How To Fix Nothing Ear (1) Buds Not Charging? – 6 Fixes!

The unique transparent design and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) at budget-friendly pricing of Nothing Ear (1) wireless buds grabbed the attention of tech enthusiasts.

In a very short period, it has gained immense popularity and become one of the best alternatives to Apple AirPods.

But, hundreds of customers reported charging issues with Nothing Ear 1 wireless buds.

If Nothing Ear 1 buds are not charging in the charging case, it can be fixed easily. In this guide, we shall look step-by-step process to fix the issues.

Why is my Nothing Ear 1 Not Charging?

Nothing Ear 1 Earbuds

There could be many reasons why your Nothing Ear 1 bud is not charging, but the most common reasons are the low battery percentage of the charging case and dirty charging pins.

Outdated buggy firmware, dirty charging pins, and minor software glitches can also stop earbuds from charging.

How to Fix Nothing Ear 1 Not Charging Issue?

If Nothing Ear 1 is not charging, don’t worry- you’re not alone. Let’s troubleshoot the issue and fix the charging issue of Nothing wireless earbuds-

1. Fully charge your case

The charging case powers the earbuds, but sometimes, the battery level on the charging case itself is low and won’t charge the earbuds.

So, check if the charging case has a sufficient battery or not. If the charging case battery is low (a red led will appear), charge it first and then try to put the earbuds back in the case.

If your Nothing Ear 1 charging case is not charging, read this guide to fix it.

2. Clean your charging case

The second step is to check whether the charging pins of Nothing Ear 1 earbuds or the charging case are dirty. If they are dirty, then clean them with a dry cotton swab or any soft cloth.

3. Close the lid properly

The third step is to check the battery percentage of the earbuds. If it’s below 10%, put the earbuds back in the case and let it charge for some time. It may take approximately 1 hour to charge your earbuds.

Also, place the earbuds properly in the case and close the lid. Put both earbuds individually, and when you place them in the charging case, a green led will blink.

4. Factory Reset

If none of the above solutions work, factory reset your Nothing Ear 1 earbud. Factory reset will restore your Nothing Earbuds to their original condition and fixes the pairing and charging issue.

To do that, put both earbuds in the charging case. Now, open the lid and press and hold the button on the charging case for 10 seconds. Once the led glows White, leave the button.

After that, remove the earbuds from the case and put them back in. Now, try to charge them and see if the problem is solved.

5. Update firmware

Buggy firmware is another cause that contributes to pairing and charging issues. Nothing Tech regularly releases firmware to fix the bugs.

If you haven’t updated your Nothing Ear 1 firmware yet, please update to the latest version.

How To Update Nothing Ear 1 Firmware?

Follow these steps to update Nothing Ear (1) firmware on iOS-

Step #1- Connect Nothing Ear (1)

If your iPhone is not connected to Nothing Ear (1), put both earbuds in the case and open the lid.

Now press and hold the setup button on the charging case for 3 seconds, and the led will turn white.

Step #2- Go to Bluetooth Settings

Nothing Ear 1

Open Bluetooth Settings in your iPhone and connect with Nothing ear (1) from the device list.

If you cannot pair, please tap the Info icon right after Nothing ear (1), forget the device, and then pair again.

Step #3- Install ear (1) App

ear (1) app

Open App Store on your iOS, search for ear (1) app by Nothing Technology Limited and install it on your device.

Step #4- Open ear (1) App

Nothing Ear (1) App

Go to the apps list and open ear (1) app. You’ll be asked to connect with Nothing Ear (1); please follow the on-screen instructions.

Step #5- Check Firmware Update

Nothing Earbuds Firmware Update

Navigate to settings from the top-right corner and tap on Firmware Update. If any update is available, a notification message will appear.

Step #6- Update the Firmware

Download Firmware

Read the firmware details and tap on Download and Install. You’ll be asked to confirm your earbuds are at least 10% charged.

Confirm Update

Tap on Confirm and wait for a few minutes until the firmware update is installed on your Nothing Ear (1).

Firmware Update in Progress

After updating the firmware, place the earbuds in the case and close the lid. Now, insert a USB type-C charging cable into the charging port and leave it for 30 minutes.

Firmware Update Successful

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my Nothing Ear 1 is fully charged?

Once the earbuds are placed in the charging case and the lid is closed, a green LED will blink. This means your earbuds are charging. Once the earbuds are fully charged, the LED will turn solid green.

What is the minimum charge required to use my Nothing Ear 1?

Charging your earbuds for at least 20 minutes before using them is recommended. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) works effectively when earbuds are charged above 40%.

How do I check the battery level of my Nothing Ear 1 earbud?

The battery level of your earbuds will be displayed on your phone screen once you open the lid of the charging case. Alternatively, you can also check the battery level in the ear (1) app.

How long does it take to charge my Nothing Ear 1 earbud fully?

It takes approximately 1.5 hours to charge your earbuds from 0% to 100% fully.

What is the maximum playtime of my Nothing Ear 1 earbud?

The earbuds can last up to 4 hours on a single charge with ANC ON. The charging case allows you up to 16 hours of total playtime.


These are some simple steps that you can follow to fix the charging issues of the Nothing Ear 1 earbud. I hope that this guide was helpful and your earbuds are charging now. If your Nothing Ear 1 bud is still not charging, contact the Nothing support team for replacement.

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