How To Fix Eureka Cordless Vacuum Not Charging? – 5 Fixes!

Eureka RapidClean is an easy-to-use cordless vacuum that helps keep the house clean. It has a 50.4-watt-hour rechargeable battery that gives approximately 40 minutes of runtime on high power. I found that many Eureka cordless vacuum cleaner customers reported battery charging problems.

I know it’s painful to keep the house clean when the vacuum cleaner stops working due to a low battery, but your device refuses to take charge. So, I wrote a detailed guide explaining why Eureka cordless vacuums face charging problems and how to fix them.

So, why is my Eureka RapidClean Pro not charging? A cordless vacuum cleaner faces charging problems because of a faulty wall outlet, defective power adapter, damaged charging port, dead battery cells, and faulty circuit board. The most common reasons are faulty wall outlets and defective chargers.

Eureka RapidClean Vacuum

How To Fix Eureka Cordless Vacuum Not Charging?

If your Eureka RapidClean Pro is not charging, then follow these methods to fix the issue-

1. Try Another Power Outlet

Before doing anything else, try another power outlet to ensure the problem is not with your wall out. Because in most cases, the vacuum cleaner won’t charge due to a faulty wall outlet, but the user keeps trying other things except changing the power source.

So, if your Eureka RapidClean Pro vacuum is facing a charging problem, remove the power adapter from the wall outlet and insert it into another outlet. You can also test whether your wall outlet works by plugging in another device, such as your smartphone’s charger.

If your RapidClean Pro charges into another outlet means the issue was with your power outlet, not with the vacuum cleaner, and you should fix that.

2. Inspect Your Charger

Have you ever seen any rodents in your backyard? If you forget to close your door, they may enter your house and damage the charging cable. So, if your RapidClean Pro charging cable has any sign of damage, you can repair that.

Also, sometimes the problem occurs inside the charger’s circuit board, which is why your cordless vacuum faces battery charging problems. You can test your charger with the help of a multimeter.

Eureka RapidClean Charger

Follow these steps to test your Eureka RapidClean cordless vacuum charger-

  • Insert your charging into a working wall outlet.
  • Turn on the electrical switch.
  • Set the multimeter to 200V DC.
  • Connect the multimeter leads with the positive and negative terminals of the charger.
  • Read the voltage on the multimeter display.

The voltage reading on your multimeter should be between 26V to 29V, then only your Eureka cordless vacuum will charge. If it’s less than 26V, you must buy a replacement charger for your device.

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3. Inspect Your Charging Port

If any dust or debris blocks the charging port, your cordless vacuum will not charge. Inspect the charging port of your RapidClean Pro and clean the dust or debris with a toothpick.

Do not use any metal object while cleaning the port, and ensure the vacuum is powered off. Otherwise, your charging port will be damaged, and you must go for circuit board repair or replacement.

4. Replace The Battery

Eureka RapidClean Vacuum Battery Replacement

Typically, a cordless vacuum battery lasts for two to three years. But, if you’re a heavy user and recharge the battery frequently, it will lose capacity sooner.

You can replace Eureka RapidClean vacuum cleaner battery yourself. You should have a screwdriver set and a compatible replacement battery for your vacuum model.

Unscrew the battery cover and pull out the older battery from the circuit board. Insert the new battery and connect wires.

Eureka RapidClean Vacuum Disassembly

Here’s a video tutorial for Eureka RapidClean Pro cordless vacuum battery replacement-

5. Replace The Circuit Board

If you’ve tried all the above methods, but your vacuum cleaner is not charging, it means the main circuit board is faulty. You can contact the Eureka service center or a local repair shop to get it repaired. Otherwise, buy a replacement circuit board online and replace yourself.

I found RapidClean Pro (NEC180) vacuum mainboard replacement on eBay. You can order online and get it replaced by a professional. Your vacuum will start charging again.

How Do I Know My Eureka Vacuum Charging?

Eureka RapidClean Pro cordless vacuum has several LED indicators. If you insert the charger, the LED indicators will blink, indicating your vacuum cleaner’s battery is charging. If the indicator light stops blinking (turns solid white), it indicates your vacuum cleaner has been fully charged and is ready to use.

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How Long Does Eureka Cordless Vacuum Take To Charge?

For the first time, the Eureka RapidClean cordless vacuum takes approximately 5 to 6 hours to fully charge. The next time it will take approximately 3 hours to charge (depending upon how low the battery is discharged).

What Is The Lifespan Of A Cordless Vacuum Battery?

A cordless vacuum battery’s average lifespan is between two to three years. However, it depends on your charging pattern and vacuum use. If you overcharge your vacuum, lithium-ion batteries will lose their charge-holding capacity much faster. So, always keep the battery range between 20 to 80 percent for maximum lifespan.

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A faulty wall outlet and charger are the most common reasons why your Eureka cordless vacuum cleaner is not charging. But, if your vacuum is older than one year, the battery might have gone bad and should be replaced. Eureka RapidClean Pro battery replacement is easily available on Amazon. You can buy it online and replace it yourself.

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