Fast Vs Super Fast Charging: (Everything Explained)

In the era of a fast-moving world, everything in life seems instant and quick with the rapid increase in modern technology.

Nowadays, almost all people prefer the fast-paced lifestyle over everything else and enjoy the convenience of the same.

From instant food to instant charing, our lives are made easy thanks to the constantly changing trends.

When we talk about the fast pace and growing technological changes, one of the crucial aspects to consider is our electronic gadgets like mobile phones that we almost cannot live without.

These producers now come up with exceptional products, luke fast, and super-fast charging devices that work magic and save a whole lot of time for the users.

No wonder people adapt to these devices increasingly. This article thus focuses on bringing into light the features, benefits, and other aspects of fast and super-fast charging by comparing the two. Let’s jump right into the comparison.

Fast Charging

Fast Charging VS Super Fast Charging

The term “fast charging” is widely used to promote chargers and gadgets that can charge faster than the current charging standard (5 Watts).

There is no industry-standard terminology for breakneck charging speeds, although several technologies make them possible.

The majority of cell phones and other devices can handle 5V/2.4A. You want something that raises the voltage to 5V, 9V, 12V, and higher for quick charging or raises the amperage to 3A and more elevated.

Remember that the amount of power your gadget can accept depends on the specifications of its charging circuit.

Significant benefits of fast-charging devices are that they provide the users with-

  • Fewer idle moments between work or entertainment sessions

It is undeniable that all of us would like our entertainment uninterrupted. Imagine watching a favorite movie, and your phone battery dies out; annoying, right?

At times like this, Fast charging comes to the rescue with its Fast Charge technology, which increases the battery from zero to 50% in about 30 minutes.

  • Improved portability in general

Better mobility is also possible when you can securely charge a device. This minimizes the possibility of your worst-case scenario-a discharged battery-making it especially suitable for commuting and vacationing.

Just even a few mins’ supplies of power can be helpful when you’re in a hurry, with most fast-charging metrics reaching around 30 minutes.

So with this advantage, you don’t have to worry about sitting and waiting for your device to charge all dressed to head out.

The primary benefit of this technology is that it makes it mobile and usable for devices that are supposed to be moved around more easily.

Devices with Super Fast Charging can also be charged using Power Delivery chargers since SFC is built on the Power Delivery protocol.

However, Super Fast Charging is quicker; a full charge takes roughly 70 minutes instead of 90 minutes with Power Delivery. The phone’s technology, unlike a slower 25W Fast Charge, enables complete 45W charging.

When “fast charging” is enabled, the S21 will be able to receive up to 15 W of power from a USB PD charger, while “super-fast charging” will allow charging at rates up to 45 W and higher.

25W of max charging power is guaranteed with super-fast charging, though it may go higher. What distinguishes a fast charger from a super-fast charger?

When “quick charging” is enabled, the S21 can get up to 15 W of power from a USB PD charger; when “super-fast charging” is enabled, the S21 can receive up to 45 W of fuel from a compatible charger.

To make things easier, here’s a table distinguishing between the two.

PercentageFast ChargingSuper Fast Charging
25%18 Minutes12 Minutes
50%40 Minutes24 Minutes
75%79 Minutes45 Minutes
100%120 Minutes70 Minutes
Price range (starts from) $15$30
Watts Up to 15 WattsMore than 15 Watts

(Note – The details mentioned in the table can vary according to different devices).

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Bottom Line

From comparing both fast and super-fast charging it is seen that super-fast charging comes with higher benefits than fast charging.

It can also be concluded that super-fast charging comes out as an improved version of fast charging providing the users with a wide range of benefits worth the price.

Especially if you are one of those living a fast-paced lifestyle, super-fast charging is all that you need.

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