Is It Okay To Use an iPad While Charging?

So, you’re taking important notes or drawing something, and your iPad Battery Low popup appears on the screen. We have recently looked into an issue that many users have been facing use an iPad While Charging. In order to resolve the use an iPad While Charging issue, simply follow the step-by-step solutions we have provided for your device experiencing this problem.

You connect your iPad to the charger, and one question strikes your mind- can I use an iPad while charging?

We’ll answer everything in detail. Read this guide…

Use an iPad While Charging

Is it Okay to use an iPad while charging?

It depends on what you’re doing on your iPad. If you’re editing videos or watching movies at 100% screen brightness, your iPad will overheat if you continue using it on the charger.

Overheating is bad for battery health. Hence it’s not recommended to use your iPad while charging. But if you’ve to take some important notes, you can definitely use it while connected to a charger.

Can you play games on an iPad while charging?

iPad Gaming when Charging

It’s not safe to play games on an iPad while it’s connected to a charger. Because your iPad will overheat and reduce battery health.

Better remove the armored case from the iPad when connected to the charger. Armored case traps heat inside, which harms your battery health in the long run. Click the buy a iPad Charger, [Apple MFI Certified].

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Can you watch Netflix on the iPad while charging?

Watching Netflix on iPad While Charging

It’s not recommended to watch Netflix when your iPad’s battery is low and connected to a charger. Watching movies at higher screen brightness will heat your iPad, which is not good for Li-Ion batteries.

What are the dangers of using an iPad while charging?

There is no danger in using your iPad while connected to a charger. You can continue using your iPad when connected to a charger.

But if it’s overheating, you better take off the case and stop using your iPad.

You can also disconnect the charger if it’s unbearably hot. Once it cools down, connect the charger.

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What to Do If iPad is Overheating While Charging?

Heat is not good for Li-ion batteries. It loses its capacity when exposed to a hot environment for longer. The acceptable temperature range for lithium-ion batteries is between -20°C to 60°C [study report].

If your iPad is overheating, indirectly, it’s affecting the battery’s health. Apple recommends avoiding exposing your device to ambient temperatures higher than 35°C. Click the buy a iPad Charger, [Apple MFI Certified].

Here is how you can keep your iPad cool down when charging-

1. Use MFI-certified Accessories

Apple 20W Power Adapter

Apple recommends using MFI-certified accessories only with iPads and iPhones.

If you’re using an Android adapter or third-party charging cable to charge your iPad, you may face an overheating issue. Click the buy a iPad Charger, [Apple MFI Certified].

It’s better to use Apple’s 20W adapter and original charging cable to charge your iPad.

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2. Reduce Screen Brightness

iPad screens consume the highest battery, and if you’re using it at the highest brightness, then you might face overheating issues.

It’s better to enable Auto-Brightness or reduce the screen brightness while charging your iPad.

3. Stop Using Your iPad While Charging

We often keep watching movies or playing games when the iPad is charging.

iPad processors already handling lots of processing while charging. If you do graphic or CPU-hungry tasks, your iPad will overheat.

It’s better to charge your iPad in the power-off condition. It’ll increase the charging speed and also prevent overheating due to excessive load on the CPU.

4. Remove Armored Case

An armored case prevents your iPad from accidental damage, but it also prevents heat dissipation.

The heat trapped in the armored case will overheat your iPad. So, it’s better to remove the case when charging your iPad.

5. Charge At Cool Ambient

If you charge your iPad near any kitchen appliance, you may notice an overheating problem.

Ensure that you’re charging your iPad in a cool environment with proper air ventilation.

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There is no harm in using your iPad while charging. But, ensure that it’s not overheating. If you play games while your iPad is charging, you may face an overheating issue.

Overheating kills the lithium-ion battery health in the long run. The acceptable temperature for a Li-Ion battery is less than 60°C (140°F). But, Apple recommends up to 35°C (95°F) for optimum health.

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