Is It Okay To Use Laptop While Charging?

I was working on my laptop yesterday, and the “Low Battery” notification suddenly popped up. I was doing an important job, so I simply connected my charger and finished the job.

But one query strikes me: Is it okay to use a laptop while charging? I searched this over the internet and didn’t find any accurate answer.

Some say that using a laptop while charging will damage the battery health, while others believe there is no harm to battery health because the laptop stops taking electricity once fully charged.

I did in-depth research to find out the genuine answer to this question. If you’re also confused about whether using your laptop when plugged in is bad for battery health, read this guide.

Is it Bad to Use Laptop While Charging?

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There is no harm in using your laptop while charging unless it’s overheating. It’s often noticed that a laptop slightly heats up when the charger is connected.

It happens because your processor handles many tasks to provide the correct voltage to li-ion cells.

This processing load increases the CPU temperature, and the cooling fan automatically starts to cool down. Hence your laptop feels warm.

If you’re doing light work, you have no issue using your laptop connected to a charger. But if you’re doing video editing, playing games, or doing any graphics-hungry task, your laptop will overheat, which is bad for lithium-ion battery health.

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Does using a laptop while charging affect battery life?

You don’t need to worry because using a laptop while charging doesn’t affect battery life. However, your battery will charge slowly because the processor already consumes some of the power.

All modern laptops have built-in hardware that cuts off the power supply to prevent overcharging the lithium-ion battery.

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Does using a laptop while charging cause cancer?

A common myth among people is that using a laptop while charging causes cancer, but there is no scientific evidence to establish any link between using a laptop and cancer. Read this report on

Is it Okay to use MacBook while charging?

Apple introduced Optimised Battery Charging feature in macOS Big Sur. This feature reads your charging pattern and automatically turns off battery charging once it reaches 80%.

MacBook Optimised Battery Charging

This feature extends the battery health and won’t harm your MacBook even if you keep your charger connected all the time.

Is it Okay to use an HP laptop when connected to the charger?

There is no issue in keeping your laptop’s charger connected while using your HP laptop. The internal hardware prevents the lithium-ion batteries from overcharging.

However, suppose you’re doing graphics-oriented tasks like video editing or gaming. In that case, keeping your charger plugged in is not advisable because your laptop may overheat while handling multiple processing threads.

It’s better to disconnect your charger and place your laptop on a cooling pad to maintain the temperature.

HP Battery Check App

You can download HP Battery Check software on your laptop to monitor your battery health.

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Is it Okay to use a Dell laptop while charging?

Yes, you can continue working on your Dell laptop even if it’s connected to a charger. But if you feel your laptop is unbearably hot, unplug the charger and restart your laptop.

If that doesn’t fix overheating problem, remove the battery from your laptop and continue working on the AC adapter power.

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Is it Okay to use the Asus laptop while charging?

It’s completely safe to use an Asus laptop while it’s charging. You may face slow charging because your laptop processor will consume part power.

Asus Battery Health Charging App

You can download Asus Battery Health Charging software on your laptop and set it on Balanced Mode or Maximum Lifespan Mode for extended battery health.

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Can I keep my laptop plugged in all the time?

You can keep your laptop plugged in when you’re working, but leaving it plugged in overnight is not advisable.

When you continue working on your laptop, the power controller shuts off the battery power, and your laptop runs on the AC adapter power, which doesn’t harm your battery health.

But, when you leave your laptop plugged in overnight, the battery discharges and recharges multiple times, reducing the battery lifespan.


You can fearlessly continue working on your laptop even if the charger is connected. It won’t harm your battery health and doesn’t cause any radiation. However, your laptop may take extra time to charge fully because your processor is consuming some power.

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