Lenovo Laptop Not Charging: How To Fix?

Lenovo is a well-known laptop brand that provides powerful Windows laptops at competitive pricing.

Whether you want a slim and lightweight notebook or a powerful gaming laptop, Lenovo has a wide collection in every category.

The battery is a very important part of any laptop. It stores and provides power for other elements of the system.

Since the ’90s, most laptops have typically used lithium of lithium-ion batteries.

Before 90’s most laptop’s were using lead-acid or non-rechargeable batteries, but now most of them have shifted.

Working on the battery in a proper way is very important. All the time, nobody stays with their power supply.

There can be many reasons responsible for laptops battery not charging. In this article, we are going to discuss some of them and their solutions.

Why is my Lenovo Laptop Not Charging?

Lenovo Laptop

Some of the main reasons for not working battery are-

1. Old Battery

In most cases, this is the main issue responsible for not working the battery properly.

The average life of the battery is 3-5 years. After this period battery starts creating problems, but in some high-quality laptops, the average battery life can be greater than 5 years. So always we aware of this.

2. External Reasons

In the process of charging the battery, there are not just battery and power-source works. There are many other components.

For charging a laptop, working these components together is very important.

There can be problems with the cord. So check if the white indicator is working or not. If it is not glowing, then there can be a problem with the cord.

3. Charger

It may also be a problem. The charger also has many parts. And if even one part will disturb, it can be a reason for not charging of laptop.

4. Settings

Proper Windows settings are very important for getting the best from the system.

There can be many problems due to not proper window settings. Be on the lookout for potentially troubling battery settings.

These can include settings that cause the computer to shut down at a low level or that trigger sleep mode when you shut the lid or are inactive for a few minutes.

Anything that would make your computer turn off and therefore mimic a battery failure should be adjusted.

How To Fix a Lenovo Laptop that Won’t Charge?

There are some solutions to problems related to laptop charging-


Battery-related problems are major reasons for the not working properly of laptop.

So to solve this problem, you have to change your battery 4-5 after and always use a battery from the same company that has your system.

Also, focus on the charging of the battery. Don’t put on charging after 100% of charging.

Performance Check

To get the best from anything, we must have to analyze its performance of it.

Also, in the case of the battery, we must have to check the performance of the battery on time.

You can check your system’s information by the given method-

  • Press the Windows key + X key at the same time
  • Select Windows Powershell (Admin) when it pops up
  • Click yes when prompted to give permission to make changes to your device
  • You will see a small black pop-up window; type “powercfg/battery report/output “C\battery-report.HTML” on the first available line and click the Enter key.
  • Some text will display, and then you’ll see a path to where you can find the report
  • Close the window.
  • Check for the report’s location by using File Explorer. It might be on the Desktop or in your Documents folder.
  • The report is a browser file, such as Chrome or Internet Explorer. Click the file to open in a browser window. 

This will give you given information about your system-

  • Battery capacity.
  • Battery life estimation.
  • And the performance of the battery.


Sometimes, people unintentionally click some buttons that can slow down the performance and reduce the capacity of the battery, which in turn does not charge the laptop.

So time to time, check your settings. Always put perfect settings for your system.

It will give the best for your system. for it you can take help to your system’s company.

Contact To Service Center

After applying all the above solutions, if your laptop is still not charging, then contact the Lenovo support center immediately.

There may be some internal issues due to which your laptop is not charging and showing some issues.


This article has covered major problems and solutions due to which Lenovo laptops sometimes do not get charged.

We hope that you loved working around fixing the issues that concerned you about the Lenovo laptop. It is what regularly happens, and we know you may hate it.

Do not worry; it is just something that you want to come out of without making major concern issues in your laptop.

Share your feedback and let us know if the above fixes helped you. We would be glad to hear from you.

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