Nintendo Switch Not Charging: How To Fix? (Easy Methods)

Are you facing issues with your newly bought Nintendo? You’re not alone! Do not get stressed if your Nintendo Switch won’t charge. It can be fixed easily.

The Nintendo Switch gaming console is not perfect like other hardware and software devices. It also has some loopholes and lacunas.

Several issues might occur with your Nintendo switch. For example, at some point, it won’t work, or it will not turn on. There are instances where Nintendo Switch does not charge either.

We are here to resolve the Nintendo switch charging issue. From now onwards, it will not give you headaches.

Read this seven steps guide to fix the Nintendo Switch not charging issue.

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How To Solve Nintendo Switch Not Charging Issue?

Nintendo Switch

We are introducing the best hacks to solve your Nintendo switch not charging issue without any further delay.

1. Plug in and charge up

Yes, it might sound strange to you, but keep the faith, and it might work. Sometimes, the Nintendo Switch is not charged enough, but it shows that it has some battery, so give it a try.

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2. Switch Hard reset

You may go for the hard reset option if your Nintendo Switch is still not charging. Resetting your gaming console can fix lots of software glitches that you’re facing.

To reset your Nintendo Switch, you will have to follow these steps:

Step- #1: Look for the power button on the top of the console.

Step- #2: Press and hold it for a fraction of a second.

Step- #3: Now, press it again. Check if this hack worked or not.

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3. Use a Standard Nintendo Adapter

We know that it might sound fundamental to you, but it works wonders.

It may be possible that you are using an unofficial or non-standard charging adapter or cable to charge your Nintendo Switch.

You need to replace it with the genuine and standard one for positive results. It will also improve the battery performance and overall life.

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4. Check for the USB pin

The risk might be from a deformed USB port or pin. It might be bent or damaged due to frequent use. Check the adapter cable. See if it is not torn up or damaged.

If you find anything damaged in the adapter, you will need to buy a new one. Please do not use a damaged charging cable or adapter, as it may damage your Nintendo motherboard.

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5. Clean your USB port

When you have not used your Nintendo switch for months, there is a good probability of it(port) getting dusty.

You should follow the below-mentioned methods to clean the USB port:

  1. Take a clean earbud or a q-tip and dust out the dirt accumulated outside the port.
  2. If you see more dust and dirt, take out another clean cotton earbud and clean it carefully.
  3. Now plug in your charger to see if it is charging or not.

6. Separate the Joy-Cons

This method might look odd, but it saves the day. Follow the below-mentioned steps and see the miracle happening in front of your eyes:

  1. Remove both the joy-cons from the Nintendo switch.
  2. Your Nintendo Switch will turn off.
  3. Next, you need to plug in the USB Type-C cable and then charge it without connecting the joy cons.
  4. Now your Nintendo Switch will start charging. If it does not begin to charge, you will have to go to customer support.

7. Call Nintendo Customer support

If you have tried everything that is mentioned above, then we recommend you to call Nintendo Customer Care Service, which is located in Japan.

They will resolve your charging issue by repairing the Nintendo switch.

Note- Instructions are given by Customer Care Services that you need to charge the Nintendo switch at least twice a year. If you have not plugged it into the charger for half a year, it might not charge.

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All the hacks mentioned above are life-saving hacks, and on the other hand, these are low-tech, and anyone having little to no knowledge of technology can do this on their own.

We hope that your Nintendo charging issue has been resolved successfully. Now, you can use it to play your favorite games all day.

Also, do not forget to charge it once a month, or you will have to buy a new Nintendo switch.

Clean its port regularly and do not use a third-party adapter. Use of standard charging cable and adapter is highly recommended.

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