Apple Pencil Not Charging: 7 Ways To Fix 【1st & 2nd Gen】

Apple Pencil is a daily driver for signing PDF documents and taking notes. Although it’s durable sometimes, users face charging issues.

There can be several reasons that your Apple Pencil may not be charging.

Nowadays, the accessories that come along with our handy phones are really important.

We may not conquer them immediately, but we will surely get addicted to their efficiency by that time.

One such situation may come up with your Apple Pencil. Many people ask the query ‘Apple Pencil is not charging; how to fix it?’.

So we are here with our guide to help you fix this issue.

You may use the Apple Pencil to jaw down some important points or edit a picture with a pixel-perfect result.

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Apple Pencil

There isn’t a single thing that this handy tool can’t do. We came up with all the issues solved right away.

Continue reading our article until the end to learn more about fixing Apple Pencils.

How to fix Apple Pencil Not Charging issue?

If you feel trouble fixing the Apple Pencil charging issue, do not worry. Go through each method mentioned below to fix your Apple Pencil issue.

Solution #1: Settings

  • Go to Settings, then navigate to Bluetooth.
  • We have to unpair or delete the pencil’s connectivity. 
  • Now insert back the pencil to reconnect for a new pairing.
  • Once you get a notification that the pencil is connected, it will start charging.
  • It may take around 10-15 minutes to charge.

Solution #2: Reboot your device

If your device is not recognizing your Apple pencil, take out the pencil, and reboot your iPad or another iDevice. Now plugin the pencil again and enjoy using it after it is fully charged.

Solution #3: Pair the pencil again with your iPad

  • Open iPad’s settings and go to Bluetooth. 
  • Remove the Apple Pencil from the list of paired devices.
  • Plugin the Apple device again and confirm pairing. 
  • This may start your Apple device from charging again.

Solution #4: Update your Apple device software

Open your settings and check for any pending Apple device software update if any update is available, download and install it on your device.

Sometimes the system may require the latest update to let the accessories work. Better to stay updated, right?

Solution #5: Clean the port and pencil

Possibly, the port has some dust or thing stuck that isn’t allowing the device to recognize the Apple pencil.

So clean the port and the pencil and reconnect them to check for charging status.

Solution #6: Check if you are plugging in the right model

You may have by-mistakenly paired the wrong model in the device. So cross-check the device’s model.

Solution #7: Contact Apple Customer Care service

This is the final solution that is left; go to the Apple Customer Care service and let them know the issue.

First, contact them via call or mail, and if the problem is fixed, you are good to go.

If the problem persists, then visit the physical customer care center, and they may provide the best solution for Apple Pencil charging issue.

Why is Apple Pencil Not Charging on the iPad?

First, let’s understand why Apple Pencil is not charging on iPad or other iDevices.

There can be several reasons behind Apple Pencil not charging; some of them are:

  1. The Apple Pencil has spoiled, or maybe it is not responding properly. This can happen due to malfunction, a manufacturing defect, or maybe it’s been a long since you have been using it; it can require maintenance. 
  2. Your device would not recognize the Apple Pencil to charge it. This is the most common issue that prolongs.
  3. The power source isn’t plugged in, which can happen due to a power cut or malfunction in the charger’s power supply to the Apple Pencil.
  4. You are plugging into the wrong Apple model. If you have several Apple accessories, ensure your plugin has the right device and model.

These are just a few of the points that we have jaw down. If your Apple Pencil is still not charging and you are not aware of the problem, do not worry.

Follow our article and try all the workarounds that we have mentioned.

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Why is Apple Pencil Not Charging Through Case?

Your Apple Pencil comes along in a case (maybe attached to your Apple device). What issue can be if the Apple Pencil is not charging through the case?

Firstly check that the case port is clean and tidy. Sometimes dust accumulates, or else something stucks between the pencil and adapter. Look at it before you can conclude the issue.

Now cross check if you are using the right model of Apple Pencil with the case. Many people have various models and accessories, and you may get confused about which belongs to what.

It is better to check the right model for the right case to solve the problem. The case power surge may have spoiled.

This can happen if the device has become old, or maybe some external issue caused physical damage to the internal power surge.

Why is Apple Pencil Not Charging with an Adapter?

The last question our visitors often ask is, Why is Apple Pencil not charging with an Adapter?

We may answer it straightforwardly.

Look if the adapter is in good condition. Make sure that the adapter is connected to a power supply.

Finally, check if you are using the right adapter for the right Apple pencil.

These are the most common and repetitive issues that may cause Apple Pencil not to charge using an Adapter.


We hope that our article has helped you solve the charging issue with Apple Pencil. Please comment below if you still have any queries or a better solution. We may update you with more workarounds soon.

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