How To Fix Fitbit 5 Not Charging ?

Fix Fitbit 5 Not Charging Issue Fitbit Not Charging continues to be annoying by many users. You can find the solution to this in this article. All you have to do is follow and apply the measures that write the explanations. Read the article below for

Fitbit Not Charging Problem Solution.

Let’s find a definitive solution to the How do Fix Fitbit 5 not charging problem together with you. You are in the right place to solve this problem with the details we will follow and continue them with fitbit.

 Fitbits are electronic watches that keep finding your activities and diaries and include our clothes with color combinations whose end uses are becoming quite common. However, like all electronic products, fitbit is able to fix problems in some cases and users are the most common fitbit battery not charging problem. 

Fitbit 5 Not Charging
Fitbit 5 Not Charging

 Fix Fitbit 5 Not Charging Issue

Fitbits are electronic devices, so there can be many reasons for an electronic device’s charging output. Now we will see step by step where the problems originate and how to fix them.

 1-) Turn off the Fitbit and turn it on again. One of the best ways to deal with the Fitbit not charging issue is to restart the device, that is, turn it off and on. After the device is turned off and on, it will return to its previous setting without you doing anything. We have 2 methods to turn off our device 

1.1) We need to go to the apps section of our watch. For this, we need to drag our menu down.,

1.2) After tapping on the Settings icon, drag it down until you see the Restart Device. Then we touch on the text. 

1.3) This time we touch the restart button by dragging it upwards. Fitbit 5 Not Charging Fix The Problem

2-) Restarting Fitbit using Power Adapter 

2.1) Connect your Fitbit to the charger.

2.2) Plug the charger into the power source. 

2.3) There should be a button on the cable. Tap this button three times. After waiting a bit, the Fitbit Charge 5 will reboot itself. 

3-) We have to make sure our fitbit is dry. If the Fitbit is not charging, we must make sure that our Fitbit is not wet. Plugging our Fitbit into a charger while wet may damage the electronics and cause our Fitbit to not charge in the future. We need to check and wipe it with a dry napkin if the fitbit is wet.

Fitbit 5 Not Charging Fix The Problem 

4-) We have to make sure that the Fitbit charging adapter and Fitbit charging cable are working properly. If the solutions presented above still did not allow you to charge the fitbit, the problem may be with your charger or cable. First we will need a spare charging cable. The first part of our Fitbit to check is the charging adapter. Access by clicking on the new cable product link

Let’s test whether the adapter works with another cable to the charging adapter. If it charges then our problem may be with the cable. To check the cable you need to have a backup of the cable. If the spare cable is plugged into the charging adapter and charged after connecting to the Fitbit, then the problem is in the cable.

Fitbit 5 Not Charging Fix The Problem 

5-) Sterilizing the Charge Inlet Tips Dusty and polluted electronic tips stop working after a certain time. The reason for this is that the dust particles and dirt that enter into it prevent the electric current from passing after a certain time and erode the surface. So we need to clean our fitbit tool and cable ports. To clean our Fitbit, first of all, a soft sponge-like cleaning tool with a little alcohol can be preferred. After finishing the cleaning process, we need to clean the connection points slowly with a dry napkin until it is completely dry. 

Fitbit Won’t Fully Charge We know that users also experience heating problems and not charging up to 100%, besides the charging problem, we can solve them as follows. Fitbit users have reported that their devices charge up to 99% if not fully charged. It can take approximately 2 hours for our Fitbit to be fully charged. To solve this, we need to follow some of the steps we followed above, first you need to restart your device again.

Fitbit has reported that this issue may be caused by the device turning off on very rare occasions. Turning our Fitbit off and on from time to time further increases the lifespan and battery life of the Fitbit.

Fitbit 5 Not Charging Fix The Problem

 Fitbit Gets Too Hot We know that your charging adapter overheats when we plug the Fitbit Track into charge. A lot of fitbit users are experiencing this problem. The working logic of charging adapters is as follows. It transfers certain energy to fitbit as electrical energy, but this rate is not 100% because of loss and this loss occurs as heat energy. As long as there is no overheating, a certain amount of heating indicates that the adapter is working correctly, meaning that you do not have to worry about it.

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