How To Fix Ortizan Speaker Not Charging? – 7 Fixes!

Did you purchase the Ortizan X10 speaker from Amazon because of its attractive design? Many customers reported battery charging problems with that speaker. So, if your Ortizan speaker is not charging, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, the problem occurs due to minor faults, which can be resolved at home. I recently fixed an Ortizan X10 speaker that was not charging. So, this guide will be very helpful for you.

Ortizan Bluetooth Speaker

Why Is My Ortizan Speaker Not Charging?

Are you frustrated and thinking why my Ortizan speaker is not charging? A portable Bluetooth speaker won’t charge when the charging cable is faulty, the charging port is dirty or damaged, the power source has higher current output, there is some software glitch, or your battery has got swollen or defective.

In my case, the problem was with the power source. I used my smartphone’s 67W power brick to charge my Ortizan X10, and it stopped charging and slowly got warm. So, I changed the adapter and tried a laptop USB port.

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How To Fix Ortizan Speaker Not Charging?

Follow these methods to fix Ortizan speaker charging problems-

1. Test Your Charging Cable

OontZ Speaker Charging Cable

Before moving to advanced fixes, first, ensure that the charging cable is working. Ortizan X10 has a USB type C port, so you can plug in your smartphone and check whether the charging cable is functioning properly.

If your charging cable is damaged or frayed, please replace it immediately because the faulty cable will also damage the charging circuit of your speaker.

I’m using Anker Premium Nylon Braided USB A to Type C cable, which works great with all my devices.

2. Change The Power Source

Ortizon Speaker Charging

Your Ortizan speaker has a 3600mAh rechargeable battery that requires 5 volts 1.0 Amperage DC current for charging. Using a fast charger will heat up the battery, and the speaker’s microprocessor will cut off the current supply. So, I would advise using a 5W to 15W adapter to charge the Ortizan speaker.

I tried my Xiaomi 67W power adapter to charge the speaker because I wanted to juice up it immediately. But the speaker started feeling warm and stopped charging. So, after waiting for 10 minutes (to cool down), I connected it to my laptop USB port, and it started charging.

You can try a different adapter, computer or laptop USB hub, and power bank to charge your speaker.

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3. Clean The Charging Port

Ortizon Speaker Charging Port

A portable Bluetooth speaker is mostly used for outdoor parties. That’s why it attracts lots of dust. A dirty charging port is a common reason why many speakers face charging problems.

So, I would advise you to inspect the charging port and remove the debris with the help of a toothpick.

Also, clean the charging port with isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush. Hopefully, your Ortizan speaker will start charging after cleaning the port.

4. Replace The Charging Port

Portable Speaker Charging Port Repair

If your speaker is charging when you push the cable at a certain angle, it means your micro USB port is damaged. Due to frequent plugging and unplugging, the charging port gets damaged.

To fix this, you should visit the nearest repair shop and get the USB port replaced by a professional.

5. Reset Your Speaker

Ortizon Speaker Reset

A software glitch is another reason why a Bluetooth speaker faces problems in pairing and charging. The factory reset will delete all the stored data and restore your speaker to default settings.

To reset your Ortizan Bluetooth speakers, press and hold the Power button for at least 8 seconds. This will reset your speakers to factory settings.

6. Replace The Battery

Ortizon Speaker Battery

If you are a hardcore music lover and use your speaker too much, the battery will die after 1.5 to 2 years. A defective battery will create problems in charging. So, If your Ortizan speaker is older than 2 years, it may need a battery replacement.

If you’re a techie and know about electronic circuits, disassemble your speaker and buy a replacement battery from eBay or AliExpress and replace it yourself.

Another option is to visit a service center or the nearest electronic repair shop and replace your speaker battery with a professional.

7. Contact Customer Support

Ortizan Bluetooth speaker comes with a 12-month warranty. So, if your speaker is facing a charging problem and is under warranty, please contact customer support.

The customer support team will recommend some primary diagnosis; if the issue is unresolved, they’ll replace your unit.

Support Email Address:


If you follow this guide correctly, the Ortizan speaker battery charging problem will be resolved. If nothing helps, please contact customer support. They’ll replace your product if it’s faulty. I hope this guide helped you in fixing the charging issue. Please let me know which method worked for you.

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