How To Fix Jabra Elite 65T Not Charging? – 5 Easy Fixes!

Are you facing a problem where your Jabra Elite 65T won’t charge? Have no idea how to fix it? This is the complete guide for you to fix the issue.

Listening to music and watching our favorite web series is our favorite pastime. 

After completing all the stressful work in the office and returning home, and sitting down to enjoy your favorite pastime, only to discover that the Jabra Elite 65T is not charging

You don’t know what to do and are feeling clueless. Your mind is asking questions like why is this happening?

What can be done to fix it? But worry not; these are frequently asked questions. Let’s dig into it!

Why is my Jabra Elite 65T Not Charging?

Jabra Elite 65T

There are numerous possibilities for why your Jabra Elite 65T is not charging. Some of the matters that one can face are listed here:

  • There is some fault in the battery of the headset.
  • It has not been charged for a long time.
  • There can be some trouble with the charging dock.
  • The charging cables may be damaged.

What are the causes and solutions to the problems?

If you can rectify the reasons why your Jabra earbuds won’t charge, then it becomes easy to fix the issue.

Some of the possible causes and their solutions are mentioned below:

Faulty Battery

Over time the batteries degrade in quality. They work perfectly for approximately two to three years.

If your earbuds are that old and are not charging, it can explain why it isn’t charging.

It also depends on the earbuds and how frequently you use the headset. If you use the headset frequently, this might not be the issue.

In that case, it’s time to get Jabra 85T with great sound quality and longer battery life.

The Case is Fully Discharged

It is recommended to leave the battery with a minimum amount of charge (it’s recommended to keep your case battery percentage minimum of 30%).

Batteries left with absolutely no charge for a considerable amount of time will stop working.

It is best to keep your Jabra Elite 65T charged so that you do not face the issue of an unwanted battery discharge.

Due to the battery being left without charging for a long time, an unwanted chemical reaction occurs within a battery that damages the battery’s ability to recharge.

Faulty Cable

With constant use, the cables become faulty and may show some issues. Sometimes headphones do not take charge as there is some damage to the cables.

They are constantly pulling and twisting on the charging cables. Damage inside the wires is created due to this tension. This difficulty can be solved by changing the wires.

Problem with Charging Pins

The problem may lie with the charging pins as well. Often they will not recede and retract as they get stiff and old in the case to connect with the earbuds. 

Buildup can also form around the charging pins, which causes the connection to falter.

How To Fix Jabra Earbuds Charging Issue?

Now that we have narrowed it down to a few possible reasons, here are some fixes that one can do to resolve this problem:

Fix #1: Hard Reset

If the LED light on the charging case does not light up when put to charging, one can resort to the old technique of resetting. If there are minor issues, you can solve them.

  1. Firstly, open the charging case and keep it open.
  2. Then attach the charging case to the power source using the USB cable.
  3. The firmware for charging will restart.

Fix #2: Charge Case without Earbuds

This is a solution that has resolved the problem of many users. It may not work for all, but it is definitely worth a shot.

  1. Plug the charger into the case.
  2. Then remove the AirPods from their case.
  3. Keep the lid open and keep it plugged in for one or three hours.
  4. Unplug the charging cables.
  5. Remember to close the case once before placing the earbuds back into it.

Many users can solve their problems through this.

Fix #3: Charge via Power Outlet

Sometimes charging via a USB port does not show results. It is then recommendable to charge it using a power outlet.

  1. Firstly, remove the Jabra Elite from USB charging.
  2. Then plug in the charger directly to the wall.

Fix #4: Replace Charging Cable

Charging cables are easily breakable on the inside, even if it does not show any wear and tear outside. Loose ports can also cause such issues.

  1. Firstly, unplug the charger from the device and outlet.
  2. Then change the cables and plug them again.
  3. Check for any loose or faulty connection prior to connecting it to the outlet.
  4. Also, check if the earbuds are lined up properly or not.


Above are some options to use when your Jabra Elite 65T is not willing to charge. It is advisable first to see the source of the problem and then fix it accordingly.

It is recommended to try out the solution from top to bottom, i.e., the easiest first. Undoubtedly one of the fixes should solve your problem so that you can relax.

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