How To Fix Laptop Battery Not Charging? (Dell, HP, Acer, etc.)

Have you ever faced- your laptop battery not charging even when plugged into a power source?

It affects your daily task, but it can be resolved easily. We shall discuss the various troubleshooting methods to solve the charging problem of Windows laptops.

We all are in a generational progress world where a laptop can do wonders.

The portability that it offers is just amazing, but if, for some reason, the charging doesn’t work, it shall raise problems, isn’t it?

So, let’s look at how the below-mentioned top brand’s laptop not charging issues can be fixed.

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Why is my Laptop Battery Not Charging?

Laptop Battery Not Charging

If your Windows laptop battery is not charging when plugged in, it doesn’t mean your machine is useless now.

It’s a common issue that many laptop users face worldwide. Even Macbook owners also face charging issues sometimes.

But, It can be easily fixed at home without going to the brand’s service center.

There are several reasons why a laptop battery is plugged in but not charging, and some of them are listed below:

  • An outdated/corrupted power module driver.
  • Broken or damaged charging cable.
  • Faulty power adapter.
  • Your laptop is too hot.
  • Outdated BIOS.
  • A serious issue with the motherboard.

Dell Laptop Battery Not Charging: How To Fix?

Dell Laptop

Dell Laptops are handy, and their physical components are reliable. But if, for some reason, the Dell laptop is not charging, then don’t worry.

We catered some fixes to help you get these from charging again.

1. Reset the AC power module

First, power off your laptop, and remove the battery (if removable). If it’s not removable, just shut down your Dell laptop.

Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds and then release it; this will help to reset the residual power module in your laptop.

2. Check the power socket and connection

Hopefully, if your power surge is working fine, maybe it is the issue with the power socket.

Cross-check to see if the power socket is perfectly intact and the connection port is connected properly. This matters as sometimes we may not have plugged it in properly.

3. Check the battery drivers

Apparently, your battery drivers may either need an update or they may not be installed properly.

Even though this can be a physical issue, it is better to check the software. This will give us clarity on the issue on a long-term basis.

Go to Dell’s official website, search for your model number and then look for battery drivers.

Uninstall the older drivers and then install the new ones.

The battery drivers may then let the hardware respond to the internal software, and charging may start.

4. Change the adapter

Try to take up another adapter from an official vendor and try charging again. In rare cases, the issue may be due to the adapter.

5. Take it to the Dell service center

Dell provides carry-in and on-site diagnosis. If your laptop is still under warranty period, you can book a technician to visit your place.

On-site (doorstep) diagnosis and repair may take some time, so I recommend you take your laptop to the nearest Dell service center. They’ll fully diagnose your machine and fix the charging issue.

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HP Laptop Not Charging: How To Fix?

HP Laptop

HP has been a leading laptop vendor around the world. The trust you attest to in the company must be intact, isn’t it?

So here are some workarounds that will help you charge your HP laptop again. We have got you some easy fixes for HP laptop charging issues.

1. Power cord issues

Due to several reasons, when you open your HP box and try to charge your laptop, the power surge will not work fine.

This can be due to the power cord not working properly. So, ensure that the 2-in-1 piece AC adapter works fine. The power cord needs to be recognizing the power.

2. Software malfunction

The internal software sometimes plays the game of not allowing the battery to give appropriate charging.

This is possible due to software malfunction, etc. So make sure your laptop has the latest drivers installed.

3. Change the power adapter

If the problem persists, do not worry. First, try to change the charging adapter to a new one.

If still, the problem persists, contact the customer service center and ask them to change the battery.

They may replace it with a new one; this will allow you to have a genuine working battery.

4. Let your laptop cool down

Sometimes with loads of work on you, it would be difficult for the battery to recognize the charging status.

This can also be a cause of overheating and, indeed, drop-down issues. So we recommend putting your HP laptop on sleep mode and letting it rest for some time.

Lenovo Laptop Not Charging: How To Fix?

Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo is trying its best to compete against industry-standard laptops and other equipment.

They are possibly trying to become the best, and with their recent launches, it is clear that they are ready to be another industry leader very soon.

But due to any issue, if your Lenovo Laptop is not charging, then don’t worry; you may just have to follow our guide below to fix it.

1. Troubleshoot hardware issue

We cannot just dive into the conclusion of what may have happened to your laptop.

That’s why it is better that you cross-check various points, such as checking your charging cable and port.

Check if your AC Adapter is well and fine. Ensure that the power surge is smooth and is not interrupted.

2. Power reset your laptop

Maybe there is some internal issue that is causing the issue. That’s why we have to power reset the Lenovo Laptop.

To do so, first, turn off the laptop, unplug the charging, and remove the battery.

Hold the power button for 20 seconds; this will break the power connection if any of it is still there.

Now clean your battery, plug it in, and plug in the power cable as well. Now try to charge your laptop.

3. Re-install or update the battery drivers

There is one of the other updates that come a long time. This is what keeps technology alive.

Go to your settings, and check if any update is required (check battery drivers).

If there isn’t any, go to Lenovo’s official website, and re-install the battery drivers. Finally, restart your laptop to let the device recognize the changes.

Acer Laptop Not Charging: How To Fix?

Acer Laptop

Acer is surely acting to be one of the best laptop providers. We do not neglect the fact that our gaming laptops of Acer are just awesome.

If you have an Acer laptop and, for some reason, it isn’t charging, then you are at the right place.

Let’s try some easy troubleshooting methods to fix this charging issue.

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1. Update BIOS

Go to settings, search for msinfo32 and record your bios number along with the last updated date.

Head to support and check if any available update is pending for your bios. If there is any bios update pending, proceed by updating it.

2. Reset the power module

Sometimes both hardware and software play an important role in malfunctioning your device features.

To reset your power module, unplug the charging port, remove the battery, press the power button for 20 seconds and finally plug in the battery and charging AC adapter.

This may reset your power module and allow the power surge to return.

Asus Laptop Not Charging: How To Fix?

Asus Laptop

Well, Asus is the leading PC brand for gaming. They’ve powerful PC components for gaming and other heavy computing tasks.

The laptops of Asus are heavily built-in; you can ensure the service from the Asus center is just amazing.

The quality is maintained and tackled directly by experts. But if, for some reason, the Asus laptop charging isn’t working, then don’t worry. We will guide you through the issue.

1. Update the battery drivers

Firstly, go and check if there are any pending updates on the battery drivers. Update them and restart your laptop; it may fix this issue.

2. Check the power surge and adapter

Look at the power surge supply and ensure a power supply is going on. Ensure that your adapter is tightly attached to all loose ends and the power adapter is plugged in properly.

3. Reset the battery

We have to remove all the residual power from the laptop to reset the battery. Simply remove the battery, plug off the charging port, and hold the power button for 20 seconds; now put back the battery, plug in the charging, and that’s it.


Our main focus is to help you work around any issue that is caused by your battery and charging.

Almost all the models or company brands have similar fixes. So please follow them carefully.

Share your feedback if you have any other positive workaround, and we shall look forward to updating it.

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