How To Keep iPhone Battery Health At 100?- 10 Easy Tips!

When you buy a new iPhone, you get 100% battery health. But, slowly, the battery health decreases as Li-ion loses its capacity.

The resale value of the iPhone depends upon its battery health. More battery health attracts buyers, and they pay more.

So, millions of iPhone users wanted to know- how to keep iPhone battery health at 100.


It’s impossible to maintain your iPhone battery health at 100 always because lithium-ion batteries lose their capacity according to the charge cycle.

We can not change the law of physics.

But you can do a few things to keep your iPhone battery at 100 for a longer period.

If you follow these tips regularly, your iPhone battery health will degrade slowly.

With these tips, I maintained my iPhone 13 Pro battery health at 100 for approx one year.

10 Tips To Keep iPhone Battery Health At 100

If you want to prolong the battery lifespan of your iPhone, then you have to keep a few things in your mind.

Follow these tips to keep your iPhone battery health at 100 for more than a year:

1- Prevent Overheating

iPhone Temperature Warning

Heat is the biggest enemy of Li-Ion batteries. If you want to keep your iPhone battery health at 100 for a prolonged period, make sure your phone is not overheating when using or charging.

So, always charge and use your iPhone in a cool environment. Never charge your iPhone near any kitchen or home appliance.

2- Keep Your iOS Updated

iOS Update

Apple frequently pushes iOS updates to fix bugs and improve performance. So, always keep your iOS updated to the latest version. These updates regulate your iPhone charging speeds and prevent overheating.

3- Enable Optimised Battery Charging

iPhone Optimised Battery Charging Feature

Apple added a great feature, ‘Optimised Battery Charging,’ in iOS 13 or later. It reads your charging pattern and optimizes your iPhone for a longer battery lifespan.

I always keep this feature enabled on my iPhone 13 Pro, and even after one year, battery health only drops 1%.

You can enable Optimised Battery Charging in your iPhone’s battery settings. For more information, read this detailed guide.

4- Don’t Fully Charge Or Discharge

Do not charge your iPhone to 100% every time because the battery loses its capacity when fully charged.

Also, never discharge your iPhone completely because it degrades battery health.

Apple recommends charging your iPhone when the battery level reaches 20% and disconnecting the charger when the battery is charged to 80%.

5- Turn Off the Background App Refresh

iPhone Background App Refresh

By default, Background App Refresh is enabled for all apps. It allows apps to run in the background and fetches the latest information every time.

Some apps unnecessarily run in the background and drain the battery life. You can turn off the background app refresh for individual apps or turn it off for all apps.

This will prevent the battery drain issue and extend the life for a prolonged period.

6- Turn On Low Power Mode

iPhone Low Power Mode

If your iPhone battery is low, it’s better to turn on Low Power Mode. This mode will stop all the background app refresh and location services to give extended battery life.

7- Use an Original Apple Adapter

Apple Power Adaptor

If you’re using an Android charger or any third-party charger, then it’ll degrade your battery health.

For better battery life and a longer lifespan, charging your iPhone with Apple’s original power adapter is always recommended.

8- Remove the Case When Charging

iPhone dissipates heat when connected to the charger. Apple designed the iPhone chassis with metal to dissipate heat faster and keep the battery at normal temperature.

If you put silicon or any other material case, the heat won’t dissipate properly, and your iPhone will generate heat inside.

As a result, your iPhone battery health will degrade over time. So, always remove the case when you’re charging your iPhone.

9- Avoid Wireless Charging

iPhone XS on Wireless Charger

iPhone supports wireless charging for a tangle-free charging experience. But it is not recommended to charge your iPhone wirelessly every time because it degrades battery life.

Wireless charging works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Although it’s convenient to use, it generates heat on the backside of smartphones.

Heat is not good for Li-ion batteries, and ultimately your iPhone battery loses its capacity.

So, if you want to keep your iPhone battery health at 100, then never charge your device wirelessly.

10- Use Dark Mode

iPhone Dark Mode

Most of the battery power is consumed by phone screens. But, power consumption can be reduced by decreasing the screen’s brightness.

Apple added the Dark Mode feature in your iPhone’s Display and Brightness setting. You can enable Dark Mode to reduce battery consumption.


These tips you can follow to keep your iPhone battery health at 100 even after one year.

I followed them, and my iPhone 13 Pro battery health only dropped 1% by the end of one year.

Always use an Apple Original charger (5W will be best) to charge your iPhone, and avoid wireless charging and playing heavy games continuously.

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