Why is My iPhone not Charging

Almost every one of us came across the breakdown of mobile technology. When the defects are detected immediately, there is a chance to turn in the equipment on a warranty. But most of the failures are found later.

One of the most common problems is associated with the battery charge. Apple device owners keep wondering why iPhone is not charging, although until recently everything was fine. Here is what can be happening and this is what you can do.

Check The Charger
When charging any iPhone, you should immediately check the battery charger is working. To do this, you need to find another iPhone and connect the same charger to it. A successful start of charging indicates that the charger is OK.

Hence, the problem is with the iPhone itself – it must be taken to the service, where it will be examined by specialists. But if the other iPhone is not charging either, then the issue is with the charger. Grab your purse or wallet and go to the nearest Apple store to buy a new charger.

Check The Wire
Also, if your iPhone is not charging it makes sense to check the integrity of the charger wire. It is possible that the problem is exactly there and buying a new wire will be cheaper than buying a new charger.

You can use a computer with iTunes to check the integrity of the wire. If the cable is intact, iTunes will detect the connected device.

When buying a wire or a charger, give preference to the original accessories – so you will get rid of the problems with charging the battery. In addition, the service life of original accessories is incommensurably higher.

Check The Battery
You already know what to do if the iPhone is not charging – you need to check the charger and do not forget to check the wire. And what if the iPhone is not charging, but shows that it is charging? Here are the possible causes of the malfunction:

• The battery life was exhausted

• The charger is broken

• Chain control circuit has failed

If the iPhone shows that the charge is on, but the battery can not replenish the power supply, try to turn off the iPhone and charge it during the night. There is a possibility that the battery will recover its functions a little. If this does not happen, contact the service center to replace the battery.

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