How To Charge Wireless Earbuds Without Case?

After many brands removed the 3.5mm audio jack, wireless earbuds are the most used gadget nowadays.

Bluetooth in-ear buds are compact and give up to 30 hours of battery life on a single charge. Generally, the charging case can charge the earbuds three to four times.

But what if you lost the case or it got broken? One question always hunts the mind- can I charge wireless earbuds without a case?

If your earbuds case has died, you can still charge your wireless earbuds without the case. You can still enjoy your favorite playlist on earbuds.

It’s not easy, but it is still possible to charge the true wireless earbuds without the charging case. This article will show you how to charge earbuds without the case.

What To Do If My Earbuds Case is Not Charging?

If you haven’t lost your case and looking for a way to charge your earbuds because the case is not charging, then you should try three troubleshooting steps before moving ahead.

1. Clean the charging port

Airpod Charging Port Cleaning

The first thing your should inspect is your charging port. Over time, the charging case attracts dust and debris from the couch, and the jeans pocket and port get clogged.

The majority of wireless earbud charging case has a USB type C port. You should clean it when you find it dirty.

To clean the charging port, carefully remove the debris with a toothpick and then clean it with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol.

After that, try to charge your case, and it should work fine. If the charging case is still not working, you should move to the next method.

2. Try a different cable and adapter

Power Adapter

Many times the problem is in the charging cable or adapter. Maybe the cable is not working properly, or the adapter doesn’t provide enough power to charge the case of the earbuds.

Try charging the case with your laptop to confirm there is no charging cable or power source issue.

Make sure you are using the right cable for your case. You should not use a fast-charging cable like QC 3.0 because it might damage your charging case.

3. Clean all contact points

Earbuds Cleaning

If your case is fully charged, but the earbuds are not charging in it, then clean all contact points thoroughly.

Take a cotton swab and clean the contact points of both earbuds and the case. Make sure there is no debris or dirt on the contact points.

If you have tried all three troubleshooting steps, but your earbuds are not charging in the case, the problem is with your charging case.

How To Charge Wireless Earbuds Without The Case?

There are different ways to charge your earbuds without the case. It depends on the model and brand of your earbuds.

Whether you have Bose Earbuds, Apple AirPods, or Beats Studio Buds, you can charge them easily without the case.

You need the following things to charge your earbuds without a case-

  1. Old USB cable.
  2. Broken charging case.
  3. Four safety pins.
  4. Two rubber bands.
  5. A 5W adapter.

Steps To Charge Earbuds Without Charging Case:

Follow the below-mentioned steps to charge any wireless earbuds without a case:

Step #1- Cut USB Cable

USB Cable Cut

The first thing you should do is- cut your old USB cable with the help of a scissor and remove its rubber coating.

You will see four wires inside the USB cable- two for data transfer and the other two for power (red and black).

Step #2- Disassemble the broken case

Disassemble Charging Case

If you have the charging case, but it’s not charging your earbuds, carefully disassemble it with the help of a screwdriver and opener.

Ensure that you don’t dispart the wires; otherwise, you can’t charge your earbuds. Now, find the two wires connecting to the charging sensors in the case.

Step #3- Take off the battery

Remove case battery

Disconnect the battery wire and attach the USB cable wire directly with the charging pin.

The black wire should connect with the negative terminal, and the red wire with the positive terminal.

After connecting the wires, place your earbuds in the charging case and close the lid.

Step #4- Plugin USB to the adapter

USB Cable in Laptop

Plugin the power adapter into a wall socket and insert the USB cable into the adapter or a laptop.

Charge your earbuds for 2 minutes and then turn them off. Once the temperature drops, turn it on again.

Don’t use fast charging adapter; otherwise, your earbuds will heat and most likely explode.

Step #5- Tight everything with a rubber band

If you don’t have the charging case, connect the wires directly to the earbuds charging sensors with the safety pin.

Ensure the positive and negative terminal with your brand’s manual.

After connecting the wires to the terminal, tight this setup with a rubber band, you have to charge both earbuds separately.

I know this method is not easy, but we have the only option left. You can buy a replacement charging case that supports your earbuds model.

Can I Charge My Earbuds And The Case Simultaneously?

If your earbuds are not faulty, you can definitely charge the earbuds and the case simultaneously.

Just place both earbuds in the case and close the lid properly. Now, plug in a charging cable to the USB port.


I hope this guide was helpful and you can charge your earbuds without a case. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to ask in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this guide with others.

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