How To Fix Ring Doorbell Not Charging?

Do you have a Ring doorbell installed at your home? Sometimes it faces a charging issue. It usually happens due to minor faults and can be fixed at home.

If you’re experiencing problems with your Ring doorbell not charging, you’re not alone. This is a common issue that can usually be fixed with a bit of troubleshooting.

In this article, we’ll outline some potential causes and solutions for why your Ring doorbell isn’t charging. Hopefully, this will help get your Ring back up and running in no time!

Why is my Ring Doorbell Not Charging?

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One of the most common reasons for a Ring doorbell not charging is a fully drained battery.

If your doorbell is completely unresponsive, it is likely that the batteries are completely drained. In this case, you will need to plug in and leave it for 2 hours.

If your Ring doorbell is still not responding after charging it for 2 hours, there may be an issue with the battery connector or port.

Check to see if the connector is properly seated in the port and if there is any dirt or debris blocking the connection. If so, clean it off and try again.

Another possible reason for a Ring doorbell not charging could be a faulty power adapter.

Try plugging the doorbell into another outlet to see if that solves the problem. If not, you will need to purchase a new power adapter from Ring.

If your Ring doorbell still will not charge after trying all of the above solutions, there may be a more serious issue with the doorbell itself.

In this case, you will need to contact Ring customer support for further assistance.

How To Fix Ring Doorbell Not Charging?

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Try these solutions if your video doorbell won’t charge:

1. Refresh the Ring Battery Status

You’ll see that the battery status is low when you plug your doorbell for charging.

Sometimes it gives false information of battery status even if your doorbell battery is fully charged.

You need to refresh the Ring battery status by ringing your doorbell twice or thrice. It’ll refresh your App and give correct battery percentage.

2. Check Your Charger

Ring doorbell is a world popular video doorbell device but still accessories comes with it is not so durable.

If your doorbell is not charging, it’s time to ensure that your charger is functioning properly.

You can plug a different device into the charger to ensure that it’s working. If your charger is not charging your new device, it means the issue lies with the charger and should be replaced immediately.

3. Check Your Power Outlet

Your power outlet supply electricity to the charger. If your wall outlet itself is faulty then it won’t supply electricity to your adapter and your doorbell won’t charge.

Insert your power adapter in a different wall outlet to ensure that your power adapter is functioning.

4. Warm Your Battery

Ring doorbell users faces charging problems in cold weather. If you’re living in extremely cold weather then your Ring doorbell battery will not charge.

To make it functional, blow some hot air with hair dryer and connect it with high power output adapter.

5. Replace Your Battery

If none of the above-mentioned solution works, it’s time to get in touch with Ring support team.

Your device will need a battery replacement. You can get it replaced at no cost if your device is under warranty.

Final Words

We hope this troubleshooting guide has helped you fix your Ring doorbell that won’t charge. For more tips on using and troubleshooting your Ring doorbell, visit official website for customer support.

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