How To Fix Kurdene Earbuds Not Charging? – 6 Fixes!

Kurdene is a truly wireless earbud that works on advanced Bluetooth 5.2. It looks very stylish and comfortable on the ear. That’s why thousands of customers reviewed five stars on Amazon.

However, some customers reported that- the Kurdene earbuds were not charging when plugged in.

It could be due to many reasons. If you’ve also bought Kurdene wireless earbuds from Amazon and facing charging problems, this guide is for you.

Why Are Kurdene Earbuds Not Charging?

Kurdene Wireless Earbuds

The most common reason is that the earbuds are not properly placed in the charging case. We generally don’t pay attention when placing the earbuds in the charging case, due to which charging pins on the earbuds don’t attach to the charging pin in the case.

There could be many other reasons why your Kurdene wireless earbuds are not charging.

Let’s find out the possible reasons and their solutions.

  1. Earbuds Not Placed Properly (Most Common Reason)
  2. The Case is Not Charged
  3. Dirty Charging Case
  4. Faulty Charging Cable
  5. Outdated Firmware

How To Fix Kurdene Wireless Earbuds Not Charging?

Let’s find out how to solve the Kurdene earbuds won’t charge:

1. Place Earbuds Properly

First, you must ensure that you have properly placed earbuds in the charging case. If you don’t place your earbuds carefully in the case, the earbuds charging pins are not attached to the pins in the charging case.

Once you’ve placed it properly, then wait to charge your earbuds fully. The Kurdene wireless earbuds charging time is approximately two hours.

2. Fully Charge Your Case

If you got your Kurdene wireless earbuds today and found that the earbuds are not charging, then connect your case to the charger. It’s possible that your charging case battery is completely drained, so your earbuds are not charging in the case.

3. Clean Your Earbuds & Case

Whenever we put the earbuds in our ear canal, it gets sweaty and oily because of sebum released by the skin. It attracts environmental dust and creates an insulative layer around the earbuds charging pin.

Similarly, our charging case also attracts dust from the environment or our jeans and forms an insulative layer. Due to this layer of dust, electricity doesn’t flow, and earbuds won’t charge.

You should clean your earbuds and charging case with isopropyl alcohol and soft fabric or cotton cloth. This will fix the not charging issue on any earbuds.

4. Inspect Your Charging Cable

It’s always recommended to use the original charging cable provided by the brand and avoid using fast-charging bricks to charge your earbuds. Also, visually inspect your charging cable to replace it if you find any sign of damage.

5. Update Firmware

Kurdene releases firmware updates for earbuds, and keeping your firmware up-to-date is recommended. The developers fix any bugs reported by customers and improve the audio experience. You can read the Kurdene wireless earbuds manual to know how to update the firmware.

6. Reset Kurdene Wireless Earbuds

A factory reset can fix the charging and connectivity issues. If none of the above solutions works, it’s time to reset your Kurdene earbuds.

If you don’t know the process of Kurdene wireless earbuds factory reset, then the process is given below:

  1. Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings.
  2. Disconnect and remove the Kurdene earbuds from the device list.
  3. Remove both earbuds from the case.
  4. Press and hold on to the top of both earbuds for 15 seconds.
  5. Release and put it in the case.
  6. Now press and hold again for 3 seconds to turn on the buds.
  7. Go to your Bluetooth settings and connect again.
  8. Enter 0000 PIN when asked to pair.


A factory reset fixes the charging and connecting problems of truly wireless earbuds. You can follow the above steps to fix the charging issue. If none of the above-mentioned solutions works, your piece is defective and needs to be replaced. You can raise the replacement request on the official website of Kurdene.

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