How To Fix Occiam Earbuds Not Charging? – 5 Fixes!

I bought Occiam T17 wireless earbuds because of their stylish design. The LEDs in the case indicate the battery percentage and charging status for the left and right earbuds. Yesterday, my left Occiam earbud suddenly stopped charging. Fortunately, I found some easy methods to fix the charging issues.

Are your Occiam earbuds not charging in the case? It’s a common issue that many other customers reported. Please don’t panic; you can fix that.

In this guide, I’ll explain step-by-step processes to fix the Occiam wireless earbuds charging problem.

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Occiam Earbuds

Why Are My Occiam Earbuds Not Charging?

You must understand why wireless earbuds won’t charge in the case. The most common reasons are improper placement of earbuds and wax buildup around the charging pins (metal contacts). In both, the metal contacts don’t connect with the charging pins of the case, and the current won’t flow.

The metal contacts are located on the side of your ear. So, whenever you do workouts wearing your earbuds, your body sweat combines with air dust and forms an insulative layer on the charging pins. As a result, your earbuds won’t charge.

Several other reasons, like dirty charging cases, outdated firmware, faulty batteries, and manufacturing defects, prevent your wireless earbuds from charging.

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How To Fix Occiam Earbuds That Is Not Charging?

You know all the possible reasons why wireless earbuds won’t charge. Let’s have a look at various methods to fix the charging problem-

1. Place Earbuds Carefully

Occiam Earbuds In Case

The design of Occiam earbuds is quite bulky, and it doesn’t fit if you blindly throw them into the case. People often don’t pay attention while placing their earbuds in the case. In such conditions, the earbuds don’t attach to the charging pins in the case. As a result, your earbuds won’t charge.

If your Occiam earbuds are not charging, remove them and place them carefully again. While placing the earbuds into the case, please ensure you’ve selected the correct slots.

2. Clean The Metal Contacts

Occiam Earbuds Metal Contact

If your right or left Occiam wireless earbuds are not charging, it could be due to wax buildup on the metal contacts of the earbuds or the charging case.

To fix this, you need to break the wax build-up. Take a few drops of isopropyl alcohol on a microfibre cloth and rub it on the metal contacts of your left and right Occiam earbuds.

Occiam Case Charging Pins

Also, clean the charging pins on the case where your earbuds connect. After cleaning the metal contacts of your earbuds and charging case, please wait 2 to 3 minutes to evaporate the alcohol, then place them back into the case.

3. Charge Your Case

Occiam Charging Case

Occiam earbuds case has an LED screen showing the case’s battery percentage. If your charging case has a low battery (below 30%), please insert a USB type C cable and charge it for at least 80%.

You can place your earbuds in the charging case and insert the USB-C charger to revive the dead earbuds. Leave it connected for at least 2 hours until your case is fully charged.

Most probably, your Occiam earbuds will start charging again. My left earbud charging problem was fixed with this method.

4. Reset Your Earbuds

Occiam Earbuds Reset

Sometimes, software bugs also prevent your earbuds from charging. A factory reset will fix all minor software bugs and restore your earbuds to their original condition.

Follow these steps to reset your Occiam T17 earbuds:

  • Go to your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings.
  • Unpair and forget Occiam earbuds from the device list.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth.
  • Press the silver button on each Occiam earbud four times (4 times on the left and right earbuds).

Your Occiam earbuds have been successfully restored to factory defaults. Now, go to your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings and pair it again.

5. Contact Customer Support

Have you tried all the above methods, but your occiam earbuds are still not charging? It’s a sign of major hardware faults. Either your earbud’s battery has been depleted, or the charging circuit has gone bad.

Please get in touch with customer support for a warranty claim. You can visit the for customer support and warranty claim.

Email Address (for USA customers):


I hope you found this guide helpful. My left earbud started charging again when I cleaned the metal contacts and left them connected to the charger for 2 hours. You can also try this. If nothing helps, please contact Occian earbuds customer support for a warranty claim.

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