How To Fix Raycon Earbuds Not Charging? – 5 Fixes!

Raycon earbuds are one of the greatest true wireless earbuds under a $100 budget. It delivers a great music listening experience with a powerful audio driver. I’m using Raycon The Fitness Earbuds, which give up to 54 hours of battery life.

But, last a few days back, my Raycon earbuds stopped charging. I contacted Raycon Global support, and they suggested some basic troubleshooting, and the charging issue was fixed.

If your Raycon wireless earbuds are not charging, read this guide. Here I am going to fix the charging issue step by step.

Why are Raycon Earbuds Not Charging?

Raycon earbuds will not charge if the case lid isn’t closed, the metal contacts on the earbuds and charging case are dirty, the case isn’t charged, or there are some software bugs.

Besides, many other causes can affect Raycon wireless earbuds’ charging speed. We’ll look at other reasons and find the solution to those issues.

How To Fix Raycon Earbuds Not Charging?

If your Raycon Earbuds or Case are not charging, then try these solutions:

1. Place The Earbuds Correctly

Raycon Earbuds

Incorrect placements of earbuds in the case can stop the charging activity. Your earbuds come with two metal connectors through which electricity passes and the earbuds charge.

If your Raycon earbuds are not charging, remove them from the case and place them correctly. Make sure that two metal pin touches the charging pin in the case.

2. Close The Lid

Raycon TWS Earbuds

Make sure your case lid is closed when you charge the earbuds. If your Raycon earbuds don’t charge, close the lid; otherwise, they won’t charge.

3. Clean The Earbuds & Case

Earbuds Cleaning

A dirty case will not charge your Raycon earbuds. So, make sure you clean your earbuds and the charging case regularly.

Use ear cleaning buds and isopropyl alcohol to clean the metal charging pin. Also, use soft fabric to clean the outside of the case.

4. Clean The Charging Connector

Earbuds Port Cleaning

Check the USB type C connector and remove if any debris is stuck in it. Use a toothpick and toothbrush to clean the charging connector.

4. Check the Charging Cable Or Connector

Damaged USB C Connector

If you see any sign of damage on the charging cable, replace it immediately. It’s always recommended to use the original cable that comes in the box of earbuds. Also, do not use fast chargers to charge the earbuds.

5. Update Firmware

Wireless Earbuds Firmware Update

A buggy and outdated firmware can also affect the charging speed. If your Raycon earbuds don’t charge, update the firmware.


Generally, earbuds won’t charge due to dirty earbuds and the charging case. You can fix it by cleaning it. Raycon earbuds won’t charge when the lid is not closed. Follow the above solutions to fix the charging issue.

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  1. Terri Clark says:

    I’ve cleaned everything and my case is not showing that it’s charging. Could it be the charger /cable itself? Nothing looks damaged and it’s never traveled from location. Mine are about 3 years old. Love them and don’t want to replace.

    1. If you have a spare cable that you are sure is working, try it, if not, you can order a new one from the links and try it. In case of not charging, review the above steps from the beginning. If the problem persists, you can contact technical support.

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