Avita Laptop Not Charging: How To Fix? (6 Methods)

It would be nightmarish if your laptop just stopped charging. Problems will pop up while you are doing your work, you will worry, and people often don’t even know what to do or not do.

Avita is a new brand that provides slim and sleek notebooks at a competitive price.

Avita is becoming the first choice of budget-friendly notebook brand with decent hardware specifications.

But thousands of Avita laptop users reported that their Avita laptops won’t work when plugged into a power source.

The battery isn’t always the main culprit in such a case. Even if your battery is new, sometimes you might face charging issues.

But don’t worry about it because there are mostly workaround solutions to solve these problems.

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Check out these troubleshooting solutions, apply them, and then see if these fix your laptop charging problems.

Why is my Avita Laptop Not Charging?

Windows Laptop Battery Not Charging

There are quite a few reasons why this charging problem might have happened with your Avita Laptop.

Let’s check out these reasons-

  • There might be electrical problems with the socket where you plug the charging adapter.
  • The AC adapter that you are using might be damaged.
  • The charging ports might be dirty, because of which the connection cannot happen.
  • Your laptop might be overheated.
  • The battery connection might be loose.
  • The battery-installed drivers might be outdated.

These are the most commonly faced problems of charging your Avita laptop.

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How To Fix Avita Laptop Not Charging Issue?

Avita Laptop

Let’s clarify each of these problems by giving a solution, and you can check whether it is enough to solve your Avita charging problem or not.

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Restart your laptop

The essential thing would be to close all the wifi connections of your laptop and then perform a normal shutdown.

Please wait for some time before switching it on. Check if your laptop is charging now or not.

Check the power outlet

Sometimes the power socket in which you plug your power adapter might be defective or damaged.

The best way out would be to take your adapter and use it in another socket. Then check if your laptop charges or not.

Checking the adapter

There may be a little chance that your adapter might be dirty or damaged.

Even a tiny amount of grease or dirt stuck inside the ports may block the ports from proper connection and charging.

In that case, there is just one thing that you can do. Clean up the charging ports and plugs, and then try again.

If this does not succeed, try charging your laptop with a friend or family relative’s charger. If it does charge, then your laptop charging adaptor might be damaged.

Overheated laptop

Laptops nowadays tend to shut down their services and functions if they are in an overheated state or if the memory reaches its limit due to excess functioning.

In such a case, the laptop may ignore the plugged-in battery situation, leaving it in a plugged-in but no charging situation.

The best solution in such a case is to close the programs you may think might be heating your laptop, and after that, plug in the charger.

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Loose battery

If your laptop has a removable battery system, take out the battery.

After this, hold the power button for 10 seconds to drain out any amount of power that might be present in the laptop.

Plug the charging adapter with the battery outside the laptop and turn it on. If the laptop works properly, then the battery likely has a problem.

But you can check by fixing the battery again and trying to see if it’s appropriately charging or not because the battery may have become loose, because of which it was unable to charge properly.

If your laptop model doesn’t have a removable battery compartment, then you might have to take it to the mechanic shop to test the battery.

But before heading out to the mechanic shop, you must try one more solution; if the problem persists, you must go to the technician.

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Update battery drivers

In Windows laptops, battery drivers come pre-installed. The battery drivers present in your laptop might have become outdated.

So you should try and update the drivers first. You can download the latest drivers from Avita’s official website.

Go to this link and enter your model number- https://avita-india.com/product/liber/support

Now download the latest drivers released by the company and install them on your device.

Also, you can check the driver update from the PC settings. To do this, you have to right-click on the start button and go on to select Device Manager.

A box will appear with a list of your laptop’s attached devices.

Click the drop-down arrow on the batteries, right-click on the entries that appear, and click on ‘Update Drivers.’

Follow the instructions that come up on the screen. If any updated drivers are available, your laptop will automatically install them.

After this, reboot the system and check the battery and the charging.

But even if, after all this, the charging problem of your Avita Laptop is not resolved, then the last resort is to go to the technician and let them handle the professional work.

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Try all these steps and solutions because each one identifies the problem on your laptop. Follow them, and you will be able to solve the charging problem on your Avita Laptop.

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