Why My iPad Won’t Charge Past 40%? – Causes & Fixes

Apple iPad is one of the most popular tablets on the market. Its sleek design, powerful performance, and wide range of features make it a favorite among consumers.

However, like all other electronic devices, iPads can experience problems from time to time. iPad battery charging issue is quite common.

Last night, I plugged into the charger and noticed that my iPad 9th generation was not charged fully.

Then I jumped to Google to find out if other iPad users were facing similar problems or if it was just happening to me.

Fortunately, I was not alone! Many other iPad users reported that – the iPad is not charging past 40% or charging stops at 80%.

I connected to the Apple support team to find out the reason. Finally, the issue was resolved after some troubleshooting.

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In this article, we will look at common reasons why this might happen, and I’ll provide some potential solutions.

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Why is My iPad Not Charging Past 40%?

iPad 9th gen charging

There could be many reasons why the iPad stops charging at 40% or 80%. The most common reasons are faulty batteries, overheating, outdated iPadOS, defective charging cables, or faulty power adapters.

There could also be other reasons, like faulty motherboards and other technical issues. But that’s rare, and you can not fix them yourself.

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1- Faulty Battery

iPad Battery
Image Credit: iFixit

A faulty battery is one of the most common reasons your iPad might not charge fully.

When the battery gets old, it doesn’t hold the charge as well as it used to. As a result, your iPad won’t charge past 40%.

Apple provides a built-in option to check battery health. You can follow these steps to check your iPad Battery Health, and if it’s below 70%, you may need battery replacement.

Steps to check for iPad battery health:

  • Go to the Apps menu and tap on Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on Battery.
  • Tap on Battery Health and ensure it’s more than 70%.

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2- Overheating

Overheating is another common reason why your iPad stops charging beyond 40% or 80%.

This is usually due to heavy use or leaving the iPad in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Apple introduced Optimised Battery Charging feature in iOS 13 or later and macOS Big Sur or later.

Optimized Battery Charging is enabled by default, which identifies your charging pattern to stop charging at 80% to extend the battery lifespan.

To fix this, make sure to keep the iPad in a cool, ventilated place when charging.

If the problem persists, take the iPad to an authorized service center for further assistance.

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3- Outdated Software

iPadOS Up to date

In rare cases, outdated software can cause the iPad to stop charging. This is usually because iPadOS is buggy, which creates problems in charging or causes overheating.

To fix this, simply update the iPadOS to the latest version and try charging again.

If that doesn’t work, take the iPad to an authorized service center for further assistance.

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4- Defective Charging Cable

Defective Apple Lightning Cable

Another possibility is that the charging cable is defective. This can happen if the cable is damaged or bent.

As a result, the charging process is interrupted, and the iPad doesn’t charge fully.

To fix this, try using a different charging cable. You can buy a new cable from the Apple Authorized Store or Amazon.

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5- Faulty Motherboard

In rare cases, the iPad’s motherboard can be faulty, which prevents the battery from charging correctly. This hardware issue can only be fixed by replacing the motherboard.

If you’re experiencing this problem, take the iPad to an authorized service center for further assistance.

Why is my iPad battery not fully charging?

Apple introduced Optimised Battery Charging in iOS 13 or later. It reads your charging pattern and stops charging at 80% to extend the battery lifespan.

Additionally, buggy software, faulty charging cable, and degraded battery life can prevent your iPad from charging fully.

How do I fully charge my iPad?

Let’s suppose you have to travel somewhere and want to charge your iPad fully; then, you can disable Optimised Battery Charging from settings to bypass the limitation.

Can you leave the iPad plugged in 24×7?

There is no harm in leaving your iPad plugged in overnight because the Apple Bionic chip is smart enough that cut off the supply once the battery is charged fully.

But, it’s not recommended to leave your iPad plugged in 24×7 because sudden voltage fluctuations can damage your iPad charger.

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These are some of the most common reasons why your iPad might not charge fully. You can disable the Optimised Battery Charging from settings to bypass the charging limitations. But, it’s recommended to keep it enabled for a longer lifespan.

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