How To Fix Onn Earbuds Not Charging? – 5 Fixes!

A few months back, I went to a Walmart warehouse and found Onn wireless earbuds that look similar to AirPods. When I checked the price, I was surprised as it was way cheaper than Apple AirPods. I thought to give it a try because it only costs $16.

This product, which impressed me with its price, presented a battery problem common in all technological devices. In this article, I share tips on the charging issue of the product Onn Earbuds Not Charging and how to charge the product Onn Earbuds Not Charging. Follow the tips in case Onn Earbuds Not Charging and apply our steps one by one.

I was excited to check the sound quality and features, so I unboxed that in the car and paired it with my iPhone 13 Pro. The sound quality and active noise cancellation (ANC) were pretty decent for the cost.

The Onn Groove wireless earbuds give 3 hours of playtime, which can be extended up to 15 hours with the case. But, recently, I found that my left Onn earbud stopped charging and pairing.

I searched on Google and found many customers are facing charging problems with their Onn wireless earbuds. As a tech enthusiast, I tried troubleshooting the issue and fixed it.

So, why won’t Onn earbuds charge? The most common reasons why Onn earbuds (left or right) face charging problems are improper contacts between charging pins, a layer of dust blocking the current flow, the charging case being sufficiently charged, or there could be software bugs.

How To Fix Onn Earbuds Charging Problem?

Here I will share various methods to fix the Onn earbuds not charging problem. I’m sure this guide will be helpful for you.

1. Insert The Earbuds Properly

Onn Earbuds

The design of Onn earbuds is a bit complex, and they won’t easily fit in the case. So, while placing them in the case, you must take extra care to ensure that you’ve placed left and right earbuds in the appropriate cavity.

The first and foremost troubleshooting you should do is to remove both earbuds from the case and insert them properly. This will fix the charging problem without much hassle.

2. Clean The Metal Contacts

Onn Earbuds Metal Contacts

If you inspect your Onn wireless earbuds, you’ll find two small metal pins on the tip of the earbuds. These metal pins connect with the charging pins in the case.

Due to the regular use of earbuds, a layer of wax (oil and dirt) is formed around the metal contacts. Because of wax buildup, electric current doesn’t flow from the case to the earbuds.

I had this problem with my Onn earbuds and cleaned the metal contacts with isopropyl alcohol, a toothpick, and a microfibre cloth. After cleaning the metal contacts, my left Onn earbuds started charging.

Note– Generally, the wax buildup is transparent and isn’t visible. So, you should break the wax buildup with isopropyl alcohol and a toothpick, then wipe everything with a microfiber cloth.

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3. Clean The Charging Case

Onn Earbuds Case

The shape of the charging case is a bit complex, attracting dust and debris from the environment.

If any dust or debris is present in the case will stop the earbuds from charging. So, thoroughly clean the case of the earbuds with a Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol to fix the issue.

4. Fully Charge The Case

Onn earbuds provide 3 hours of playtime which can be extended up to 15 hours. This means your case can charge your earbuds four times.

If you’ve already charged your earbuds three to four times, then the battery of the case is already discharged.

So, you better fully charge your Onn earbuds case with a USB-C cable or a wireless charging pad.

5. Reset Onn Wireless Earbuds

Sometimes software bugs create problems in pairing and charging that can be fixed by resetting the earbuds.

A factory reset will restore your earbuds to their original condition, fixing all minor software bugs.

Here’s how to reset Onn wireless earbuds-

  • Insert both earbuds into the case and open the lid.
  • Now, tap and hold both earbuds until a red light flashes.
  • Take both earbuds out of the case and place them back.
  • Keep the lid open and pair them with your smartphone.

That’s all. Your Onn wireless earbuds have been factory reset.

How To Fix Onn Earbuds Case Not Charging?

Some Onn earbuds users reported charging problems with the case. If your Onn Earbuds Not Charging, then follow these steps:

1. Clean The Charging Port

If your Onn Earbuds Not Charging, then inspect the charging port. If the port is clogged with debris, then unclog it with the help of a toothpick.

After unclogging the debris, clean the charging port with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab.

2. Replace The Charging Cable

Onn Groove provides a USB-A to USB-C cable for charging the earbud’s case. Because of frequent usage, the charging cable gets frayed over time and doesn’t function.

So, if your charging cable is damaged, replace it to fix the charging problem. You can use your smartphone charging cable to charge your Onn earbud case. Click the buy a new charger.

3. Try A Different Adapter

If your power adapter is faulty, it won’t charge your earbud’s case. You can try a new power adapter to fix the issue.

4. Change The Wall Outlet

Sometimes a faulty wall adapter could be another reason why your earbud’s case doesn’t charge. Try a different wall outlet to fix this problem. Click the buy a new charger.

5. Try A New Power Source

If you’ve changed your power adapter and wall outlet, but your case is still not charging, try a different power source, like a computer USB hub or a power bank.

You can also try the Onn wireless charger to fix the issue. If nothing works, it means your case is faulty, and you can replace it. Contact Onn customer support along with the original invoice to claim the warranty. Click the buy a new charger.

How Long Do Onn Wireless Earbuds Last?

Onn wireless earbuds have a 25 mAh rechargeable battery that lasts 3 hours with ANC. A charging case can extend the battery life up to 15 hours.

How Long Do Onn Earbuds Takes To Charge?

The wireless earbuds with 25 mAh take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to be charged from 0 to 100. However, the charging case has a 350 mAh battery that takes approximately 35 to 45 minutes to charge fully.

Why Are My Onn Earbuds Flashing Red?

If your Onn earbuds are flashing red, it means they have a low battery and should be charged. Once your earbuds flash red, place them in the case and connect them to the charger.


The earbuds mostly don’t charge because of dirt accumulation on the metal contacts, and the case doesn’t take charge due to clogging of the charging port. So, clean your earbuds with and case to fix the problem.

Contact Walmart with the original invoice if nothing works to claim the warranty.

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