Does Using Non-Apple Charger Ruin Your iPhone’s Battery Health?

Apple stopped providing charging adapters after iPhone 12 series. The officials presented this move: “we’re taking this step to save the environment by reducing E-waste.”

Apple said that millions of Apple users upgrade their iPhones every two years, and they have Apple chargers. But, they provide USB type C to lightning cable in the box, which is unsupported by older iPhone adapters.

So, an iPhone buyer has to buy a USB type C power adapter separately. Since the Apple 20W adapter is costly, many third-party companies started manufacturing adapters for iPhones.

But is it safe to use a non-Apple charger to charge an iPhone? Does using a non-Apple charger ruin your battery health?

If you have similar questions, this guide will clear all the doubts with a logical explanation.

Can I Use Non-Apple Charger To Charge My iPhone?

Charging iPhone with Android Charger

It’s totally your choice. You can use a non-Apple charger to charge your iPhone or iPad but ensure that the power output rating is the same as Apple’s original charger.

A common myth among iPhone users is that using a non-Apple charger will ruin the battery’s health, but it’s baseless. There is no harm in using a non-Apple charger to charge your Apple device. Just ensure that you’re using the original charging cable.

Apple lightning cable is precisely designed for iPhones and iPads. The quality of third-party cables is not good, which may damage your charging port. However, you can buy MFI-certified cables from well-known brands like Belkin and Anker to charge your Apple device.

Can I Use Android Adapter For iPhone 13 Pro?

Charging iPhone 13 Pro with Oppo Charger

The designed power output of the Apple 20W adapter is 9 volts DC at 2.2 Amp current. An Android adapter with a power output of 2.1 Amp can charge your iPhone.

Ensure that your Android adapter is not a fast charger. Because iPhone only supports up to 20W fast charging. If you use a 67W Xiaomi adapter to charge your iPhone, it may create problems.

Can I Charge My iPhone With Samsung Adapter?

Yes, you can charge your iPhone with Samsung or any adapter with a 2.1 Amp power output. If you have a Samsung 15W adapter, you can use it to charge your iPhone.

Can I Use Oppo Adapter To Charge my iPhone?

You can use the Oppo 15W adapter to charge your iPhone. But, if your Oppo adapter is a SuperVooc charger rated 50W, avoid using it on your iPhone.

Using Apple’s original 20W adapter to charge your iPhone or iPad is better because a non-Apple charger can void your iPhone’s warranty.

How To Charge iPhone To Maintain 100% Battery Health?

If you’re using an Android fast charger to charge your iPhone, you may face an overheating problem. Lithium-ion battery loses their power-holding capacity at higher temperatures.

Hence, non-compatible chargers may ruin your battery health in the long run. So, if you’re too much concerned about your battery health, buy Apple’s original 18W adapter to charge your iPhone.

I have written a detailed guide on maintaining iPhone’s battery health at 100 even after 1 year, you can read that and follow the instructions.


There is no harm in using a non-Apple charger as long as it’s rated for iPhone’s requirements.

Apple supports up to 20W fast charging, and if you use an Oppo SuperVooc 50W charger or Xiaomi 67W/120 HyperCharge adapter, it may create problems.

So, you can definitely use Samsung’s 15W adapter or buy Anker’s 20W power adapter compatible with iPhones and iPad.

But, using a non-Apple charger may void the iPhone’s warranty. So, better to invest a little more and get Apple’s original adapter.

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