GoPro Not Charging

You may encounter issues with GoPro products, which are highly effective among action cameras. If you experience such problems, you can first try to find solutions on your own with minor adjustments. You’ll especially be looking for answers when your GoPro does not charge. However, if the problem persists, and your GoPro device still doesn’t start charging, it’s advisable to contact technical support. Only in this way can you quickly resolve your issue and start using your device effectively again. The same approach will generally work for each model of GoPro device, helping you reactivate your action cameras. Following specific methods will yield definite results.

If you’re facing the issue of your GoPro not charging on any model, your first step should be to change the charging cable. This is the initial solution to address the GoPro not charging problem, especially because GoPro devices come with a USB Type-C cable for charging. When you try using this USB cable, you may encounter deeper issues if the problem persists. There could be problems with the charging socket or the cables connected to it. To resolve these issues, it’s essential to contact technical support and explain your problem. Professionals will examine your GoPro products and take necessary actions to provide a clear solution to your problem. Progressing through this step-by-step process is crucial for resuming the use of your GoPro products. You can click the link to get the charging cable.

How to Improve GoPro Battery Life

GoPro devices are currently leading the market in terms of action cameras. However, you may still experience battery life issues with any model of GoPro device. To avoid encountering the problem of GoPro not charging in the future, it’s beneficial to try these methods. Additionally, optimizing your GoPro device’s battery life for the long term will be essential. This way, you can achieve more efficient and extended usage.

To use your GoPro device for an extended period, consider certain settings. When shooting in 4K quality with Wi-Fi and LCD screen active, your GoPro’s battery will last approximately 1.5 hours. To prevent the GoPro not charging issue, it’s crucial to carefully review these steps. If you plan to stay outdoors for an extended period and prolong your shooting time, it’s advisable to take steps to extend your battery life.

GoPro Not Charging

Firmware Update

Ensure that your GoPro device is running the latest firmware by checking for updates. This will not only help you resolve GoPro-related issues but also extend your battery life. To initiate the updates, connect your GoPro camera to your phone via Wi-Fi and start the update process.

Keep It Off When Not Recording

Even when you’re not actively recording with your GoPro device, the battery will gradually drain. To preserve battery life, it’s essential to keep your GoPro device turned off when not in use. Additionally, activating the QuickCapture feature allows you to start recording as soon as you turn on your GoPro, which can further extend your battery life.

Turn Off Wi-Fi

Just like with other devices, disabling Wi-Fi on your GoPro can significantly increase battery life. This is important, especially if your GoPro not charging issue is related to a weak battery. Since the GoPro battery is relatively small, this action can provide about 15 minutes of additional usage. Be sure to check the blue LED light on the front of the camera when you’re not sure if Wi-Fi is active. You can control Wi-Fi on/off using the Wi-Fi button located on the side of your GoPro. You can click the link to get the charging cable.

Reduce Recording Resolution and Frame Rate

Your GoPro device will use less energy during recording when it captures fewer pixels and frames per second. Opt for lower resolutions and frame rates when recording. Recording at 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second is ideal for most situations. However, if you’re looking to maximize battery usage, dropping to 720p resolution at 30 frames per second will be more efficient. If you’re in a professional recording setting, you’ll prioritize higher resolutions, so you’ll need to forego this step. Nevertheless, taking these measures can help you avoid the GoPro not charging issue in the future.

Keep the LCD Screen Off

Each model of GoPro devices comes with an integrated LCD screen. While this screen allows you to view your recordings and make quick adjustments, it consumes a significant amount of battery power. To economize on battery life, only activate the screen when necessary.

Get an Extended Battery Pack or Extra Batteries

If you want to fully utilize all the features of your GoPro device without sacrificing battery life, consider using an extended battery pack. However, keep in mind that this option may make your setup bulkier and heavier. Alternatively, you can opt for additional regular batteries. Additionally, an external battery charger allows you to recharge spare batteries while shooting. You can click the link to buy the battery.

Is It Possible to Record While Connected to a Power Source with GoPro?

When you connect your GoPro device to USB charging adapters, GoPro fast chargers, or a portable power source, you can easily record videos or take photos. It’s advisable to use the USB-C cable that came with your GoPro when connecting. This setup allows you to capture long videos and create time-lapse shots conveniently. You can click the link to get a new charger.

Even if your GoPro cameras are charging, the battery won’t charge during recording. Charging only begins once you’ve stopped recording. This method can also help address the GoPro not charging issue. Furthermore, you won’t be able to record while your GoPro device is connected to your computer for charging. Keep in mind that the camera’s cover should remain open during charging, so be cautious of potential water damage.

GoPro Not Charging

Storing and Using Your GoPro Battery

Your GoPro device contains delicate components, with the battery being one of them. Avoid exposing your GoPro camera to extremely high or low temperatures to prevent potential issues and ensure your battery life lasts longer. Extreme temperatures can significantly reduce battery life and affect the proper functioning of your device. Additionally, avoiding drastic changes in temperature and humidity is crucial to prevent condensation from forming inside your camera.

Never attempt to dry your GoPro camera using heat sources like a microwave or hairdryer. Any damage caused by liquid entering the camera is not covered by the warranty. You can click the link to buy the battery.

When storing your GoPro camera’s battery, avoid keeping it near metallic objects such as coins, keys, or jewelry. Metal objects coming into contact with the battery terminals can increase the risk of a fire. Always refrain from making unauthorized modifications to your GoPro camera, as it can lead to security vulnerabilities, non-compliance with usage conditions, and a decrease in device performance. Such actions can also void your GoPro camera’s warranty. You can click the link to get a new charger.

GoPro Not Charging

Note that the battery capacity of your GoPro camera will decrease in cold weather conditions. This will have a more significant impact on older batteries. If you frequently use your GoPro in cold temperatures, consider regularly replacing your batteries to maintain optimal performance.

Remember to follow these guidelines to ensure the best performance and longevity of your GoPro device and its battery.

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