Cannon R5 Battery Not Charging

The Canon R5 is a great option for professional photographers. However, sometimes users may encounter issues such as the device not charging. In this blog post, we have included the solutions to the Canon R5 battery not charging problem in this content.

Not charging the Canon R5 severely limits users’ ability to shoot or use the device. This issue may occur when the camera’s battery does not respond when charged or plugged into the charger. When users encounter this situation, they often worry about immediately regaining their usability.

Canon R5 Not Charging

What Causes Canon R5 Battery Not Charging?

Canon R5 battery not charging issue can occur due to various reasons. First, it’s important to check if the charger is plugged in properly. Make sure that the charger and battery ports are clean. If there is dirt, dust, or corrosion on the ports, you can gently clean them with a cotton swab or clean cloth.
In addition, it should be ensured that the charger is working correctly. You can test the charger by trying it with another device or using a different charging cable. If the charger is working properly, the problem may be with the battery itself. Carefully remove the battery and wipe the contacts with a clean cloth. It is also important to check the battery for any damage or swelling. A swollen or damaged battery may not charge and may pose a safety risk. If the battery is damaged, it is best to obtain an original replacement battery.
In some cases, the source of the Canon R5 battery not charging issue is; It may be that the battery has reached the end of its life. The charger or battery may need to be replaced. You can get further assistance by contacting a Canon authorized service center or technical support.

How Long Does a Canon R5 Battery?

The Canon R5 is a professional mirrorless camera that Canon released in 2020. Canon R5’s battery life can vary based on a number of factors, so it’s hard to give an exact figure. These include the lens used, the shooting settings, the shooting mode, the use of image stabilization, and whether the LCD screen is always on.
It is important to note that the Canon R5 uses the Canon LP-E6NH battery. This battery is also used in earlier Canon models and has a capacity of 2,130 mAh. Battery life may differ for photo taking and video recording. Canon predicts a battery life of about 320 to 490 frames during photography for the R5.
However, video recording may drain the battery faster. Battery life may be shorter in this case, as the Canon R5 has high resolution and high frame rate options such as 30fps in 8K resolution or 120fps in 4K resolution. Exactly how long you can record video will depend on recording settings, shooting temperature, and battery condition.
With the Canon R5, a full battery charge is expected to allow you to capture several hours of photography and several hours of video recording. However, if you want to do an intense shooting session or longer video recordings, it is recommended to use spare batteries or connect to an external power source.

How To Fix Canon R5 Battery Not Charging?

As a first step, if you are experiencing the Canon R5 battery not charging issue, it is important to check the connections between the camera and the charger. Make sure the charging cable and adapter are plugged in correctly. Sometimes, the charging process may be interrupted or not start at all if we do not fully insert the cable or adapter. Also, check if the cable or adapter is damaged. A bent or broken cable or a damaged adapter may not provide enough power for charging.

Try a Different Charging Cable and Adapter

The charging cable or adapter may be faulty. Try to identify the source of the problem by trying another cable or adapter. Try the charging cable and adapter you are using with another Canon R5 or compatible device. If charging with another cable, the original cable or adapter may need to be replaced. If you have a problem with your cable or adapter, you can get a new adapter and charging cable by clicking the link.

Check Battery Status

The camera may not charge when the battery level is too low. In cases where the battery is completely discharged, it is expected that the device will not respond to the charging process. Try with another battery to see if the problem is caused by the battery. If charging with another battery, the battery may need to be replaced. If there is a problem with your battery, you can have a new battery by clicking the link.

Reset the Camera

If the problem still persists, restoring the camera to factory settings may help. This can be done with the “Factory Reset” or similar option in the camera’s menu. However, don’t forget to back up your photos and settings before doing this. Resetting can fix some system errors and fix the charging issue.

Check Firmware Update

The Canon R5 battery not charging issue may be software-related. Canon releases firmware updates on devices from time to time. Firmware updates are important to fix system errors and improve performance. If you think the problem is caused by a software source, visit Canon’s official website to check for the latest firmware version of the camera. If an update is available, updating your device may fix the non-charging issue.

Clean Charger Port Locations

During the charging process, contamination can sometimes accumulate at the contacts between the battery and the camera. This may interfere with the charging process. Gently clean the battery and camera contacts using a microfiber cloth or soft cloth. Take care to clean carefully and lightly, as cleaning hard can damage the device.

Check Power Supply

It is important to use the correct power supply during the charging process. Canon R5 is a high-energy device and sometimes low power sources can interfere with the charging process. If possible, use a high-quality and accurate working charging adapter. It is also important to use an adapter with the correct wattage to charge the device. Using the original Canon recommended charging adapter can avoid compatibility issues.
If the problem persists after trying the steps above, contacting Canon’s authorized service center may be the best option. Expert technicians can diagnose the problem and perform any necessary repairs. Especially if the warranty period is still in progress, an authorized service center will assist you in solving this problem. If there is a problem with the adapter, you can have it by clicking the link.

Canon R5 Features

Canon R5 is a digital mirrorless camera with superior performance for photography and video shooting. With a 45-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, it delivers sharp, high-resolution images with exceptional detail. Combined with a wide ISO range (100-51200 expandable ISO 50-102400), this sensor performs excellently even in low-light conditions.
Canon R5 draws attention in the industry with its ability to record 8K RAW video. The ability to record at 8K DCI (8192 x 4320) resolution at 30p allows you to shoot amazing videos in ultra-high resolution. You can also create impressive slow-motion videos with 120p slow-motion mode in 4K resolution.
The Canon R5’s autofocus system is quite advanced. Dual Pixel CMOS AF system at 1053 different points provides fast and precise focusing. In addition, Intelligent Tracking, which can recognize and track different objects such as people, animals, and birds, offers photographers and videographers greater convenience and accuracy in their shooting.
The advanced 5-axis image stabilization (IBIS) system minimizes vibrations when shooting handheld and ensures clear, sharp images. This feature is a huge advantage, especially when shooting in low-light conditions or with telephoto lenses.

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