What is Optimised Battery Charging on iPhone? – Explained

The average battery lifespan for any Android smartphone is two years, but that’s not the case with iPhone.

An iPhone battery lasts more than three years with a much smaller battery capacity.

Have you ever wondered why an iPhone battery lasts longer despite less battery capacity?

It’s because of the great optimization of iOS. Apple introduced Optimised Battery Charging feature in iOS 13.

This feature reads your charging, uses patterns, and charges your iPhone battery accordingly. That’s why sometimes iPhones won’t charge past 80%.

In this guide, we shall talk about iPhone Optimised Battery Charging feature. You’ll read all benefits of this feature and how you can disable it when needed.

What is Optimised Battery Charging?

Disable Optimised Battery Charging iPhone 4

Apple introduced Optimized Battery Charging feature in iOS 13, which learns your daily charging routine, so it can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use it.

This feature improves your battery life in the long run by reducing the number of charge cycles it goes through, which extends its lifespan.

How To Turn Off Optimised Battery Charging?

Optimized Battery Charging is a feature added to various Apple devices. You can disable this feature if you don’t care about your battery health.

Follow these steps to disable Optimised Battery Charging on iPhone-

1- Unplug the Charger

iPhone disconnected from charger

If your iPhone is connected to any charger, first unplug it. It’s important because we’re playing with battery-related settings.

2- Go to Settings

Unlock your iPhone and tap on the Settings icon from the apps menu.

Disable Optimised Battery Charging iPhone 1

3- Tap on Battery

Scroll down your iPhone Settings menu and tap on Battery.

Disable Optimised Battery Charging iPhone 2

4- Tap on Battery Health

When you open the Battery setting, you’ll get all details about power consumption. Ignore everything and tap on Battery Health.

Disable Optimised Battery Charging iPhone 3

5- Toggle Off Optimised Battery Charging

You’ll see Optimised Battery Charging is ON; just toggle OFF the icon to disable it.

Disable Optimised Battery Charging iPhone 4

6- Tap on Turn Off

Once you disable the Optimised Battery Charging feature, iPhone will ask to Turn Off Until Tomorrow and Turn Off. Tap on the Turn Off if you want to disable it.

Disable Optimised Battery Charging iPhone 5

Is Optimised Battery Charging Good?

There are many benefits of using Optimised Battery Charging feature on your iPhone. Let’s talk about some of them.

This feature’s main purpose is to prolong your iPhone battery’s health. As we said, it reduces the number of charge cycles.

A charge cycle means using all 100% of your battery and then recharging it back to 100%. So, if you use 50% of your battery and recharge it back to 100%, it still counts as 0.5 charge cycles.

Does Optimized Battery Charging Charge Slower?

Optimized Battery Charging doesn’t throttle the charging speed up to 80%. Your iPhone will still charge at the same speed.

The only difference is that now it won’t go past 80% until you need to use it, or it slowly charges your battery above 80%.

Can I Turn Off Optimised Battery Charging?

Apple introduced this smart feature to increase the battery lifespan. It reads your charging pattern and lifestyle and stops charging your iPhone beyond 80% when you’re at home.

You can turn off the optimized battery charging option from your iPhone settings and continue using it normally.

What Happens if I Turn Off Optimized Battery Charging?

If you turn off the Optimized Battery Charging feature from your iPhone, it will charge 100% every time you connect your charger, regardless of the time or usage.

It can be beneficial if you need to charge your iPhone quickly. For example, if you’re going out and want to ensure your battery is 100%.

We don’t recommend turning off Optimized Battery Charging, as it’s there to help increase your battery health in the long run.

We recommend you keep Optimised Battery Charging feature enabled on your iPhone, as it’s designed to improve your battery health in the long term.

If you need to charge your iPhone quickly, you can turn off this feature from the Settings app and charge it 100%.

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