How To Improve iPhone 14 Pro Battery Life-【10 Easy Tips】

iPhone 14 Pro has a power-efficient A16 (4nm) processor and ProMotion AMOLED display that works between 1Hz and 120Hz refresh rate.

iPhone 14 Pro’s refresh rate ranges from 1Hz to 120Hz, while iPhone 13 Pro has 10Hz to 120Hz.

However, some users reported that – iPhone 14 Pro battery drains faster than iPhone 13 Pro. If you also face low battery life on iPhone 14 series, read this guide.

I’ll share some easy solutions to fix iPhone 14 Pro’s fast battery drain issue. Also, I’ll share ten easy tips to extend your iPhone battery life.

Why is My iPhone 14 Pro Battery Drains Faster?

iPhone 14 Pro
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Although iPhone 13 Pro and Max already have excellent battery life, but Apple announced approximately 1 hour more battery backup on iPhone 14 lineups.

But, many users are getting lesser backup on iPhone 14 Pro.

It could be due to higher screen brightness (1600 nits) and always on display. Apart from these, buggy iOS also drains the battery faster.

How To Extend iPhone 14 Pro Battery Life?

iPhone 14 Pro

You can easily monitor the power consumption on your iPhone. Follow these tips to extend your iPhone 14 Pro battery life.

1. Pause Background Activity

Your iPhone will restore iCloud backups and photos in the background. It happens because you’ve upgraded to the iPhone 14 series.

When you open the battery usage history, you’ll see the apps list that consumed more battery in the last 24 hours.

You can either disable, uninstall or pause the background activities of those apps if it’s not necessary.

To check battery usage history on iPhone 14 Pro, follow these steps-

1- Open Settings

iPhone Settings

2- Tap on Battery

iPhone Battery Settings

3- Tap on Last 24 hours

iPhone Battery Usage History

Here is the list of apps that drain the battery of your iPhone. Make a list of unnecessary apps and uninstall or pause the background activity.

2. Turn Off Always On Display

iPhone 14 Pro has an ‘Always On‘ display feature. By default, this feature is enabled, and it takes extra power to keep your display on all the time.

You can manually turn off the Always On feature from your Display settings. It’ll save unnecessary power consumption and extend the battery life.

Follow these steps to turn off the ‘Always On‘ display on iPhone 14 Pro-

1- Open Settings

iPhone Settings

2- Tap on Display and Brightness

iPhone Display and Brightness

3- Toggle Off Always On

iPhone Always On Settings

3. Turn Off Auto Brightness

Your iPhone will adjust the screen brightness according to ambient lights. If you’ve to take some important call, but your iPhone battery is low, turn off the auto brightness and reduce it to the minimum level.

4. Turn On Dark Mode

This is an excellent battery-saving feature on iPhones and iPad. Whenever you enable dark mode, your iPhone will invert the colors.

It also reduces power consumption as compared to the light theme.

To enable dark mode on your device, follow these steps-

1- Open Settings

iPhone Settings

2- Tap on Display and Brightness

iPhone Display and Brightness

3- Choose Dark from the Appearance section

iPhone Dark Mode

You can also schedule dark mode according to sunset and sunrise. Or, you can enable it manually whenever you want.

5. Disable Background App Refresh

iPhone Background App Refresh

Some apps, like Mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc., keep running in the background to fetch the latest data from their servers.

The background app refresh drains your battery slowly and reduces overall battery life. You can manually disable background app refresh from iPhone settings to extend battery life.

6. Turn Off Location Services

Some system apps, like Weather, Calendar, Safari, etc., need your current location to show the correct information.

Some third-party apps also keep searching for your location to display more accurate information.

But, all these come at the cost of battery drains. So, if you want to extend battery life, turn off location services from your iPhone settings.

7. Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

When you’re not using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, make sure to turn them off from the control center.

Both of these features keep searching for devices and consume more battery.

8. Turn On Low Power Mode

iPhone Low Power Mode

Apple has added a Low Power Mode option on iPhone and iPad. It’s a great feature that stops background app refresh and turns off location services to extend battery life in an emergency.

Whenever your iPhone battery is running low, enable Low Power Mode from the control center or the settings. It’ll help you to use your iPhone for a long time.

9. Reduce Auto-Lock Time

Your iPhone will automatically turn off the display after 2 minutes of inactivity. To extend battery life, reduce the auto-lock time to 1 minute or 30 seconds.

To change the auto-lock time on your device, follow these steps-

1- Open Settings

iPhone Settings

2- Tap on Display and Brightness

iPhone Display and Brightness

3- Tap on Auto-Lock

iPhone Auto Lock

4- Choose 30 Seconds

iPhone Auto Lock Time

9. Update iOS

iOS Update

Many iPhone 14 Pro users were facing faster battery drain on iOS 16. But, within a week, Apple rolled out iOS 16.1 to fix all minor software bugs, and battery life improved.

Whenever a new iOS update is available, make sure to keep your iPhone up-to-date on the latest version.

Apple always adds new battery-saving features and improvements with the latest iOS updates.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Software Update
  4. Download and Install the latest iOS update.

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10. Avoid Overheating

Don’t put your iPhone 14 Pro in direct sunlight or any other hot environment.

Overheating will damage your iPhone battery’s health, and it’ll also reduce the overall battery life.

iPhone Temperature Zone

Apple recommends using your iPhone, iPad, and other Apple gadgets at room temperature. They work best between 32°F to 95°F.


These were some of the best tips that help you to extend battery life on your iPhone 14 Pro.

Apart from these, avoid using third-party chargers as they damage your iPhone’s battery health.

Also, don’t use your iPhone when plugged in because it can cause overheating and drains the battery capacity.

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