Why is My iPad Battery Charging Slowly? -【6 Easy Fixes】

In this article, we will examine the iPad Battery Charging Slowly issue that has been frequently encountered in recent times and help you restore its functionality to the way it used to be. To solve the iPad Battery Charging Slowly problem, simply read our article in its entirety and follow the solutions step by step. Is your iPad battery charging slowly? I know it’s frustrating, but you can fix it easily.

I plugged in my iPad for more than 1.5 hours yesterday, but only 20% battery was charged.

I thought some hardware fault occurred, then I Googled and found that thousands of more iPad users had faced slow charging problems.

I found various reasons why the iPad battery charging slowly. Most of them can be fixed at home until there are some serious hardware faults like a broken/damaged charging port or faulty battery.

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Why is My iPad Charging Slowly?

iPad Battery Charging Slowly

The could be many reasons for an iPad battery charging slowly, but the most common reasons are a faulty adapter, broken charging cable, clogged or dirty lighting port, and buggy iOS.

You must follow these troubleshooting steps to fix the problem if you notice slow charging on an iPad.

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How I Fixed the Slow Charging Issue on My iPad 9th Generation?

These are the solutions that helped me to fix my iPad’s battery charging slowly. If you ever face a similar issue, you can try these too.

1- Restart iPad

iPad Battery Charging Slowly

This is the first and most basic solution to any problem on an iOS device. If your iPad battery charging slowly or running slowly, restarting could help to resolve the issue.

2- Check the Charging Cable and Adapter

iPad Battery Charging Slowly

A broken or frayed charging cable can also be the reason for an iPad battery to charge slowly.

Sometimes the problem lies in the adapter; it might not provide enough power to charge the iPad quickly.  Click on the link to buy an Apple Charger [Apple MFi Certified].

In that case, you can use another adapter or your MacBook USB port to charge your iPad. Click on the link to buy a [Apple MFi Certified] Charger USB.

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3- Clean the Charging Port

iPad Battery Charging Slowly

The charging port of an iPad can get clogged with dust and lint over time. If that happens, the dust inside the lighting port acts as an insulator, and your iPad starts charging slowly.

Use a toothpick or cotton swab to clean the charging port of your iPad. Ensure that you gently remove the debris; otherwise, port connectors could be damaged.

4- Charge with MacBook

Try charging your iPad with a MacBook to ensure that your power adapter is faulty. If it charges quickly, the problem is your iPad’s adapter.

But if charging remains slow, there might be an issue with your iPad’s battery or port.

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5- Update iPadOS Version

iPad Battery Charging Slowly

Sometimes a buggy iPadOS version can also cause various problems like a slow charging issue on an iPad.

To fix that, you need to update your iPad to the latest iPadOS version.

You can update your iPadOS from Settings> General> Software Update and install the pending updates.

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6- Use Original Apple Charger and Cable

iPad Battery Charging Slowly

You might be using a third-party charger or cable to charge your iPad, which can also be the reason for a slow charging issue.

So, use the original charger and cable that came with your iPad to see if it makes any difference.

If you are still using a non-MFI-certified charger to charge your iPad, stop doing that immediately, as it can damage your iPad’s battery in the long run. Click on the link to buy an Apple Charger [Apple MFi Certified].

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How can I make my iPad charge faster?

If you’re charging your iPad with an old 5W charger, it could be a reason for slow charging. Use the Apple 20W adapter to charge your iPad quickly.

Another reason for slow charging on an iPad can be a lot of running apps in the background. Click on the link to buy an Apple Charger [Apple MFi Certified].

So, close all the apps running in the background and see if it makes any difference.

How long should it take to charge an iPad?

It takes around 2 hours to charge an iPad from 0% to 100%. If your iPad is overheating, the processor will automatically slow the charging speed to save battery health.

You need to disconnect your iPad from the charger and leave it in front of the Air Conditioner for a few minutes to cool down.

Will the iPad charge faster if turned off?

Your iPad would charge at the same speed even if you turned it off. But, if it’s charging more slowly than normal speed, turning off your iPad will push all background app refresh and location services the battery will charge faster.

How many years does an iPad battery last?

If you’re a normal user, your iPad battery will last at least two years. However, if you follow some guidelines, you can extend an iPhone/iPad battery lifespan.


These were some solutions that helped me to fix the slow charging problem on my iPad. I hope these troubleshooting steps also work for you.

If nothing works, there might be some hardware fault with your iPad, and in that case, you should take it to the nearest Apple Care.

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