Why iPhone Touch Screen Not Working When Charging? – (6 Causes & Fixes)

Is your iPhone touch screen not working properly when connected to a charger?

Don’t worry; you can fix it yourself. I also faced the same issue last week on my iPhone 13 Pro. My iPhone touchscreen became unresponsive whenever I inserted a lightning cable to charge.

I searched on the Apple forum, and some users suggested updating iOS and trying a different power source.

But, the issue was resolved when I changed my power adapter. However, it’s not the only reason for the unresponsive touchscreen.

Read this guide to find out the major reasons why an iPhone display becomes unresponsive when connected to the charger.

Why is the iPhone Touchscreen Not Working When Charging?

iPhone Touch Screen Not Working When Charging

There are several reasons for an iPhone touch screen not responding when charging. It can be due to a problem with the power adapter, cable, power source, overheating, buggy iOS, or even the iPhone hardware itself.

How To Fix Unresponsive iPhone Touchscreen When Charging?

Before we see how to fix an unresponsive iPhone touchscreen, let’s check the basics first. First, ensure that you use an Apple-certified power adapter and cable.

Also, use the original ones that came with your iPhone. If you use a third-party charger or cable, your iPhone touchscreen will sometimes not work.

I was facing a problem due to a faulty adapter. When I replaced my adapter, the issue was resolved.

Follow these solutions if your iPhone display is unresponsive when plugged in-

1. Try a new adapter

Apple Power Adaptor

The most common reason is a faulty power adapter. Apple has designed iPhone to charge at a specific power rating only.

So, if you’re using an Android adapter to charge your iPhone, stop using it immediately and buy a new original iPhone adapter from the Apple store.

Because most Android adapters use high power output to charge your smartphone fast, but iPhone is rated for a 20W adapter only.

2. Try a new lightning cable

Inspect your lightning cable visually and try a different cable if you notice any sign of damage on the charging connector.

You can try another family member’s power adapters and cables to verify if the problem lies in it or somewhere else.

If your iPhone functions properly with another charger, buy a new set of lighting cables and an Apple 20W adapter from the Apple store.

3. Update iOS

iOS Update

Some users reported an unresponsive iPhone 13 Pro Max screen on iOS 15. But, Apple released an update, and the issue was resolved.

So, if you’re still using outdated software, I recommend updating your iPhone to the latest iOS version, as it comes with several bug fixes and new features.

To update iOS, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If an update is available, download and install it on your iPhone.

4. Cool down your iPhone

iPhone Temperature Warning

Overheating is one of the reasons your iPhone touch screen becomes unresponsive when charging.

So, if your iPhone feels warm to the touch, disconnect it from the charger and let it cool down for some time.

If you use your iPhone while charging, the battery will drain faster, and your phone will heat up quickly.

So, avoid using resource-intensive apps or games while charging your iPhone.

5. Check for water damage

iPhone Liquid Warning

If you’ve dropped your iPhone in water, there is a high chance that the touchscreen is not working because of water damage.

So, turn off your iPhone and place it horizontally in a dry place for at least 6 hours. If the issue is not resolved, take it to the nearest Apple store, and they will help you fix it.

6. Factory reset

iPhone Reset

A software glitch can also make your iPhone touchscreen unresponsive when charging.

So, if nothing else works, you should factory reset your iPhone to fix the problem.

However, before resetting your iPhone, make sure to back up all your data, as it will be erased after the reset.

To factory reset your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings and then enter the screen lock password.

Your iPhone may restart several times during a factory reset, so don’t worry if it happens.

7- Contact Apple support

If your iPhone touchscreen is still not working after trying all the solutions, there might be a hardware issue, and you will have to get it repaired from the nearest Apple store.

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Why does the iPhone screen not work when charging?

Your iPhone screen may not work when connected to a charger because of disruption in the capacitive field between your finger and the phone’s screen. It may take earthing if you’re standing on the ground without footwear.

Why does my charger make my iPhone glitch?

A damaged or faulty charger can make your iPhone screen glitch. If you use an Android charger to charge your iPhone, you may face several glitches, as the iPhone is rated for a 20W adapter only.

Why shouldn’t you use your phone while charging?

Using your phone while charging can affect the battery’s health and cause your phone to heat up quickly. So, avoiding using resource-intensive apps or games while charging your iPhone is best.


You can try these solutions if your iPhone touchscreen is not working when charging. Charging an iPhone with an original Apple charger and lightning cable is better.

Mine was resolved when I tried a different adapter. If you’re still facing the issue, contact Apple support, and they will help you fix it.

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