How To Fix Powerbeats Pro Not Charging?- Easy Fixes!

Powerbeats Pro earbuds give approximately 9 hours of non-stop playtime and up to 24 hours with the case. Above all, you get 1.5 hours of playback time in 5 minutes of charge.

Undoubtedly, it works seamlessly with Apple devices, but things turn frustrating when your Powerbeats Pro stops charging.

Last month, I also faced this situation when I went for a morning walk, and my left earbud stopped working. I put them back in the charging case, but my left side Powerbeats refused to take charge.

When I searched, I found many Powerbeats users have reported similar problems on the Apple forum. This guide is for you if you’re facing a similar problem and looking for a solution.

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Why is my Powerbeat Pro Not Charging?

There could be many reasons behind Powerbeats Pro not charging issue. It might be due to dust or dirt accumulation, improper placement of earbuds in the case, moisture in the case, damaged cables or connectors, buggy firmware, etc.

But the most common cause is dust accumulation around the charging pins and faulty charging cables. It can be easily fixed at home.

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How To Fix Powerbeats Pro Charging Issue?

You can fix the charging problem of your earbuds and case yourself. Here are a few easy tips to fix the Powerbeats Pro earbuds charging problem.

1. Place Your Earbuds Properly

Powerbeats Pro Earbuds

The design of the Powerbeats Pro case is a bit different than other earbuds. The most common reason Powerbeats Pro is not charging is because of improper placement of earbuds in the charging case.

If one of your Powerbeats Pro is not charging, then remove both earbuds from the case and put them back. Ensure the metal contacts are aligned, then gently push them to make proper contact with the current flow.

A small LED light is present on each earbud, which turns white when placed correctly in the case. If the LED light doesn’t turn white, remove the earbuds from the case and head to the next solution.

2. Clean the Metal Contacts

Powerbeats Pro Metal Contacts

Powerbeats Pro are IPX4 rated, which means earbuds are water resistant, but dust particles can accumulate near the metal contact and insulate the current flow.

So, it’s important to regularly clean Powerbeats Pro earbuds and charging case. Use a microfibre cloth or Q-tip dipped into isopropyl alcohol to clean the wax buildup around the metal contacts.

Powerbeats Pro Case

3. Turn OFF Automatic Ear Detection

Automatic Ear Detection Powerbeats

Automatic Ear detection is a great feature to automatically play and pause music when earbuds are removed or placed back in your ears.

But sometimes, this feature creates charging issues. So, it’s better to turn OFF the ear detection and check whether the charging problem is fixed.

To do that, go to your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings and tap on the “(i)” icon next to Powerbeats Pro.

Now, toggle OFF the “Automatic Ear Detection” feature and then try to charge Powerbeats Pro. Hopefully, this time Powerbeats Pro will start charging.

4. Reset Your Powerbeats

Powerbeats Pro Reset Button

There might be a minor software glitch due to which Powerbeats Pro won’t charge. It can be resolved by resetting the buds.

To reset Powerbeats Pro, place both earbuds in the case and keep the lid open.

Now press and hold the System button for 10 seconds until you see the LED light flashes red and white alternately.

Afterward, pair your smartphone with Powerbeats Pro again to check the battery percentage.

5. Update Firmware

Powerbeats Pro Firmware

If Powerbeats Pro is not charging, ensure you use the latest version of the earbud’s firmware.

Apple regularly releases new firmware updates with bug fixes and performance improvements. So, it’s important to keep Powerbeats Pro up-to-date.

To update Powerbeats Pro, connect your earbuds to the iPhone and then go to Settings.

Open Settings> General> About and scroll down to check Powerbeats firmware.

How To Fix Powerbeats Case Not Charging Issue?

If your Powerbeats case battery is low, the earbuds won’t charge. Try out these tips to fix the issue-

1. Use the Original Charger

Powerbeats Pro Charging Cable

Beats recommend using only the original Beats Powerbeats Pro charger to charge the earbuds.

So, if you’re using a third-party charger or cable, that might be why the Powerbeats case is not charging.

So, try to use the original Powerbeats Pro charger in the box and check if it charges the earbuds. You can also use an Apple 20W USB adapter and cable to charge your Powerbeats.

2. Unclog Charging Port

Powerbeats Pro Charging Case

Sometimes debris or dust particles accumulate in the Powerbeats charging port that, prevents current flow.

As a result, the Powerbeats case won’t charge. So, it’s important to clean Powerbeats charging port regularly.

To do that, take a toothpick or paperclip and gently insert it into the charging port. Move it around to remove any dust or debris blocking the lightning port.

3. Change the Power Source

To ensure that the power adapter or wall outlet is not faulty, try to charge Powerbeats from a different power source.

You should try to try a different power outlet. If the Powerbeats case is still not charging from the new outlet, there might be an issue with the adapter.

You can try your MacBook or Laptop USB hub or a power bank to charge the Powerbeats. You can also try wireless charging if you have an iPhone wireless charger.

4. Contact Customer Support

Beats Repair and Service

If the Powerbeats case is still not charging, there might be a hardware fault. In that case, the only way to fix Powerbeats is by taking it to the Apple Store.

You can also contact Beats customer support at 1-800-442-4000 to get help regarding the Powerbeats charging issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Powerbeats battery?

To reset your Powerbeats, place both earbuds in the case and keep the lid open. Now press and hold the system button for 10 seconds until you see the LED light flashes red and white alternately.

Can you charge Powerbeats Pro without a case?

No, Powerbeats Pro cannot be charged without the case. The earbuds must be placed in the case and connected to the charger to start charging.

Can the Powerbeats battery be replaced?

Yes, if you’ve all the tools and knowledge, replacing the Powerbeats Pro battery is easy. Here’s a video tutorial on Powerbeats Pro battery replacement.

Can I leave Powerbeats charging overnight?

Yes, it’s completely safe to leave Powerbeats charging overnight. Powerbeats will stop charging automatically once the earbuds and case are fully charged.

How long should my Powerbeats hold a charge?

Powerbeats Pro earbuds can last up to 9 hours on a single charge. And the charging case can provide up to 24 hours of additional playtime.


These were some of the tips to fix the Powerbeats Pro charging issue. I hope one of these tips helped you solve the Powerbeats charging problem. Please let me know in the comment section below if you know of other working methods.

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