Why is My iPhone not Charging?

Almost every one of us came across the breakdown of mobile technology. When the defects are detected immediately, there is a chance to turn in the equipment on a warranty. But most of the failures are found later.

One of the most common problems is associated with the battery charge. Apple device owners keep wondering why iPhone is not charging, although until recently everything was fine.

Briefly, here are the possible causes of the malfunction:

• The charger is broken
• The power source is not working
• iPhone charging port has defected
• iPhone software prevents from charging
• The battery life is exhausted

Here is what can be happening, and this is what you can do.

Check the Charger Adaptor

When charging an iPhone, you should check the battery charger adaptor is working. To do this, you need to find another iPhone and connect the same charger plug to it. A successful start of charging indicates that the charger is OK.

If the other iPhone is not charging either, then the issue is with the charger. It can be the adaptor itself or the wire cable.

Check the Wire Cable

Also, if your iPhone is not charging it makes sense to check the integrity of the charger wire. iPhone cables become flippy after its many uses. It is possible that the problem is precisely there and buying a new wire will be cheaper than buying a new charger.

You can use a computer with iTunes to check the integrity of the wire. If the cable is intact, iTunes will detect the connected device.

If it doesn’t happen, grab your wallet and go to the nearest Apple store to buy a new charger.

When buying a wire or a charger, give preference to the original certified accessories – it will be pricey, but you will get rid of the problems with charging the battery. Besides, the service life of original accessories is incommensurably higher.

If you own iPhone 8 or higher you might be trying to charge it wirelessly. Make sure you use Qi-Enabled charger, you removed the phone case, and there is nothing that interferes the charging process.

Check the Power Outlet

There might be a problem with the wall outlet or with a charging station you use as a source of energy for your iPhone.

First of all, try to find another outlet or unplug electric devices from the outlet you want to use. Other gadgets powered up and working might be a good sign that this exact outlet is just fine.

Sometimes cheap electronics plugged in the power source prevent charging your iPhone or significantly slow down the speed it takes to get fully charged. Needless to say, it can severely damage your iPhone battery and even cause a fire.

Always use reliable charging stations, especially when you are in a public space or in a taxi. Plug USB cable carefully and immediately stop charging once you detect problems with the gear.

iPhone Software

Latest versions of iPhone software do a great job identifying whether it is safe to charge the phone. If there are power fluctuations in the circuit, iOS will not allow your iPhone to charge.

If you connect your iPhone with the accessory and the device shows that it does not support it, try to use another charger. As a protective measure iOS won’t let you use uncertified accessories.

Sometimes it happens your iPhone freezes on a black screen unresponsive. In this case, you won’t see a sign that it is connected to power source.

It means your phone software crashed when your screen was off, and you just need to restart your iPhone.

For iPhones older than 6S try to press and hold the power button and the Home button simultaneously for about 15-20 seconds. Apple logo should appear on the screen, then you can release the buttons and plug the charging cable.

For iPhone 8 and latest models press quickly Volume up button, then Volume down button, then after hold the power button (side button for iPhone X) until Apple logo appears on the screen. It might take up to 20 seconds or more. Be patient.

In order not to lose iPhone data be sure to back up your phone in iCloud or use professional iOS recovery system to prevent data loss.

Check the Battery

You already know what to do if the iPhone is not charging – you need to check the charger and do not forget to check the wire. And what if the iPhone is not charging, but shows that it is charging?

If the iPhone shows that the charge is on, but the battery cannot replenish the power supply, try to turn off the iPhone and charge it during the night. There is a possibility that the battery will recover its functions a little.

If it does not help, you should visit an Apple Store service center where it will be examined by specialists or contact third-party repair services to recover your iPhone and save money too.