues.

Generally, a layer of dirt on the charging sensors prevents your smartwatch from charging.

If your smartwatch was functioning properly when it was charged but won’t charge when placed on the charger, it means your charger is defective.

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How To Fix Amazfit Not Charging?

Don’t dump your smartwatch when it doesn’t charge. You can fix it easily at home.

Follow these steps to diagnose and fix the problem-

1. Change Your Power Outlet

Smartwatch Plugged in Laptop

Amazfit GTR or any other smartwatch comes with a USB charging dock. They don’t provide a power adapter in the box.

Try a new power outlet if your Amazfit is not charging when plugged into your power adapter.

You can also use your Laptop or Macbook to charge the Amazfit smartwatch.

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2. Remove and Replace on Charging Dock

Amazfit Smartwatch Charger

Sometimes when we place the smartwatch on the charging dock, it won’t align with the charging sensors.

The first thing you should do is, take off your Amazfit from the charging dock and place it on it again.

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3. Clean Charging Sensors

Smartwatch Charging Sensors

Amazfit GTR provides lots of features. It keeps monitoring your heart rate and other health data.

Due to regular use, the charging sensors on the back side of the smartwatch create a layer of dirt.

It happens because our body release sebum, and this oily sebum attracts the dust particles from the ambient and form an insulative layer.

That’s why it’s recommended to regularly clear your Amazfit Smartwatch with rubbing alcohol and soft fabric.

Also, use a sharp object to gently scratch the charging pins (sensors) to remove the dust layer.

I also faced a charging issue with my Amazfit GTR because of dust accumulation on the watch sensors and charging pins.

I cleaned my smartwatch and charger pins with a knife and rubbing alcohol, which worked for me.

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4. Use Certified Adapter

Power Adapter

As we know that Amazfit doesn’t provide a power adapter in the box. So, we use our phone adapter to charge the watch.

Make sure you’re using a certified adapter to charge your Amazfit smartwatch.

Don’t use fast chargers to charge your watch because the power rating is different for smartwatches.

5. Update Firmware

Amazfit Firmware Update

Outdated firmware can also cause issues in connectivity and charging. If you haven’t updated your Amazfit firmware for a long, then update it now.


In my case, the issue was associated with dirty charging sensors. I used a sharp knife to gently scratch the watch’s metal contacts and the charging dock. Then cleaned everything with soft fabric and rubbing alcohol.

You can follow all the steps to fix the Amazfit not charging issue at home. If nothing works, contact the brand for replacement.

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  1. Sanjay Upadhyay says:

    I have tried everything but my Watch Amazfit gtr 3 pro is not charging. Changed the charging adapter and cleaned the contacts with alcohol. The battery is above 45 percent so I even performed a factory reset but was of no use. Slowly the battery will die out.
    It is just over 1 year and out of warranty. Will not buy this watch again.

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