How To Fix iLuv Earbuds Not Charging? – 5 Fixes!

Have you bought iLuv TB100 wireless earbuds from Amazon, but it’s not charging? Don’t worry; you’re not alone!

I also ordered the same earbuds from Amazon, but one of the iLuv earbuds not charging a few weeks back.

I asked on Reddit and found that many customers face the same issue. After contacting the iLuv support team, I fixed the charging issue.

Here I will explain the step-by-step process of fixing iLuv earbuds not charging.

Let’s have a look at all possible reasons and solutions.

Why Are iLuv Earbuds Not Charging?

iLuv earbuds

iLuv TB100 wireless earbuds are one of the most sold true wireless earbuds at an affordable price. It works with both Android and iPhones with great sound quality.

There could be multiple reasons why iLuv earbuds won’t charge. The most common reason is the improper placement of earbuds in the charging case or dirty case.

You should also ensure that the charging case is fully charged; else, it won’t charge your earbuds.

How To Fix iLuv Earbuds Not Charging?

Before solving the charging issue, we’ve to figure out the exact reason why iLuv wireless earbuds are not charging.

Try the following solutions:

1. Place Earbuds Properly

If one of your iLuv earbuds is not charging, you must check if both are properly placed in the charging case. If one or both earbuds won’t fit properly in the case, then it won’t charge.

Make sure you’ve placed both earbuds properly in the charging case. It will fix the charging issue.

2. Fully Charge Case

Although it’s very common, people often make this mistake. You should ensure that the iLuv earbud charging case is charged enough to charge your earbuds.

Energy flows from higher potential to lower. If your charging case’s battery level is low, it won’t charge your earbuds. You should fully charge your case and then check whether the earbuds are charging.

If not, go to the next solution.

3. Clean Charging Case

A dirty charging case is another common reason wireless earbuds won’t charge. If your iLuv earbuds are not charging in the case, you should clean the charging case.

Dust or debris accumulated in the charging case prevents the charging issue. You should thoroughly clean the charging case with soft fabric and alcohol-based cleaner.

4. Update Firmware

To fix bugs and improve the sound experience, iLuv releases new software. If you haven’t updated your earbud’s Firmware for a long, you should update it.

Updating the latest Firmware can fix the charging and connection drop issues.

5. Force Reset

Restarting and resetting a device can fix many software-related issues. A force restart can fix the charging issue of iLuv earbuds. You can follow the product manual received in the box to learn the steps to reset iLuv earbuds.

iLuv Earbuds Case is Not Charging

If your iLuv earbuds case is not charging, it means there must be some issue with the hardware. You can rectify the issue and fix the charging issue with the charging case.

Follow these steps to fix the iLuv earbuds charging case won’t charge issue:

1. Inspect the Charging Cable

You should inspect your charging cable first if your charging case doesn’t charge. Due to regular use of the charging cable, it gets damaged, and we won’t even notice.

Visually inspect your charging cable and confirm that there is no sign of damage. You can also plug a different device into it to confirm if it’s charging or not.

Replace the cable if you find it defective. You can order a new type-C cable from Amazon.

2. Clean Charging Port

iLuv earbuds have a type-C port attached for charging purposes. It catches dust and debris from the environment.

You can clean the charging port with the help of a soft cloth and a toothpick. Gently remove any stuck debris inside the charging port.

3. Try a Different Charger

Try a different charger and power socket if you’ve cleaned the charging port but the iLuv earbud case is still not charging.

Buy a good-quality power adapter to charge your earbuds case.

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  1. Thank you! This was very helpful. It was the charging cable that was the problem. I also have a question: What does it mean if my iLuv wireless headphones charging case blinking?

  2. If the charging case is blinking while on charge, it means that it is charging.

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