Why Does My iPhone Gets Hot While Charging?-【10 Easy Fixes】

The latest iPhones (13 and 14 series) come with an extremely powerful processor that handles multiple computations simultaneously.

When you run graphic-hungry tasks, your iPhone may feel warmer, and it’s normal.

But, if you notice your iPhone overheating while charging, it’s an alarming sign, and you shouldn’t ignore this completely.

Is your iPhone get hot when connected to the charger? It’s normal at a certain level.

In this guide, we’ll diagnose why your iPhone is getting hot while charging and what you can do to cool down.

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Is It Normal For iPhone To Get Hot While Charging?

iPhone 13 Pro

If your iPhone is getting warm, it’s normal up to a certain level, but if it’s too hot that it makes you uncomfortable to touch, something is wrong with the phone or charger. Immediately turn off the wall outlet switch and unplug your iPhone.

Excessive heat can decrease the li-ion battery life and increase the risk of explosion.

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Why Does My iPhone Overheat When Charging?

iPhone runs some apps in the background, and when you plug in the charger, the processor also needs to control battery charging speed.

Battery charging is a complex process because many chemical reactions happen during charging. The iPhone’s processor controls current flow at an optimized rate, giving the Li-ion battery an extended life. Hence, the extra load on the processor makes your iPhone hot while charging.

Here are some common reasons why your iPhone overheats while charging-

1- CPU Processing

A16 Bionic CPU

Although iOS is an optimized mobile operating system still, some system default apps keep running in the background to give accurate outputs.

Even if you receive a phone call, your processor does many computations in the background.

These processing tasks require energy from the battery, and during this, some amount of energy loss is possible (that’s the law of physics) that dissipates through your phone body.

If you’re using your iPhone while charging, more heat dissipates and makes your iPhone hot.

It’s better to avoid using your iPhone when connected to a charger.

2- Protective Case

iPhone in Armoured Case

If you think the metal body on iPhone is only for great build quality, then you’re partially incorrect.

Apple has designed the iPhone with stainless steel frame because it dissipates heat faster and keeps your motherboard cool from the inside.

Using a protective case of plastic or any non-conductive material prevents heat dissipation, and your iPhone will overheat when charging or playing heavy games for longer.

So, removing the case while charging your iPhone is recommended, and letting the heat dissipate faster.

3- Hot Weather

iPhone Get Hot

Climate conditions and ambient temperature also affect the temperature of the iPhone while charging.

If you were using your iPhone in direct sunlight and just connected the charger, your phone would heat up.

Also, if the inside room temperature is high or you charge your iPhone near any home appliance like a microwave oven or refrigerator, your phone will overheat.

So, it’s better to cool down your iPhone first and then connect it to a charger.

4- Poor Ventilation

iPhone Charging on Bed

Everyone makes the common mistake of plugging in the charger and leaving the iPhone on the bed, sofa, or pillow.

Your iPhone will not dissipate the heat properly, and heat accumulates inside. When you touch your iPhone, it will sometimes be unbearably hot.

So, never keep your iPhone on the bed or inside the pillow when connected to a charger.

Your iPhone may overheat, and the battery can explode if the temperature increases the safe levels.

5- Wrong Power Source

iPhone Charging with Powerbank

Apple recommends using the original power adapter and lightning cable that come in the box only for charging.

But, some people use third-party cables or any smartphone adapter to charge their iPhones.

If you’re also making the same mistake, then stop it today. The power rating of the iPhone is different than other smartphones and if you use the wrong power source, your iPhone may overheat and can be damaged.

6- Faulty Cable

Faulty iPhone Charger

A frayed or broken lightning cable is another common reason an iPhone gets hot while charging.

Have your inspected your lightning cable for any sign of damage? If not, unplug it immediately and inspect your cable right now.

If you notice any damage on the cable, replace it immediately and buy an original lightning cable from the Apple store or Amazon.

7- Moisture in Charging Port

iPhone Lightning Port

Did you try rain photography recently, or did you accidentally drop your iPhone in the water?

All the latest iPhones are water resistant, but moisture content in the lightning port could overheat your iPhone.

Generally, iPhone will send a liquid-detection alert if any moisture is there in the lightning port.

You can dry off the moisture with the help of a cotton swab. Read Apple’s official instructions on liquid detection here.

8- Outdated Software

iOS Update

If you haven’t updated your iOS or App Store apps for a long, it could also overheat your iPhone while charging.

Your iPhone does lots of background processing to function everything correctly. Outdated software puts extra load on the processor, which overheats your iPhone.

How To Keep Your iPhone Cool While Charging?

Now, you know the common reasons why an iPhone feels hot when charging.

It’s time to deal with high temperatures because they can degrade your battery health in the long run.

Here are some basic methods to keep your iPhone cool while charging-

1- Remove Case

If you’ve applied an armored case on your iPhone, it may prevent heat dissipation.

Generally, iPhone cases are made from plastic or silicon material which are an insulator of heat and electricity.

So, remove your iPhone from the armored case and then connect the charger.

The metal body of the iPhone will dissipate the heat fast and prevent your iPhone from overheating while charging.

2- Reduce Screen Brightness

Higher brightness consumes more power and releases more heat. So, keeping your iPhone’s screen brightness at a lower level if it’s overheating while using or charging is recommended.

3- Turn Off Background App Refresh

Many apps run in the background to send you notifications. Every time, your iPhone processor needs to work to run in the background.

If your phone has many apps installed, the processor needs to do more computation every time, reducing your battery life.

If your iPhone is getting unbearably hot, turn off the background app refresh from the settings. You can disable the account app refresh for all apps individually.

4- Enable Low Power Mode

Apple provides an option of Low Power Mode to extend battery life to increase battery life.

Low Power Mode disables all background app refresh and location services to increase battery life.

If your iPhone is getting hot while charging, you can enable Low Power Mode to keep it cool.

5- Update iOS and Apps

If any outdated app is available, it may overheat your iPhone. Also, sometimes buggy updates (I’ve experienced with iOS 14.5 and iOS 16) overheat your iPhone when connected to the charger.

So, it’s recommended to keep your iOS and apps updated.

6- Disable WiFi and 5G

The feature that uses radio signals like Wifi, Bluetooth, and Cellular regularly searches for nearby devices.

If you’re facing a heating problem with your iPhone while charging or gaming, it’s recommended to turn off Wifi, Bluetooth, and 5G if not necessary.

7- Clean Charging Port

A dirty charging port could also lead to an overheating problem. If your iPhone lightning port is dirty, clean it properly with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol.

I have written a detailed guide on iPhone charging port cleaning that you can read.

8- Change Your Charging Cable

If your lightning cable is damaged or frayed, it could also overheat your iPhone while charging.

You can buy an original charging cable from Apple’s website or Amazon.

9- Reset All Settings

If you have tried all the above solutions, but your iPhone still overheats while charging, Reset All Settings to resolve software-related problems.

Follow these steps to reset all settings on your iPhone-

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Scroll down and tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  4. Tap on Reset.
  5. Select Reset All Settings.

10- Get It Repaired

All minor problems will be resolved if you follow the above-mentioned solutions. But, if your iPhone still feels hot when charging, some hardware faults could occur.

Take your iPhone to the nearest Apple care for repair. They will diagnose the problem and repair your iPhone.

Why Does My iPhone 14 Get Hot When Charging?

iPhone 14 series comes with an Always On display which decreases battery health. If your iPhone gets hot when charging, enable Low Power Mode to fix the issue.

Why Does My iPhone 13 Get Hot When Charging?

A brighter screen and armored case are the major cause of overheating problems when charging. If your iPhone 13 gets hot when charging, take off the case while charging your phone.

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Why Does My iPhone 12 Get Hot During Charging?

Your iPhone 12 might feel hot while charging if you use a third-party cable or continue using your phone while charging. Also, if you’ve applied a case on your iPhone 12, it could lead to overheating.

Why Is My iPhone 11 Getting Hot While Charging?

If you have used your iPhone in direct sunlight for a prolonged, it may feel warmer when you connect it to a charger. First, cool your iPhone to room temperature before plugging in the charger.

What Is The Normal Temperature Range For Charging An iPhone?

The ideal temperature for charging an iPhone is 0°C to 35°C. If you use your iPhone below or above recommended temperature, you might face difficulty.

How To Determine When iPhone is Completely Charged?

If the battery icon increases to 100%, it means your iPhone is fully charged. Apple recommends charging your iPhone up to 80% for extended battery lifespan.

Does 20W Adapter Heat Up iPhone 12?

A recent iPhone supports 20W fast charging, but sometimes it may heat up your device. It’s normal for iPhone 12 to heat up with a 20W adapter. You can charge your iPhone in a well-ventilated area to keep it cool.

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It’s normal if your iPhone feels warmer when connected to a charger. But, if the temperature becomes unbearably hot, you should immediately remove the charger. Follow the above tips to keep your iPhone cool while charging.

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