How To Fix Dyson Vacuum Not Charging? – 6 Fixes!

I recently faced a charging problem with my Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner, and I know how frustrating the situation is. Fortunately, I found some easy fixes on the internet and didn’t have to replace my device.

Your Dyson vacuum is not charging for several reasons that we’ll figure out in this guide. I will provide you with some easy methods to fix the charging problem. So, please read this guide carefully and don’t skip any paragraph.

Dyson Vacuum Not Charging

Why Is My Dyson Vacuum Not Charging?

Your Dyson vacuum will stop charging due to several reasons. It includes a faulty wall outlet, a frayed charging cord, a faulty charger, a defective battery, and a damaged charging port. You must troubleshoot your vacuum cleaner to detect faults for every possible reason.

Read on to learn the step-by-step process…

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How To Fix Dyson Vacuum Not Charging

Dyson is a reputable brand for vacuum cleaners, but sometimes it faces charging problems due to minor faults. Try these methods to fix the problems-

1. Try Another Wall Outlet

Dyson Charger Test

Have you tested your wall outlet? People often test other things except for the power source. I would advise you to start troubleshooting with the original power source. Because sometimes our wall outlets get faulty and we keep checking other things.

Remove the Dyson vacuum charger from the wall outlet and insert a smartphone charger to see whether it’s charging. If your smartphone charges, it means your wall outlet is functioning, and the problem lies elsewhere.

2. Inspect Your Charging Cord

Dyson Charging Cord

The charging cord is a medium of DC power transfer from the charger to the vacuum cleaner. The current won’t flow to your vacuum if the charging cord breaks or gets frayed.

You won’t believe that a faulty charging cable is the most common reason why a device won’t charge.

First of all, inspect the charging cord from head to tail and ensure there is no sign of damage. If your charging cord is frayed or damaged, please replace it immediately.

3. Clean The Charging Port

Dyson Charging Port

We have inspected the power source and power carrier. Now, it’s time to inspect the charging port because this component sends the current to your vacuum mainboard, which is further stored in the battery.

Because of regular use, some dust and debris clog the charging port. So, I would advise you to inspect the charging port with the help of a torch or smartphone flashlight. If you notice any debris in the port, carefully remove it with a toothpick.

After removing the debris, clean the charging port with isopropyl alcohol and insert the charger to see whether it works.

4. Try Another Charger

If your Dyson vacuum is not charging and no light glows, it means your charger is faulty. To ensure this, you need a multimeter to test the current output from your Dyson vacuum charger.

Attach the multimeter leads to the positive and negative terminals of the charger and reads the voltage difference across both terminals. There should be a 21V to 26V (depending upon your vacuum model) reading on the multimeter screen.

Dyson Charging Port

If you get no reading on your multimeter, it means the vacuum cleaner charger is dead, and you need to buy a replacement.

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5. Replace The Battery

Dyson Battery Pack

Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners come with lithium-ion batteries with a limited lifespan. If your battery is degraded, your Dyson vacuum will stop working, and you must replace the battery pack.

The average lifespan of Dyson cordless vacuum battery is between 1.5 to 2 years. However, it depends upon your charging pattern and usage.

If your vacuum runtime is declined drastically or if red light when connecting the charger, it means your battery has been degraded and needs to be replaced.

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6. Get Professional Help

Have you tried all above methods but your vacuum battery is still not charging? There are high chances of electrical failure on the circuit board. Please contact Dyson customer care or any repair shop for professional help.

Why Is My Dyson Vacuum Not Charging And Flashing Red Light?

If your Dyson vacuum is not charging and flashing red light it means your battery has been degraded. You need to replace the battery to fix the problem.

Why Is My Dyson Vacuum Not Charging And Flashing Blue Light?

A blue flashing light on Dyscon vacuum cleaner indicates the low power and device needs to be recharged. Please insert the charger and leave it for at least 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

Why Is My Dyson Vacuum Not Charging And No Light?

If no light appears on your Dyson vaccum when you connect the charger, it indicates a charger is not connected properly or it has no power. So, please ensure that wall outlet switch is turned on and charging cord has no damage. You may need to replace the charger to fix the problem.

How Do I Know If My Dyson Needs Battery Replacement?

The average life of Dyson vacuum battery is 1.5 to 2 years. However, it degrades faster if you charge it in high temperature or leave it plugged in. If you notice your vacuum runtime is declined, it’s time to replace the battery.

How Long Does Dyson Vacuum Battery Last?

Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners gives approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour runtime when fully charged. It may drain faster when your machine is running in Max/Boost mode. An average life of Dyson batteries are 1.5 to 2 years.

Is It Bad To Leave Your Dyson Plugged In All The Time?

Yes. If you leave your Dyson plugged in all the time, the lithium-ion battery will age faster and lose it’s power holding capacity. All Dyson vacuum takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to fully charge. Please disconnect the charger when your device is fully charged.


Generally, the cordless vacuum cleaners face battery charging problem due a faulty wall outlet and charger. However, if your vacuum is older than one year, please inspect the battery pack. If you notice lower runtime in normal mode, it means you battery is aged and needs replacement.

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