How To Fix DeWalt Battery Not Charging? – 6 Fixes!

In this guide, we’ll learn how to fix the DeWalt lithium-ion battery charging problem. If you have a DeWalt cordless power tool that’s not working because of a dead battery, read this guide.

A few weeks ago, my DeWalt lithium-ion battery pack stopped charging. When I searched the internet, I found various solutions on Reddit, Quora, and some woodworking forums. I found many solutions provided by DeWalt users, and one solution worked for me.

How To Fix DeWalt Battery Not Charging?

It’s easy to fix the charging problem of the DeWalt battery pack. You need the following tools ready for inspection and fixing the problem:

  • A piece of speaker wire.
  • A multimeter.
  • A fully charged secondary battery pack.
  • Screwdriver set.

If you’ve all these tools ready, follow the steps mentioned below-

Fully Charge A Secondary Battery

DeWalt Battery Charging

As mentioned in the tools list, you need another DeWalt battery pack. If you don’t have another battery pack, then you ask a favor from your neighbor or friend.

Insert the secondary battery pack with your DeWalt battery charger and leave it connected until it fully charges.

Note– This will also ensure that your DeWalt battery charger is functioning properly.

Place Both Battery Side By Side

DeWalt Battery

Once the secondary battery is fully charged, place the good and bad battery side by side on a table. Place in such a way that the charging pins of the batteries face upward.

Jump The Bad Battery

DeWalt Battery Reset

I’m sure you’ve jumpstarted your motorcycle or car sometimes. So, here we’ll jump the bad DeWalt battery pack with a good one. This will energize the lithium-ion cells at the correct voltage, and your bad DeWalt battery will return to life.

Take one piece of speaker wire and connect the B- pin of the bad battery to the B- of a good battery. Similarly, the B+ pin of the bad battery is with the B+ pin of a good battery.

Wait 8 to 10 seconds until dead battery cells energize at the correct amperage, then disconnect the wires.

Connect To Charger

DeWalt Battery Charging

After disconnecting the wires, insert your bad DeWalt battery pack into the charger. This will fix the charging problem of the DeWalt lithium-ion battery pack, and you’ll see the charging lights start blinking.

I followed these steps, and my dead DeWalt 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery pack started charging. However, there could be other reasons your DeWalt lithium-ion battery won’t charge.

Other methods to fix the DeWalt lithium-ion battery pack charging problems-

Clean The Charging Pins

Five charging pins on the DeWalt chargers connect to your battery pack and pass electricity. If any layer of dust or debris is formed, it will restrict the current flow, and eventually, your battery will not charge.

So, first, remove the charger from a power outlet and thoroughly clean the charging pins with a toothbrush. Similarly, clean the pins on the battery side also.

Try A New Charger

DeWalt battery packs come with different amperage and voltage ratings. Generally, it comes between 20V to 60V ratings. So, ensure you use the correct charger to charge your battery pack.

Replace The Dead Li-Ion Cell

DeWalt 4.0Ah battery has 8 Samsung 18650 li-ion cells. The battery pack will face charging problems if any li-ion cells go bad.

If you love DIY and know about electrical circuits, you can replace the damaged cell, and your DeWalt battery pack will come back to life.

Here is a video tutorial on how to replace dead cells on a DeWalt 5Ah lithium-ion battery pack-


If you follow the first method correctly, your DeWalt battery will return to life and start charging again. At last, you can try identifying the dead cell with the help of a multimeter and replace it. I have provided a video tutorial on faulty cell replacement on the DeWalt battery pack.

I hope your problem is resolved! Let me know in the comment box.

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