How To Fix Apple Pencil Not Charging? – 7 Fixes!

Apple Pencil is an outstanding device that gives a whole new experience in drawing, sketching, signing documents, and taking notes on the iPad.

If you frequently use this incredible duo, you must know frustrating it can be when your Apple Pencil suddenly stops charging.

I recently encountered a situation where my iPad could not juice up the Apple Pencil battery.

When I contacted the Apple support team, they provided some easy troubleshooting steps that helped fix the problem.

If your Apple Pencil is not charging with your iPad, here are the steps you should follow to troubleshoot the problem.

I’ll guide your step-by-step process to fix the Apple Pencil charging issue.

Why Does My Apple Pencil Not Charging?

There are two types of Apple Pencils, i.e., 1st and 2nd generation. Both of them differ in design, and the charging method is also different.

The 2nd generation Apple Pencil charges wirelessly by attaching to the iPad. In contrast, the 1st generation pencil needs to be plugged into the lightning port of your iPad, or the lightning adapter comes in the box.

Your 1st gen Apple Pencil will not charge because of an incompatible iPad case, outdated software, a dirty lightning port of the iPad, or a layer of wax buildup on the lightning connector of the Apple Pencil itself.

The 2nd gen Apple Pencil will not charge due to a software glitch, an incompatible case, an outdated iPadOS, or a hardware problem with a pencil or iPad.

How To Fix Apple Pencil Not Charging (1st and 2nd Gen)?

Apple Pencil Plugged in iPad

There are several troubleshooting steps that the Apple support team recommends to fix the charging and revive the battery of the Apple pencil.

Follow these steps to fix the issue-

Steps To Fix Apple Pencil 1st Generation Charging Issue

If your Apple Pencil 1st gen doesn’t charge with an iPad, try charging it with the lightning adapter provided by Apple.

If your pencil charges with an adapter, try these solutions to fix charging problems with an iPad-

1. Restart Your iPad

iPad Power Off

The first and simplest solution you should try is to restart your iPad. Sometimes minor software glitch or bug creates problem in charging, and a quick restart fixes the problem.

Once your iPad reboot, insert the lightning connector of your 1st gen Apple Pencil and see whether it starts charging again.

2. Charge Your iPad

iPad Charging

Although Apple Pencil charges if your iPad battery is low, sometimes Apple’s silicon chip won’t allow recharging accessories when the iPad is in low power mode.

To fix this, you need to juice up your iPad battery by more than 50%. Connect your iPad with the charger and leave it for at least 30 minutes.

Once your iPad battery recharges 50%, unplug the charger and insert your Apple pencil in the lightning port. Most probably, the Apple pencil charging issue will be resolved.

3. Clean Your iPad Lightning Port

iPad Lightning Port

A dirty or clogged lightning port of your iPad may create issues in charging the pencil. If you notice any debris clogging the lightning port, gently unclog it with a toothpick.

While cleaning the lightning port, ensure that your iPad is powered off and you don’t use metal objects like a SIM ejector tool or metal wire. Otherwise, the charging port will be damaged.

4. Clean Your Apple Pencil Lightning Connector

Apple Pencil Charging Adapter

Over time, dust and moisture accumulate on your Apple Pencil’s lightning connector, forming an invisible insulative layer.

This insulative layer prevents the electricity flow, and your pencil may experience charging problems.

Take a soft cloth and put a few drops of isopropyl alcohol on it. Now, gently rub it on the lightning connector of your Apple pencil to break the wax buildup.

Once you thoroughly clean the lightning connector, leave it for a few minutes to vaporize the alcohol, and then insert it into the lightning port of the iPad and check when it starts charging.

5. Leave Your Pencil Plugged In For Sometime

Unfortunately, there is no power-off button for the Apple pencil. The battery might be completely drained if you don’t charge your pencil for more than a week.

If your Apple Pencil’s battery is completely drained, it takes a few minutes to revive. Leave your pencil plugged in for 10 minutes and check whether it’s charging.

6. Reset Your Apple Pencil

If you have tried all the fixes mentioned above, but the charging issue is not resolved, resetting could be the last option.

Here is how to reset the Apple pencil 1st generation:

1- Open Settings on your iPad.

iPad Settings

2- Go to the Bluetooth option.

iPad Bluetooth

3- Tap on the More Info (i) icon next to Apple Pencil.

iPad More Info

4- Tap on Forget This Device and confirm it again.

Forget This Device

5- Tap on Forget Device to confirm.

Forget Device

6- Restart your iPad.

iPad Power Off

Once your iPad reboot, insert your Apple pencil in the iPad’s lightning port to pair it again. Now, go to the battery widget and check whether your pencil is charging.

7. Update Your Software

Is there any pending software update available for your iPad? Install it and reboot your iPad. Outdated software could also be a reason for the improper functioning of Apple pencils.

Follow these steps to install pending software updates on the iPad-

1- Go to Settings on your iPad.

iPad Settings

2- Tap on General.

iPad General Settings

3- Tap on Software Update.

iPad Software Update

4- Wait until your iPad fetches the latest software.

iPad Checking Software Update

5- Download and install the available iOS update.

iPadOS Update

Reboot your iPad to finish the software update. Once your iPad reboots, connect your Apple pencil and try charging it. If this doesn’t help, visit your nearest Apple service center to get it fixed professionally.

Steps To Fix Apple Pencil 2nd Generation Charging Issue

The second-generation Apple Pencil doesn’t have a physical lightning connector for charging. It attaches magnetically to the iPad Air or iPad Pro side to charge wirelessly.

If your 2nd generation Apple Pencil doesn’t charge with your iPad, here’s how to fix it:

1. Restart Your iPad

iPad Power Off

If your iPad is not charging your Apple Pencil wirelessly, first restart your iPad. A force restart will fix the software-related glitches, and your device will start functioning normally.

To restart your iPad Air or Pro, follow these steps-

  1. Press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons until the Power Off slider appears.
  2. Drag the Power Off slider and wait for 30 seconds until the screen goes off.
  3. Hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears.

Once your iPad reboots, attach your pencil on the side to charge wirelessly. Most probably, your 2nd gen Pencil will start charging again. If that doesn’t help, try the next solution.

2. Charge Your iPad

iPad Charging

iPad Air and iPad Pro have inductive coils on the side, which generates an electromagnetic field to charge your pencil. The coils take power from your iPad battery.

If your iPad isn’t sufficiently charged, the inductive coils won’t make the powerful electromagnetic field for energy transfer.

So, connect your iPad to the charger and attach the Apple pencil once your iPad battery charges more than 60%.

3. Reconnect Your Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil on iPad

If your iPad doesn’t charge the Apple Pencil, unpair your Pencil from the iPad and pair it again. This will fix all minor performance issues.

Here’s how to reconnect your Apple pencil-

  1. Go to Settings on your iPad.
  2. Tap on Bluetooth.
  3. Tap on the More Info icon (i) next to Apple Pencil.
  4. Tap on Forget Device and confirm again.
  5. Reboot your iPad.

Once your iPad reboots, attach the pencil on the magnetic side to pair it again. This will resolve the charging and performance issues.

4. Remove iPad Case

If your Apple pencil is not charging through the case, it means your case is not compatible with wireless charging. There should be direct contact between your iPad and Apple Pencil for charging.

If your iPad case doesn’t allow direct contact, you should buy a compatible case for your iPad model. Remove the case from your iPad and try charging your Apple pencil again.

Update iPadOS

iPadOS Update

You must download and install the latest software if buggy software is installed on your iPad. Apple frequently releases software updates to fix the reported bugs.

Here is how to update your iPadOS-

  1. Go to Settings on your iPad.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Tap on Software Update.
  4. Check for the latest update.
  5. Download and install available updates.
  6. Reboot your iPad.

5. Contact Apple Care

If you’ve tried all the above solutions, but your pencil battery is still not charging, it means there is some hardware fault with your iPad or pencil. Contact the nearest Apple store or authorized service center for the warranty claim.

Can You Charge Apple Pencil’s Battery Without An iPad?

If your Apple pencil is not charging with an iPad, it’s possible to charge your Apple Pencil without an iPad. The first-generation Apple Pencil comes with a charging adapter that directly connects to an Apple lightning cable.

You can even charge your 1st gen Apple pencil with an iPhone too. Just plug in the pencil connector to the iPhone lightning port and check the battery widget on your iPad.

You need to buy a wireless charger if you have an Apple Pencil 2nd generation. I have written a detailed guide on charging Apple pencils without an iPad; you should read that.

How Long Does Apple Pencil Battery Last?

Apple Pencil has an 86mAh lithium-ion battery that delivers approximately 12 hours of use on a full charge.

However, it depends on how heavily you use it. But 15 seconds of quick recharge extends the battery backup for 30 minutes.

The average life of an Apple pencil is approximately 1.5 to 2 years on normal use. Once your battery life drains, you need to replace your pencil.

How To Revive Apple Pencil 2 Dead Battery?

Apple Pencil 2 has an 86mAh lithium-ion battery that lasts for approximately 2 years in normal use. If you’re using your pencil heavily and in a hot environment, the battery will lose its power-holding capacity fast.

You can not revive or replace an Apple Pencil dead battery because dissembling is impossible without breaking it.

You need to buy a new Apple Pencil or claim the warranty if it’s less than one year old.

What To Do If My Apple Pencil Not Charging or Pairing?

If your Apple Pencil is not charging with your iPad, try charging with a lightning adapter within the pencil box or with your iPhone lightning port.

If you’re using a second-generation Apple Pencil, buy a separate wireless charger box to charge it.

If you have another iPad in your family member, try charging and pairing it with that.

If your pencil pair with another iPad, it means something wrong with your iPad.

Try the above-mentioned fixes. If none of them works, take it to the nearest Apple care center for a warranty claim.

Why Is My Apple Pencil Not Charging Through Case?

We often use a protective case on our smartphones and tablets. But, not all cases are compatible with all models of iPad.

So, if your Apple Pencil doesn’t charge through a case, it means it is incompatible with your iPad.

Either remove the case while charging your pencil or buy a compatible case for your iPad model. You can find many good-quality iPad cases on Amazon.


I hope you found this guide helpful. A few months back, my Apple Pencil 1st gen was not charging with my iPad 9th generation. I cleaned the lightning port and connector with isopropyl alcohol, and the issue was resolved. You should also follow the solutions mentioned above to fix the issue.

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