How To Fix Echo Buds Not Charging? – 5 Fixes!

Amazon Echo Buds (1st generation & 2nd generation) works great with Alexa voice command. Also, they can be used as true wireless earbuds to connect with smartphones.

Echo Buds 2 has active noise canceling (ANC) feature that minimizes ambient noise and gives you an amazing calling and music listening experience.

It has a longer-life battery that gives 5 hours of non-stop playback and 15 hours with the charging case.

Despite good build quality, I faced a charging issue with my Echo Buds 2 last week. I did a quick Google search and found that thousands of others face the charging issue with Amazon Echo Buds.

If you’re also facing Echo Buds not charging issue or Echo Buds case not charging wirelessly, this guide will be helpful.

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Why Is Echo Buds Case Not Charging?

Echo Buds Not Charging

I know you’re hurrying to find a solution, but first, you’ve to figure out why your Echo Buds case is not charging when plugged in or even wirelessly.

Following are the common reasons why Echo Bud’s case won’t charge:

  1. Broken or Damaged Cable.
  2. Choaked or Dirty Charging Port.
  3. Faulty Adapter or Power Source.
  4. Buggy Software or Outdated Firmware.
  5. Echo Buds Case is Damaged.

These are the most common reasons Amazon Echo Buds (1st and 2nd generation) charging cases won’t charge.

You can troubleshoot and fix the charging issue yourself. Follow these steps to fix the Echo Buds charging issue:

1. Check Your Cable

Damaged USB C Connector

I know it’s a very common step, but people usually forget it. Your charging cable works as the carrier of electricity.

If the carrier or medium is broken or damaged, any earbuds case won’t charge even if plugged in.

So, visually inspect your charging cable and replace the cable if you notice any sign of damage.

2. Clean Your Charing Port

Earbuds Port Cleaning

Most people forget to clean the charging port, and dust and debris fill up the charging port.

If your echo buds case is not charging, clean your charging port before buying a new charger.

You can use a toothpick to remove debris inside the charging port. Plugin the charging cable and see if it starts working again.

3. Change the Power Source

USB Cable in Laptop

It is also possible that your power adapter or charging brick is faulty. Try plugging it into a different adapter, power bank, or laptop USB hub.

4. Update Firmware

Wireless Earbuds Firmware Update

Outdated firmware can also slow the charging speed. Check for a firmware update if your echo buds don’t charge or charge very slowly.

Updating firmware can fix Amazon echo buds’ connectivity issues, sound lag, voice commands, etc.

5. Replace Your Case

Earbuds Case

If you’ve tried the solutions mentioned above, but your echo buds case still doesn’t charge, it’s time to replace it. You can order the Echo Buds replacement case on Amazon.

If your earbuds are under warranty, contact the Amazon support team, and they’ll replace them.

How To Fix Echo Buds Not Charging in the Case?

Is your echo buds case working fine, but the earbuds won’t charge? Don’t worry; you can fix it easily.

Follow these steps to fix Amazon Echo Buds not charging issue:

1. Properly Align The Sensors

Echo Buds 2 Align

Your charging case has a magnet that aligns your earbuds when you put them for charging. Sometimes, one or both earbuds won’t align with the charging pin, and it won’t charge.

When placing your echo buds in the charging case, ensure that the metal contacts on your earbuds align with the charging pin.

2. Fully Charge Your Case

Echo Buds 2 Charging Port

If left or right echo buds won’t charge in the case, make sure your charging case is fully charged or plugged into a wall outlet. If no battery juice is left in the charging case, it will not charge your earbuds.

3. Clean Your Echo Buds

Echo Buds 2 Pins

Dirty buds won’t charge even if your charging case is fully charged. Use a soft cloth and toothpick to clean it thoroughly if you notice any dust inside the charging case or around the metal contacts.

4. Reset Earbuds

A hard reset can fix a lot of issues with wireless earbuds. Try a factory reset if you face connectivity or charging issues with Amazon Echo Buds.

Here’s the step-by-step guide for how to reset Amazon Echo Buds- Click Here!

5. Cool Down Your Buds

If the ambient temperature is high, your earbuds or the charging case gets hot. It may not work correctly if your device is too hot.

Remove your charging case from the charging cable immediately.

It will help if you cool down your echo buds by placing them in an open area with proper airflow.

After two or three hours, check it again. Amazon customer support team also recommends.


Before taking your Echo Buds to the service center, try the solutions mentioned above. You can fix the echo buds not charging issues by following the steps mentioned above.

If nothing works, it’s time to get it replaced. Contact the Amazon support team and ask for a replacement.

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