Nothing Ear (1) Case Not Charging? – Try These 4 Easy Fixes!

In this article, we will examine the Nothing Ear (1) Case Not Charging issue that has been frequently encountered in recent times and help you restore its functionality to the way it used to be. To solve the Nothing Ear (1) Case Not Charging problem, simply read our article in its entirety and follow the solutions step by step. Nothing Ear (1) is the most popular earbuds after Apple AirPods. Its unique transparent design grabbed lots of media attention.

Carl Pei is the founder of Nothing Ear (1). He’s the same person who founded the OnePlus smartphone.

A few weeks ago, I plugged my Nothing Ear (1) case with my charger and noticed that the light was not glowing. I worried and searched for solutions on the internet.

I didn’t find any satisfactory solution. Later, I followed a few steps, and the charging light started glowing.

If your Nothing Ear (1) Case is not charging then, read this guide. I’ll share a few tips to fix the issue.

Nothing Ear 1 Not Charging

Why Nothing Ear (1) Case Not Charging?

Nothing Ear (1) Case Not Charging

There is no specific answer to this query. There could be many reasons causing the issue. It could be your faulty charging cable, faulty power adaptor, faulty case port, etc.

We shall discuss all the possibilities in this guide. Later, I’ll share the issue that happened with my Nothing Ear (1) TWS and how I resolved that.

Nothing Ear (1) Case Not Charging- How To Fix?

My Nothing Ear (1) case was not charging a few months ago. I pressed near the LED light, and my Nothing Ear 1 charging light started glowing. In my case, there was some issue with the charging indicator only.

However, if your Nothing Ear 1 case is not charging, then follow these steps-

1. Check USB Cable

First, check your USB cable if your TWS case is not charging. You have to ensure that the USB cable is not damaged or defective.

You can inspect it carefully and replace it if you notice any damage. You can check with your Phone USB cable and see if it works.

Nothing Ear (1) supports wireless charging too. So, if you have a wireless charger at home, you can try that. Click on the link to buy a new USB

Nothing Ear (1) Case Not Charging

2. Check the Case Charging Port

Secondly, inspect your USB type C port and make sure that it’s clean. If you notice any dust particles inside, clean it with a soft cloth and toothpick.

The dust particles or debris accumulation insulates the electricity flow. Due to this, the case of earbuds not charging. You should clean your charging port after every 4-6 weeks. Click on the link to buy a new multi-USB.

3. Faulty Power Adaptor

If your Nothing Ear 1 case is not charging with the original charging cable, check your power adaptor too. Nothing Ear (1) charge with any normal 5W to 15W power adaptor.

Make sure your adaptor is good by connecting any other device with it. If the issue persists with the adaptor, replace it and get a new one. Click on the link to buy a charger.

4. Reset Nothing Ear (1)

If none of the above methods works, you can reset your Nothing Ear (1).

How To Reset Nothing Ear (1)?

Follow these steps to reset Nothing Ear (1)-

  • Remove the charging cable from the case.
  • Place both earbuds in the case.
  • Close the lid.
  • Press and hold the case button for 30 seconds.
  • Now go to your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings.
  • Click on the More Info icon.
  • Tap on Forget This Device and tap again to confirm.
  • Now pair the earbuds again with your smartphone.

Note– The case button is located near the USB port.


I’ve mentioned various DIY tips to fix Nothing Ear 1 not charging. If none of the above solutions works, please contact the customer support team and get it replaced/repaired at the service center.

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