Why is My Phone Heating When Charging? – 9 Easy Fixes

In the fast-growing world, every smartphone manufacturer focuses on fast-charging technology. Android is far ahead in this race than the iPhone. We have recently looked into an issue that many users have been facing – Phone Heating When Charging. In order to resolve the Phone Heating When Charging issue, simply follow the step-by-step solutions we have provided for your device experiencing this problem.

Some Android smartphones even tested the 120W fast chargers. Due to an increased power rating, your smartphone may overheat when plugged in.

Why is My Phone Heating When Charging?

A phone feels warmer when charging because the battery is recharging and releasing energy in the form of heat. The faster the charger, the more heat is released. This is why fast chargers often feel warm to the touch.

Should I Worry If My Phone Gets Hot While Charging?

Phone Heating When Charging

It’s normal for a phone to get warm when charging. It’s often necessary for the battery to charge quickly.

However, if your phone gets excessively hot, you should take it out of the charger and let it cool down.

Excessive heat can damage the battery and shorten its lifespan. Apple introduced Optimised Battery Charging feature in iOS 13 or later to minimize overheating.

If your phone is excessively hot, you should be cautious and troubleshoot why.

Why is My Phone Overheating When Plugged In?

If your Phone Heating When Charging, it’s likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • The charger is not compatible with your phone.
  • The charging port is damaged.
  • The battery is damaged.
  • The phone’s software needs an update.

1- Incompatible Charger

One of smartphone users’ major mistakes is plugging their smartphone into any charger without looking at the power rating.

Every smartphone has a different power requirement. So, make sure you are using the right charger for your device.

2- Damaged Charging Port

If the charging port is not making good contact with the charger, your phone will also start heating. In that case, you need to take your phone to the service center.

3- Damaged Battery

If the battery is damaged, it will also cause your phone to heat up. In that case, you need to replace the battery with a new one.

4- Outdated Software

Your phone’s software may also be outdated, leading to overheating. In that case, you should update your phone’s software to the latest version.

These are some reasons your phone may overheat when plugged in. If you are facing this issue, make sure to check for these things.

How To Cool Down a Smartphone While Charging?

Overheating can reduce the battery life, and sometimes it may explode.

So, cool down first to increase battery lifespan if your smartphone is unbearably hot when plugged into the power adapter.

While charging, you can do a few things to cool down your Android or iPhone.

1- Don’t Use Your Phone When Charging

One of the main reasons your phone gets hot while charging is that you’re using it.

Your smartphone components are already working hard to digest and store the power in the battery.

Using your smartphone while charging will put an extra load on the processor, and your phone will overheat. So, avoid using your phone when it’s plugged in.

2- Turn OFF Background Apps

Minimized apps keep running in the background and consume phone resources like RAM, Memory, and Processor.

It’ll also make your phone hot.

So, close all the unnecessary apps and turn off the background app refresh to cool down your phone.

3- Use Airplane Mode

When you enable airplane mode, it’ll disable all the connectivity features like WiFi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth, etc. It means your phone will use very few resources and will not heat up.

4- Take it Out of the Case

If you’re using a phone case, take it off. The phone case is generally made of plastic, which acts as a heat insulator.

It will trap the heat and won’t let your phone cool down. So, remove the phone case while charging.

5- Reduce Screen Brightness

You should understand that the smartphone screen consumes the highest power from the battery.

If you’re charging your phone and doing any important task, the screen will use a lot of power and make your phone hot.

So, reduce the screen brightness or timeout to cool down your Android or iPhone.

6- Use the Original Charger

It’s one of the most important things to consider if your Phone Heating When Charging. Not all chargers are made for every smartphone.

Make sure you’re using an original charger that came in the box. Using a third-party charger can damage your phone and also make it heat up.

7- Avoid Fast Charging

If your phone supports fast charging, avoid using it. Fast chargers supply more power to the battery, putting an extra load on the processor and making your phone hot.

9- Keep Your Phone in a Cool Place

While charging your phone, make sure to keep it in a cool place. Avoid using it in direct sunlight or plug it near the oven or any other home and kitchen appliances.

Why is My Phone Overheating When Charging Wirelessly?

Wireless charging is a popular technological invention in the smartphone world. It’s very convenient to charge your phone without any wires.

But sometimes, it may also overheat your device. Here are some reasons why your phone gets hot while charging wirelessly.

If you’re using a phone case, it’ll make your phone hot while charging wirelessly. Wireless chargers have inductive coils that transfer power in electromagnetic mode.

If your phone case comes in between, it creates a hurdle in energy transfer, and your phone will overheat or may not charge.

So, remove the case when you’re charging your smartphone wirelessly.

Environmental factors also play an important role in making your Phone Heating When Charging wirelessly.

If you’re using your phone in a warm environment, it’ll make your phone hot.

So, avoid using your phone in direct sunlight or any other warm place when it’s on the wireless charger.


There can be various reasons why your phone gets hot while charging. But you can follow the above steps to cool down your Android or iPhone.

If you’re still facing overheating issues, it’s better to take your phone to the nearby service center. They’ll help you to resolve the Phone Heating When Charging issue.

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