How To Fix Jabra Elite 75t Not Charging? – 5 Fixes!

AirPods are one of the most common types of headphones that have recently become a necessity and are used by many people around us. Jabra Elite 75T AirPods is a very advantageous product with its developing technology and price. However, as with every technological device, the Jabra Elite 75t Not Charging problem was communicated to our support unit by many users.

The charging problems experienced by users brought to mind the problem of why the Jabra Elite 75T not charging. In this article for you, we examined the JAbra Elite 75T not charging problem and shared our answers for how to solve the JAbra Elite 75T not charging problem. Let’s examine the JAbra Elite 75T not charging problem and apply the solutions together.

How To Fix Jabra Elite 75t Not Charging?

If your Jabra Elite 75t earbud isn’t charging, try the following methods to fix it.

1. Clean Metal Contacts

Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds Metal Contacts

Headphones like the Jabra Elite 75T use pins to charge the battery. However, these pins can lose their conductivity over time by being affected by various environmental factors such as dust and dirt, which causes us to experience the problem of Jabra Elite 75T not charging. This problem is a problem that is ignored but we can encounter in all technological devices, you can wipe the pins with the help of an alcoholic cloth and check your Jabra Elite 75T device again and solve the problem.

Jabra Elite 75t Case Metal Pins

2. Update Firmware

Jabra Elite 75t Firmware Update
Credit: Gogi Tech

The Jabra Elite 75t regularly upgrade their cats and improve their firmware to improve the sound quality of the headphones and fix any issues. They also fix any issues with each software update. If you are experiencing Jabra Elite 75T not charging, you should check for updates.

Check for firmware updates on your phone from the Jabra Sound+ app and install them from the Jabra Sound+ app.

3. Reset Jabra Earbuds

Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds

Resetting the earbuds to factory settings will fix any software bugs on your device. For this reason, if your Jabra Elite 75T is not charging, then try resetting your device.

Let’s take a look at how we can reset our Jabra Elite 75T:

  • Take your Jabra Elite 75T headphones out of the case and turn them on
  • Press and hold both earbuds for approximately 12 seconds until the purple LED flashes on your Jabra Elite 75T
  • Place both earbuds in the large box and close the lid.
  • Go to the smartphone to which your Jabra Elite 75T is connected, go to Bluetooth settings, and remove the Jabra Elite 75T from the device list
  • Open the cover and connect the Jabra Elite 75T with your smartphone.

Check if the Jabra Elite 75T not charging issue is resolved after following the remedies above

4. Reset Jabra Case

Jabra Elite 75t Case Reset

If we’ve finished resetting our headphones and you still haven’t solved the Jabra Elite 75T charging problem, we can solve the Jabra Elite 75T not charging problem by resetting our Jabra case.

  • Open the charging case and leave the case open
  • Charge the charging case with an original USB cable
  • Wait 10-12 seconds until the charging case firmware restarts

That’s all you need to do, you have managed to reset your Jabra license. (Official Website)

5. Contact the Support Team

If you are experiencing a Jabra Elite 75T not charging problem despite applying all the solutions above. There may be a problem with the Jabra Elite 75T factory settings, in which case you can contact Jabra support and return your product

How Do I Know If My Jabra 75t Is Charging?

If your Jabra Elite 75T is not charging, your device may have a problem with the charger. Jabra Elite 75T has LED indicators that flash white LED color if your charging case is not connected correctly. You can solve the Jabra Elite 75T not charging problem by buying a new charger

How Long Does It Take For Jabra Elite 75t To Charge?

The Jabra Elite 75t battery has a 500 mAh battery that takes approximately 2 hours to fully recharge via USB cable. Charging wirelessly can take 2.5 to 3 hours (depending on the wattage of the wireless charger).

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Can You Overcharge Jabra Elite 75t?

The Jabra Elite 75T has an overcharge protection circuit that prevents the battery from overcharging. Keeping your Jabra Elite 75T case plugged in all the time will reduce battery life.

How Do I Manually Turn On My Jabra Elite 75t?

After you take your earbuds out of the case, the connection with the newly connected, smartphone will happen automatically. In case the connection fails, you can manually turn on the Jabra Elite 75t by pressing and holding the buttons on both earbuds for 2 seconds. The LED indicator will flash green when the earbuds are turned on.

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How Do I Check the Battery On Jabra Elite Case?

There are two methods to check the battery percentage of the Jabra Elite 75T headphones and cases. First, pair the Jabra Elite 75T headphones with your smartphone and install the Jabra Sound+ app to check the battery percentage and fine-tune the music.

Also, the LED indicator on the side of the case will show the battery percentage of your case. A green light indicates when the battery is fully charged, while red indicates when the battery is low.

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