How To Fix Beats Studio Buds Not Charging? – 6 Fixes!

Beats Studio Buds is one of the popular alternatives for Apple AirPods. It works flawlessly with the Apple ecosystem and Android. But, some customers reported charging issues.

Are your Beats Studio Buds not charging in the case? Or the Beats studio case is not charging?

Don’t panic! You’re not alone.

If your Beats studio buds won’t charge, it doesn’t means it’s dead and you’ve to buy another piece. You can fix the charging issue without any investment.

This guide will explain the step-by-step process to solve the Beats studio bus not charging problem.

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Why are my Beats Studio Buds Not Charging?

Beats Studio Buds Not Charging

Beats Studio Buds face charging issues because of a layer of wax buildup around the metal contacts, or your charging case is dirty. Also, if your charging case isn’t sufficiently charged, your earbuds may face charging issues.

Also, ensure that you’ve properly placed the earbuds in the case and charging pin touches the metal contacts.

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Why is my Beats Studio Buds case not charging?

You should always use the correct ampere-rated charger and original charging cable to charge the Beats Studio Buds case.

Sometimes, people use their laptops to charge their earbuds, but the power output of the charging case is low as compared to the wall adapter.

If your Beats Studio case is not charging, plug it into a 20-watt wall adapter. Also, make sure to use the original charging cable that came in the box.

If it still doesn’t charge, follow the step-by-step guide to solve the Beats Studio Buds charging problems.

How To Solve Beats Studio Buds Not Charging Issue?

If your Beats wireless earbuds or charging case are not charging, try these solutions to fix the issue:

1. Place Your Earbuds Properly

Beats Studio Buds

All true wireless buds have a connector pin that makes contact with the charging case connector.

Whenever we place our earbuds in the charging case, the magnet inside the buds aligns it and ensures that the charging pin on both buds makes contact.

Sometimes, when we don’t pace our buds carefully, charging pins won’t make contact, and earbuds won’t charge.

If your Beats Studio Buds are not charging in the case, ensure that you place both buds carefully.

2. Clean the Charging Pin

Beats Studio Buds White

True wireless earbuds charge at very low DC power. When we insert our buds into our ears, they get sweaty, attracting dust from the environment. Hence, a layer of dust is formed around the charging pins.

This layer of dust and oily sweat prevents the electricity flow, and due to very less voltage across the buds and case, it won’t pass power to the earbuds.

You should regularly clean your earbuds and charging case with isopropyl alcohol and microfibre clothes. You can also use ear-cleaning buds to clean the charging case pin.

3. Fully Charge Your Case

Beats Studio Buds Case Charging

If your Beats Studio Buds are not charging in the case, then it’s also possible that the charging case itself is not charged.

Plug Beats Studio Buds charging case with a 20-watt power adapter and leave it for approx 2 hours. The LED on the Beats Studio Buds case turned OFF, it means the case is fully charged.

Once the case is fully charged, place your earbuds properly and leave them for 30 minutes.

4. Inspect the Charging Cable

Using a specified cable to charge your Beats Studios Earbuds is always recommended. If you’re using a different cable, then inspect if the cable is not damaged.

You can plug in a different device to ensure the charging cable is working properly. Replace the USB-C cable if it’s not working or you found any damage visually.

5. Update Firmware

Buggy firmware can also affect your charging speed and functionality. If you haven’t updated your Beats earbuds firmware for a long, then update it today.

You can download Beats App on your Android phone to update the latest firmware.

6. Reset Your Beats Studio Buds

If your Beats Studio Buds charging issue is not fixed yet, perform a factory reset. Resetting can fix the charging issue and connectivity issues of any earbuds.

If you don’t know how to reset beats studio buds, then follow these steps:

  1. Insert both earbuds into the charging case.
  2. Open the lid and keep it in an open position.
  3. Press and hold the system button on the case for 15 seconds.
  4. Hold it until the LED light flashes red and then white.
  5. Release the system button.

Remove the buds from the case and connect the charging case with a USB-C cable. Place the earbuds back into the case and leave it plugged in for 30 minutes.

If the charging issue is still not solved, replace your Beats Studio Buds case.


People often face a charging issue with their earbuds due to a dirty case or damaged charging cable. You should check both parts initially and fix the issue when if you find something fishy.

I’ve explained many other solutions to fix Beats Studio Buds’ not charging issue at home. If nothing works, the service center is your last hope.

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