How To Fix Apple Watch Not Charging Issue?【4 Easy Ways】

Apple Watch is one of the best products released by Apple. This smartwatch makes our work easier and helps us catch a sling of quality to our lives.

But for several reasons, the watch sometimes doesn’t charge. This issue is caused by not knowingly various processing work within the watch.

The issue can be hardware or software. We can fix the software issue or minor hardware issue at home.

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Apple Watch Connected to Charger

So to let you curate the need and requirement of what has happened to your Apple Watch, we have taken a step-by-step process to resolve the issue.

So, how do we exactly fix the charging issue on an Apple watch? Let’s find out!

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How To Fix Apple Watch Not Charging Issue?

Apple Watch

Here are a few methods to resolve the charging issue on Apple Watch Series 7 or older:

Method #1 – Reset Your Apple Watch

Due to several reasons, such as software updates or software malfunction, the Apple watch would not recognize the charging.

So, to fix it, the best option we have is to hard reset the Apple Watch. It will reset the charging module and fix various other issues.

Follow these steps to reset your Apple smartwatch:

  • First, unplug your Apple device from charging.
  • Now press and hold the digital crown button and side button together continuously.
  • Hold it until you see the Apple logo on your watch screen.
  • Now plug in the charging, and the issue may have been fixed.

Method #2 – Check the Power Source

Before we conclude, it is better to check if the power source (switch button) is working.

Even try to match the adapter wire if it is perfectly intact with your Apple Watch, and see if it is connected to the power source.

In the case of a wireless charger, you need to examine if your watch is perfectly placed at 90 degrees to your charger.

If you’re using an MFI-certified Apple charging station, make sure you’re placing your watch in the middle of a wireless charger.

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Method #3 – Try a Different Charger

The issue of your Apple watch not charging may be caused due to malfunction of your hardware, i.e., the charger.

If you use a wired charger, try charging with your MacBook or a different charger.

Even with the wireless charger option, there can be an in-built issue, so try to purchase a new one.

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Method #4 – Contact Customer Support

The final choice is to consult Apple tech support. They may help you with other possible fixes, such as internal damage (that can only be fixed by replacing the internal hardware piece).

They may also assist in replacing the product if the issue relies on the company’s manufacturing defect.

If your device is still under warranty, we recommend contacting customer support immediately or trying the solutions recommended by Apple.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Apple Watch Not Charging 100?

There can be several reasons why your Apple Watch is not charging to 100.

Firstly, the main reason is the compatibility of the device. Make sure you use a genuine charger; if it is wireless charging, you place your watch exactly onto it.

We recommend turning your Apple watch to Nightstand mode, which will allow the watch to be ample for charging to 100 soon.

Why is Apple Watch Not Charging and Hot?

Apple Watch may not charge if the charging port has spoiled. Look at the connector and check if the charging wire is connected correctly.

It can turn up hot if you use it while charging (not recommended). Also, look if you are using a genuine charging adapter.

If the flow of charge is unstable or less/more than the required frequency, it will cause an issue of not charging and heating your Apple watch.

Why is Apple Watch Not Charging After an Update?

Usually, your Apple device and Apple watch may not coincide with the update. Ensure that you update all the devices to the latest framework.

Also, after an update, reboot your device. If you try to charge the device after the update without rebooting, it may not adapt to all its features, creating havoc.

After an update, unplug your Apple watch from charging, reboot your device, and then plugin again to charge it.

Why is the Apple Watch Series 3 Not Charging?

There are several reasons why your Apple watch series 3 is not charging.

Some of them can malfunction in hardware, such as the charger or the adapter within the Apple watch.

The latest update may have corrupted your watch software, enabling the device to charge.

So on, but all of these can be fixed. So follow our article till the very end to know more.

Why is Apple Watch SE Not Charging?

Well, your latest Apple Watch SE may not be charging. It can be due to software malfunction or hardware repair requirements.

If you have recently updated your watch, it may need a hard reset. There are several other reasons behind Apple watch SE not charging.


We hope that we have guided you through all the possible working methods to fix your Apple watch charging issue. Please be sure to send your feedback below in the comment section. If you have some better fixes and methods, do mention them.

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