How To Fix ION Speaker Not Charging? – 7 Fixes!

I purchased an ION portable speaker for outdoor parties on the last Black Friday sale. I didn’t turn off the speaker one night, and its battery was drained completely. I connected the charger the next morning, and the speaker refused to charge.

I searched the internet (just like you) and found that many other ION speaker customers are facing charging problems. After a few hits and trials, my ION Block Rocker speaker has started charging. But, I found many reasons a portable speaker won’t charge during my online research.

In this guide, I’ll tell you the various reasons why an ION speaker’s battery won’t charge and how you can fix that. So, if your ION speaker is not charging or your battery is draining faster, please read this guide till the end.

ION Block Rocker

Why Is My ION Speaker Not Charging?

ION uses two types of batteries (Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion) to power their wireless portable speakers. These rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan (300 to 500 charge cycles). After a certain period, the rechargeable batteries lose their capacity to hold a charge and must be replaced.

I left the speaker turned on, and my battery was drained completely. That was the reason why my ION speaker’s battery was not charging. So, I left the speaker connected to the charger for approximately 12 hours, and the charging issue was fixed.

Several other reasons, like a faulty charger, broken or frayed charging cable, a deep discharged battery, a defective charging port, and a bad battery, could also lead to charging problems.

How To Fix ION Speaker Not Charging?

If your ION speaker battery is not charging, please follow these troubleshooting methods-

1. Try Another Wall Outlet

People often ignore the power source and inspect other things. The power source is often faulty, and we assume the problem lies with the device or charger. If your speaker’s charging light doesn’t glow, it means the power source is not supplying current to the battery.

Before doing anything, unplug the charger and insert it into another wall outlet. In most cases, the charging problem is often resolved by trying another power outlet.

2. Charge It For 12 Hours

As I told you earlier, the ION Block Rocker speaker uses a lead-acid battery to power up everything. If the lead-acid battery is discharged completely, it creates a problem in charging next time.

I left my ION Block Rocker turned on, and its battery was deeply discharged. So, I connected the charger and left it for 12 hours to revive the deeply discharged cell. You can also leave your speaker connected to the charger for at least 12 hours and see whether it’s started charging.

3. Try Another Charger

If your charging light is not glowing even if the charger is plugged in, it indicates a faulty charger. A defective, broken, or frayed charging cord is a major reason why an electronic device faces a charging problem.

Test the voltage and current output with a multimeter and match them with the rated output. If the multimeter voltage reading is less than the rated voltage, buy another charger for your speaker.

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4. Reset Your Speaker

A factory reset will delete all the stored data and restore your speaker to its default settings. Many times, resetting a Bluetooth speaker fixes the connectivity and charging problems. So, if you’re ION Bluetooth speaker is not charging, please reset it.

Follow these steps to reset ION portable speakers:

  • Unscrew the bottom panel with a Philip head screwdriver.
  • Pull out the battery from the cabinet.
  • Disconnect both terminal wires.
  • Wait 10 minutes and then press and hold the Play/Pause button for 5 seconds.
  • Reconnect the terminal wires and put them back into the cabinet.

Your ION Block Rocker has been reset to factory defaults. Now, connect the charger and see whether it’s charging. If not, follow the next solution.

5. Desulfate The Battery

ION Block Rocker has a lead-acid battery that goes bad if you leave the battery discharged for too long. A layer of lead sulfate crystals is formed around the battery electrodes, preventing them from taking charge. You can use a battery desulfator kit to revive a lead-acid battery.

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6. Replace The Battery

A lead-acid battery has a limited lifespan and degrades faster than lithium-ion batteries. Generally, a lead-acid battery lasts over a year, but it depends on how you use and recharge it.

If your ION speaker is over a year old and the battery life is reduced, you can replace the battery yourself. You can purchase a replacement 12V battery from Amazon.

7. Seek Professional Help

If you have tried everything, but your speaker is still not charging, please contact with ION customer support team. If your product is under warranty, the company will replace it for free. Go to the official website of ION Audio and create a support ticket.

Can You Replace The ION Portable Speaker Battery?

I don’t know which ION speaker you have, but outdoor party speakers like Block Rocker Plus/Max, Pathfinder, Trailblazer, etc., use a 12V lead-acid battery, which you can easily replace at home. Other compact Bluetooth speakers use lithium-ion batteries which require little experience for replacement.

How Do I Know If My ION Speaker Is Charging?

ION portable speakers have a charging indicator on the top. When the power cable is connected, movement of the top battery segment shows the battery is charging. When fully charged, all battery segments will be lit without blinking.

How Do I Reset ION Portable Speaker?

The process of resetting an ION portable speaker varies with models. Some ION portable speakers can be reset by pressing the Play/Pause button for 3 seconds, while other requires battery removal. So, refer to the user manual to understand the exact steps to reset your speaker.


I hope you found this guide helpful. If you follow these methods correctly, the battery charging problem will be fixed. However, some require battery and charger replacement. If your speaker is under warranty, please contact the customer support team.

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