How To Fix iPhone 8 Not Charging? – (8 Quick Fixes)

iPhone 8 was released in September 2017, but it still receives iOS updates and continues till 2022. Despite great build quality, many iPhone 8 users are facing charging issues.

If your iPhone 8 is not charging, you can try some common troubleshooting before taking it to an Apple service center.

There are several reasons why iPhone 8 won’t charge even if it’s plugged in. This tutorial will show all the possible fixes to resolve the charging issue on Apple’s iPhone 8 series.

Why is my iPhone 8 Not Charging?

iPhone 8 Not Charging Plugged In

The most common reason is broken or damaged lightning cables. However, this is not the only cause. An uncertified cable or power adapter can also prevent your iPhone from charging.

Here are five major reasons why an iPhone battery won’t charge even if plugged in:

  1. Damaged power adapter or lightning cable.
  2. High ambient temperature.
  3. Clogged or dirty charging port.
  4. An uncertified adapter or charging cable.
  5. Outdated buggy software.

How To Fix iPhone 8 Charging Issue?

You can solve the iPhone 8 charging issue yourself. If there is no liquid damage or fault with the motherboard, you don’t need to visit Apple care.

Follow these steps to fix the iPhone 8 charging issues:

1. Inspect Your Lightning Cable

Broken iPhone Charger

Apple strictly recommends using original accessories with iPhone. If your iPhone 8 is too old, it means your lightning cable is also.

Many users complain about the quality of the lightning cable, and it is the most vulnerable part.

The cable generally breaks off when you don’t handle it with care or pull it forcefully from the iPhone.

If you ever face a charging issue with your iPhone, the first thing you need to check is your lightning cable. If you notice any sign of damage, replace it and get a new MFI-certified cable.

In 85% of cases, iPhone charging issues will be resolved by just changing the lightning cable.

2. Use the Original Power Adapter

Original iPhone Charger

Apple’s iPhone 8 doesn’t support fast charging, and Android phone adapters are 15W or above.

Apple provides a 5W adapter with iPhone 8 box. That’s why your iPhone 8 charge slowly.

If you’re plugging iPhone 8 in a fast charging adapter, it’ll heat your phone, due to which your iPhone battery loses its capacity and it won’t charge.

3. Cool Down Your iPhone

iPhone Heatup

iPhone 8 runs on outdated hardware, and it heats a lot when playing graphics-oriented games or doing multi-tasking.

If your device is too hot, the processor drops the performance and kills charging activity to cool down.

If your iPhone is too hot, it won’t charge when you plug in the charger. You need to leave your iPhone for 30-50 minutes until its temperature drops.

You can leave your iPhone 8 in an open area with proper ventilation. Once it cools down, it will start charging without doing anything else.

4. Clean Lightning Connector

iPhone Port Cleaning

Debris from your jeans sometimes clogs the lightning port. If your lightning connector port is clogged with debris, your iPhone won’t charge when you plug it in.

Visually inspect your charging port and carefully remove the debris with a toothpick.

Do not use a SIM ejector or a metal wire to clean it because there will be chances of your phone being damaged.

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5. Update Latest iOS

iOS Update Notification

Apple provides long-term software updates to iPhones. Outdated software could be another reason why your iPhone 8 is not charging.

Go to Settings> About> Software Update> and Check for the Software update. Download and install the latest iOS version, and it’ll solve the changing issues.

iPhone 8 Not Charging After Water: How To Fix?

iPhone Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are IP67-rated. It means your iPhone is water and dust-resistant.

However, this condition won’t be permanent, and resistance decreases with time because of wear and tear.

If you accidentally drop your iPhone 8 in water, immediately shut down your phone and leave it in a dry place for 10-12 hours.

After drying it for 10-12 hours, plug in the charging cable and see if it charges or not. If not, it indicates some serious damage, and it’s time to take your phone to the Apple service center.

iPhone 8 Not Charging With Cable: How To Fix?

Does your iPhone 8 not charging with cable? First, ensure that you’re using an original or MFI-certified cable to charge your device.

Also, check if your adapter and power outlet are working. You can check it by plugging a different device into it.

iPhone 8 Not Charging Wirelessly: How To Fix?

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging

Many customers reported that- iPhone 8 is not charging wirelessly but charging with a cable. If you’re also facing the same issue with your device, then try these solutions:

  • Use original Apple wireless chargers or MFI-certified chargers.
  • Remove your iPhone case, and then try wireless charging.
  • Place your iPhone in the center of the charging pad.

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iPhone 8 Not Charging After Screen Replacement: How To Fix?

Have you gone for an aftermarket screen replacement for your iPhone 8, but it won’t charge? The fault could be from the motherboard.

If you’ve replaced your iPhone 8 screen from an authorized Apple care center, visit there with the invoice, and they’ll solve the issue.

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iPhone 8 is an old device but still running pretty smoothly. But, some users reported charging issues. You can try the solutions mentioned above to fix the charging issue of the iPhone 8.

Usually, you don’t need to visit the Apple care center if there is no serious damage. You can fix the issue yourself.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Do let me know in the comment box.

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