Is It Okay To Keep iPhone On Low Power Mode All Time? – Explained!

The Low Power Mode pop-up appears when iPhone’s battery percentage drops below 20. It extends the battery life so that you can take important calls or messages when there is no charger.

You get extended battery life with Low Power Mode because it restricts various background activities and optimizes settings for extra backup.

When you connect your iPhone charger, Low Power Mode automatically turns off when the battery recharges more than 80 percent.

But is it okay to keep iPhone on Low Power Mode all the time? Is it bad for iPhone battery health in the long term?

There is no harm to battery health when you keep your iPhone in Low Power Mode all the time. But, it will affect your iPhone performance, and many apps will not work properly because it restricts the background app refresh and location services.

I’ll clarify everything in this guide if you have further questions about iPhone’s Low Power Mode.

What is Low Power Mode on iPhone?

iPhone Low Power Mode

Apple’s Low Power Mode is just similar to Andriod Battery Saver Mode. When your device runs low on power, you get a popup to enable Low Power Mode on your iPhone.

Enabling Low Power Mode on iPhone decreases the screen brightness, restricts location services, and disables background app refresh to extend the battery life.

It disables all power-hungry activities so that you don’t miss important calls when you’re not near a power source.

Here is what Low Power Mode does on iPhone-

  1. Disables Background App Refresh.
  2. Turn Off Location Services.
  3. Push Email Fetching.
  4. Stops iCloud Photos Syncing.
  5. Reduce Screen Brightness.
  6. Disable ProMotion.
  7. Cancels Automatic Downloads.
  8. Decreases Auto Lock Time To 30 Seconds.

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Is Low Power Mode bad for your iPhone?

Low Power Mode isn’t bad for your iPhone battery health, but it disables various features and functionality that you won’t enjoy when Low Power Mode is ON.

For example, low power mode disables the background app refresh; hence you may miss some important WhatsApp messages or email notifications.

Also, it turns off location services, which means you won’t get accurate weather updates and may face issues in map navigation.

You also face performance and smoothness issues on the latest iPhone lineup because the screen refresh rate drops to 60Hz only.

Can You Keep Your iPhone in Low Power Mode All The Time?

You can always keep your iPhone in Low Power Mode, but it’s not recommended.

The latest iPhone 13 and 14 lineups have ProMotion displays that smartly drop the refresh rate to 10Hz (on iPhone 13 Pro & Max)) and 1Hz (on iPhone 14 Pro & Max) when the screen is idle and goes up to 120Hz, depending upon the task being performed.

When Low Power Mode is turned on, the screen refresh rate is locked to 60Hz, and iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro series users may face reduced battery life.

Also, it’s not possible to keep Low Power Mode all time because the iPhone automatically turns off when the battery level exceeds 80 percent.

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How To Turn On Low Power Mode on iPhone?

iPhone Low Power Mode

When the battery percentage drops below 20, you’ll receive a popup on your iPhone screen to enable Low Power Mode.

However, if you’re outdoors and want to save battery for important tasks, you can enable Low Power Mode from the iPhone settings.

Here is how to enable Low Power Mode on iPhone-

1. Go to Settings

iPhone Settings

2. Scroll down and tap on Battery

iPhone Battery Settings

3. Toggle on Low Power Mode.

iPhone Low Power Mode On

When you turn on Low Power Mode, the battery icon will turns Yellow.

How To Add Low Power Mode To Your iPhone’s Control Center?

I recommend to keep Low Power On/OFF icon in your iPhone’s control center.

If you ever run out of power, simply swipe down the control center and enable Low Power Mode in one tap.

Low Power Mode iPhone

Here is how to add Low Power Mode to your iPhone’s control center-

1. Go to Settings

iPhone Settings

2. Scroll down and tap on Control Center

iPhone Control Center

3. Scroll down and tap on the + icon left to Low Power Mode

Add Low Power Mode in iPhone Control Center

4. Swipe down and tap on icon to enable/disable Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode in iPhone

You don’t need to go to battery settings to enable and disable Low Power mode. Drag the control center and tap on the Battery icon to quickly turn ON/OFF low power mode.

Is it bad to charge your iPhone in Low Power Mode?

When Low Power Mode is turned on, there is no harm in charging your iPhone. In fact, it will increase the charging speed by restricting background app refresh.

Once, your iPhone is charged beyond 80 percent, Low Power Mode will be automatically turned off, and your iPhone starts functioning normally.

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Does Low Power Mode Affect Battery Health?

No! Your iPhone’s battery health will not be affected by Low Power Mode. You can fearlessly use and charge your iPhone in Low Power Mode for extended battery backup.

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You can use and charge your iPhone in Low Power Mode. It won’t affect your battery health. However, some features will not work properly when Low Power Mode is enabled. Once you connect your iPhone to a charger and its battery percentage exceeds 80%, it will automatically turn off.

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