How To Fix EarFun Earbuds Not Charging? – 3 Easy Fixes!

Recently, I encountered charging problems with EarFun Free Air 2 wireless earbuds. When I explored some forums, I found that many other customers also faced similar problems.

If your Earfun earbuds are not charging, it could be due to a layer of dust or wax stain preventing the current flow, or maybe your charging case isn’t charged sufficiently.

You can clean the wax stain with a WD-40 solution or isopropyl alcohol and microfibre cloth.

How To Fix EarFun Earbuds Not Charging

If you’re facing charging problems with your left or right Earfun earbud, follow these steps to fix the issue-

EarFun Free Air 2 Cleaning
  1. Use a toothpick or toothbrush to clean the metal contacts of both earbuds.
  2. Drip a few drops of isopropyl alcohol in a microfiber cloth and clean the metal contacts of both earbuds and the charging case.
  3. Now, take a dry cotton cloth to wipe out alcohol and dust.

My EarFun Free Air 2 earbuds started charging after cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. But if your earbuds are still not charging, try the other solutions mentioned below.

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1. Press Both Earbuds

EarFun Free Air 2

If you have thoroughly cleaned your earbuds but are still not charging, put both earbuds in the case and apply some external force to connect with the charging pins properly.

If your earbuds start charging after pressing, it means the pins are stuck, and your should press and release them a few times to loosen it. Use a toothpick to press and release the charging pins

You can put some folded papers as temporary solutions and buy a replacement case from Amazon or the official store.

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2. Reset Your Earbuds

EarFun Free Air 2 Reset

Software bugs also prevent charging, which can be resolved by resetting earbuds to factory settings. You can reset your Earfun earbuds to fix the connectivity or charging problems.

Follow these steps to reset your EarFun Free Air 2-

  1. Put both earbuds in the charging case and confirm that both LEDs flash white.
  2. Keep the case lid open and double-press the charging case button.
  3. Wait until the indicator LED flashes white and then turns green.
  4. Go to your Bluetooth settings and forget the old connection.
  5. Pair again with “EarFun Free Air 2”.

3. Fully Charge Your Case

EarFun Free Air 2 Wireless Charging

If your charging case isn’t sufficiently charged, your earbuds won’t charge in that case.

Put both earbuds in the charging case and connect your case to a charger. You can also use a wireless charger to charge it.

Leave your EarFun Air Pro earbuds connected to a charger for at least 1.5 to 2 hours.

4. Get a Replacement

If you followed the above solutions, but your EarFun Air Pro isn’t charging, proceed with a warranty claim.

You can write an email at along with a product invoice or submit the warranty ticket on the official website.


The problem mostly occurs due to a dust or wax stain preventing the current flow. It can be fixed by cleaning both earbuds and charging case metal contacts with rubbing alcohol.

If you follow the above steps, minor faults will be resolved. If it is still not fixed, it’s a sign of a faulty battery or hardware faults. You can claim the warranty by emailing the customer support team.

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