How To Fix Roborock Not Charging? (Error 12 & 13)

The Xiaomi Roborock S7 is a feature-rich robotic floor cleaner that has gained insane popularity in the past few months.

Many have chosen this cleaner because of its superior cleaning performance and affordable price tag. Roborock robot vacuum cleaner can be integrated with Amazon Alexa to control it with voice commands.

However, some users have encountered charging issues with the Roborock vacuum cleaner.

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This article is for you if your Roborock charging station has no light or your Roborock is showing Error 12 or Error 13.

In this article, I’ll list the various reasons your Xiaomi Roborock is not charging and how to fix the problem.

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Why is My Xiaomi Roborock Not Charging?

Roborock Not Charging

The most common reason for Roborock vacuum cleaners not charging is an accumulation of dirt layer on the charging sensors.

If your Xiaomi Roborock doesn’t charge on the charging dock, clean all four contact pins of the charging station and the robot.

Apart from this, there could be many other reasons for Xiaomi Roborock not charging.

Like a faulty wall outlet, broken charging cable, outdated firmware, faulty battery, or a defective motherboard.

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What is Roborock Error 12?

Error 12 on the Xiaomi Roborock carpet cleaner indicates a low battery level. You need to charge your device to continue cleaning.

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What is Roborock Error 13?

Error 13 indicates that the Roborock battery is not charging due to low current output by the charging station.

To fix this problem, clean all the charging sensors on the charging station and the robot.

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How To Fix Roborock Not Charging? – 5 Easy Fixes

Clean Charging Pins

I know your floor is dirty because Roborock robotic vacuum is not charging. Try these solutions, and your robotic will go back to life.

1. Clean All Contacts

You’ll see two metal sensors if you check the Roborock charging dock. When you flip your robot, you’ll see similar charging sensors on the back.

These sensors connect with the robotic cleaner and pass the electricity. Because your robot deals with dust particles, these sensors get dirty over time.

If any sticky particle is on the floor, this stick to the robot and creates an insulative layer on the charging pins of the robot and charging docks.

To clean Xiaomi Roborock charging pins, take a cotton swab and dip it in rubbing alcohol.

Gently clean the metal sensors of your Xiaomi Roborock. Also, don’t forget to clean the charging dock sensors too.

The charging issue will probably be solved by cleaning all four sensors of the Roborock robot and charging dock.

2. Align the Charging Contacts

The next reason for Xiaomi Roborock not charging is the incorrect alignment of the charging pins. When you place your Roborock on the charging dock, make sure that all contact points touch the metal sensors of the dock.

If any of these contacts don’t touch the corresponding sensor, Xiaomi Roborock will not charge.

In this case, slightly lift your Xiaomi Roborock and place it on the charging dock. This time make sure that all four contact points touch the sensors of the dock.

3. Inspect Charging Cable and Wall Outlet

If you have cleaned the charging sensors and checked the alignment, but the Roborock charging dock has no light, it’s time to inspect your charging cable and wall outlet.

First, remove the charger from the wall outlet and plug it into a different outlet.

If Xiaomi Roborock charges on a different outlet, there is an issue with your wall outlet. In this case, you should contact an electrician to fix the problem.

On the other hand, if Xiaomi Roborock is not charging from another outlet, too, it means something wrong with your charger or charging cable.

Inspect your Xiaomi Roborock charger and cable. If you see any physical damage, replace it with a new one.

4. Replace the Battery

Xiaomi Roborock has a 5200mAh lithium-ion battery that runs your robot for 150 minutes.

However, all lithium-ion battery has a limited lifespan, and the overall capacity drops with usage.

If you’re rigorously using your Roborock for more than one year, there is a chance that battery life is degraded and your Roborock is not holding charge.

To confirm this, try to charge your Xiaomi Roborock for 24 hours. If it still doesn’t hold the charge and dies quickly, replace the battery with a new one.

You can buy a genuine Xiaomi Roborock battery from online stores like Amazon or AliExpress.

Make sure to get the same model number written on your Xiaomi Roborock.

Installing a new battery is pretty easy. You just need to open the bottom panel of your Xiaomi Roborock and replace the old battery with a new one.

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5. Contact Roborock Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the solutions above and Xiaomi Roborock is not charging, it means there is a hardware issue.

In this case, the only solution is to contact Xiaomi Roborock customer support.

Xiaomi offers a one-year warranty on Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners. So if your Xiaomi Roborock is under warranty, you can get a free replacement or repair.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my Roborock is charging?

If Xiaomi Roborock charges, the LED light on the charging dock will be solid red. Once the battery is full, this light will turn green.

How do I manually charge Roborock?

To manually charge Xiaomi Roborock, first, you need to remove the battery.

To do this, open the bottom panel of your Xiaomi Roborock and take out the battery.

Connect this battery to a Xiaomi charger and plug it into a wall outlet.

How long does a Roborock battery last?

A full charge will give you around 150 minutes of cleaning time.
Xiaomi Roborock has a pretty efficient battery that lasts a long.
However, with usage, the battery capacity will gradually decrease.

How long does it take for Roborock to charge?

It usually takes around 4 hours to charge Xiaomi Roborock from 0% to 100%.

However, if the battery is completely drained, it might take up to 6 hours to fully charge the Xiaomi Roborock.

How do I know if my Roborock battery is bad?

If your Xiaomi Roborock doesn’t hold the charge and dies quickly, it means the battery is bad and needs to be replaced.

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Error 13 on Roborock indicates that your battery is not charging due to low voltage. Cleaning the charging sensors with rubbing alcohol or vodka will fix this error.

If the Roborock charging dock has no light, it means your dock is faulty or has some issue with the wall outlet. Test it in a different outlet to ensure the status of the charger.

Try other mentioned solutions to fix the issue. If nothing works, contact the customer support team and get it repaired.

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